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Dragonball Legacy

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1 Dragonball Legacy on Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:20 am



Site Name: DB Legacy
Site URL: http://s15.zetaboards.com/Dragon_Ball_Legacy/

Have you ever wanted to continue DBZ the way it should have been continued after Buu? Have you ever wondered what might happen if villains had a second chance rather than ONLY a first!? What if Bibidi (Babidi's FATHER - The TRUE Wizard) found a way while in Hell to open the gates, releasing all your favorite villains into the living world once again? What if doing so caused a horrific side effect that unknowingly affected every so called 'powerful being' by basically re-setting their power!? With EVERYONE on equal ground to start, what do YOU think might happen? Will past successors still succeed? Will the once called heroes become saviors again, or will they fail? WHAT IF...an eventual wrench gets thrown into the cogwheel that makes Trunks jumping back in time look like a spar?? So many questions without answers, come see how this plays out...we doubt ANYONE will be disappointed! (Don't be slow...click the URL link)

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