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Skill Points System

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1 Skill Points System on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:55 am

Yui Nara


On Naruto Nexus site, we like to have ways in which ninja can differentiate themselves from the crowd. Unique little aspects that make them truly special. As such, our system we developed are skills, which are small incentives ninja gain as they grow and experience new things.

What are Skills?
Skills are something that are earned upon creating a character, ranking up, winning a contest, completing a site event, participating in a site plot or from holiday and general site rewards. They are points used to purchase unique and at times powerful bonuses to your character.

What aren't skills?
Skills aren't substitutes for jutsu's, nor are they specific items, weapons or things like that. You can't use skills points as a form of currency, however if you wish you can trade in skill points for Ninja Points (used to purchase the likes of Jutsu), Ryo to purchase weapons and item or other special rewards. You can not "trade" or "give" them to another player, alternate character, staff, member or NPC. There can be no stealing of skills points as they are a OOC form of points that give IC benefits.

So, down to basic's...

All skills on this site are copyrighted to the System Creator, and can/will not be used on any other site without their direct permission. Any skills submitted to the site will become canonical and subject to the previous line. There will be no private skills, any skills submitted will be available to everyone and will be added to the list. There will not be any private, personal or custom skills that are useable to only one member. If you want a skill to be submitted, fill out the template, and its then it will be added to the list for anyone to use. The only time a skill MAY be unusable to other members, if its a specific clan specific skill (this includes Hidan Clans and KKG specific techniques).

If you have ANY skills you wish to make available to our site, please fill out a request and send it to Administration. The collective Administration has final say on any and all skills added to the site, also remember all skills submitted MUST be useable by everyone, extremely specific or needlessly complex skills will be denied.  

Earning skills will be both difficult and challenging, and for the most part what you get when you start is pretty much it. Except for the occasional gift, rank up and contest/plot/event there will be no way to earn skill points. Any skill points traded for money, ninja points or other rewards can not be traded back, and there is no "buying" skill points with NP (Ninja Points), money or various other rewards. That being said, some things allow you to start with extra skill points.

  1. Opening Month of the site everyone gets +2 Skill points
  2. Creating a Genin during the first month the site is open +1 Skill point
  3. Being on staff +2 Skill points
  4. Not being apart of a KKG clan +2 skill points
  5. Not having a starting element +2 skill points
  6. Starting with a Hidan Clan +1 Skill Point
  7. Character starts off as kage +2 Skill Points
  8. Character starts off as an organization leader +1 Skill point

Various Character Opportunities to earn skill points

  • Character reaches Mastered+ in a skill +2 Skill Points
  • Member Reaches 500 Posts +1 Skill Point
  • Member Reaches 1,000 Posts +1 Skill Point (And +1 for every 1,000 additional posts)
  • Character Obtain S rank +2 Skill Points
  • Character starts as a genin and reaches S rank +5 Skill points
  • Earns Kageship +1 Skill point

Some of you may be tempted to say, why does staff get extra skill points, well because its a small reward for doing a very large, cumbersome job. A job that doesn't pay, has long hours and causes stress at times. It's just a small token of how we say thank you to our staff for there continued efforts to make our site great.

Starting Amounts of Skill Points

  • Genin/D-Rank - 4 Skill Points
  • Chuunin/C-Rank - 6 Skill Points
  • Tokujou/B-Rank - 8 Skill Points
  • Jounin/A-Rank - 10 Skill Points
  • Kage/Organization Leader - 12 Skill Points
  • Sannin/S-Rank - 15 Skill PointsYou can not start at this rank

When Ranking up (Yes, you earn more through ranking up than you do starting out)

  • Genin/D-Rank You can't rank up to genin
  • Chuunin/C-Rank - +3 Skill Points
  • Tokujou/B-Rank - +3 Skill Points
  • Jounin/A-Rank - +3 Skill Points
  • Kage/Organization Leader - +4 Skill Points
  • Sannin/S-Rank - +5 Skill Points

Using Skill points to purchase skills

Skill Points can be used to purchase skills, there are various different levels of skill point cost. 10,8,4,2 and 1. With 10 being the most significant and potent, and 1 being the least relevant and potent. Skills that are colored red, can only be bought ONCE in a characters life. Here is a list of the following things that can be purchased at each level of skills. NOTE: Each of these things are independent, you pick one from the list and purchase it

You can not stack up on power boosts for rank/ elements etc past +1. So if I have bought a ninjutsu power +1 with skill points, nothing else that I own or buy with skill points or ryo can raise the rank of my ninjutsu power no matter what it says, this applies for all specs and just because you have ninjutsu +1 and a tech or item that adds +1 to fire techniques, it does not mean you combine or stack the two to obtain a +2 in power for any spec or any technique. THis may not be be done ever.

1 Skill Point

  • +50,000 Ryo
  • +100 Extra Ninja Points
  • +1 Free B rank move
  • +2 Free C rank moves
  • +4 Free D rank moves
  • Add chakra conductive metal to one weapon free
  • 20% off one item
  • 20% off one jutsu

2 Skill Points

  • +150,000 Ryo
  • +200 Extra Ninja Points
  • +50 Meters to Sensory techniques
  • Summons can last for 4 posts longer
  • +1 Free A rank move
  • +2 Free B rank moves
  • 30% off one item
  • 30% off one jutsu
  • 10% off buying a summon

4 Skill Points

  • +50 Extra Chakra Resources
  • +500,000 Ryo
  • +500 Extra Ninja Points
  • +50 Meters to Sensory techniques
  • Summons can last for 4 posts longer
  • Add one B rank ability to a weapon (Even if you don't have weaponry specialty-Free)
  • +1 Extra Puppet use
  • 1/2 Travel Time
  • 50% off one item
  • 80% off one jutsu
  • 50% off buying a summon

8 Skill Points

  • +80 Extra Chakra Resources
  • +4,000,000 Ryo
  • +2000 Extra Ninja Points
  • +100 Meters to Sensory techniques
  • Summons can last for 8 posts longer
  • Add one A rank ability to a weapon (Even if you don't have weaponry specialty-Free)
  • +1 Extra Puppets for use
  • Specific type of jutsu/techniques cost 25% less to purchase (Gen/Nin/Tai etc, choose one)
  • Gain one sub-specialty
  • Gate Damage is held off for 1 post longer

10 Skill Points

  • +120 Extra Chakra Resources
  • Clan Techniques cost 25% less
  • +1 Rank strength to weaponry moves
  • +1 Rank strength to Genjutsu moves
  • +1 Rank strength to taijutsu moves
  • +1 Rank strength to fuuinjutsu moves
  • +1 Rank strength to Ijutsu moves
  • +150 meters to sensory moves
  • Summons can last for 10 posts longer
  • Add one S rank ability to a weapon (Even if you don't have weaponry specialty - Free)
  • +3 Extra Puppets for use
  • Gain one hidan clan for free
  • +1 Rank strength to specific elemental subtype (Katon, Doton etc, Mokoton etc choose one)
  • Gain one specialty.
  • Gate Damage is held off for and additional 2 posts longer
  • Heal Damage at a rate 2 posts faster than normal.
  • Recover from fatigue/exhaustion 3 posts sooner (Pending Chakra Recovery System)
  • Gain one handed seals for 1 type of specialty (gen, nin, tai etc et al choose one)

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