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NN Stat System

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1Finished NN Stat System on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:30 pm

Here on NN, we use a stat system based on a combination of the Databook, and our own interpretations of how the ninja world works.

There are five basic or as we call them, standard stats.

Specialty System

And then there are 4 specialty stats, that are a reflection of your five standard stats.

We will go into the description of each stat later, and how their derivation are calculated.

First we wanted to list how many stat points each rank starts out with, and then delve into how many stat points a ninja gains when ranking up. Please note, there is an incentive to start out as genin and work your way up, you'll end up with more stats than someone who starts out at the top.

  • D-rank: 80 Stats
  • C-rank: 120 Stats
  • B-rank: 170 Stats
  • A-rank: 230 Stats*
  • S-rank: 300 Stats

Amount Gained Per Ranking UP

  • D→C-rank:+50 Stats
  • C→B-rank:+70 Stats
  • B→A-rank:+80 Stats*
  • A→S-rank:+100 Stats

* Please see Special Organization Guide for details on obtaining a slot in a special organization.

Starting Templates

When starting out on our site, it is important to note the different templates one can choose prior to character creation. Each template starts with a different starting package. We will explain the starting packages on each templates page, but suffice it to say, each one is unique and offer's a variety of role play styles.


Shinobi (忍) otherwise referred to as ninja (忍者) in the English translation of Naruto, are the primary focus and the main military power in the series. A female ninja is known as a kunoichi (くノ一).

  • The 5 standard stats start at 25
  • Durability and Reaction time start out at 30
  • Lifeforce starts at 40
  • Luck starts at 5


Samurai (侍) are a military power similar to shinobi, though not nearly as widespread. Samurai without a home are called rogue samurai (浪人, rōnin).

  • The 5 standard stats start at 20
  • Durability and Reaction time start out at 40
  • Lifeforce starts out at 30
  • Luck starts at 10


The ninja monks (忍僧, Ninsō) are a group of shinobi serving in a ninja temple. As with normal monks, there are several levels a ninja monk can have, such as monk-in-training (修業僧, shugyōsō) and elder monk (老僧侶, rōsōryo).

  • The 5 standard stats start at 30
  • Durability and reaction time start out at 20
  • Life-force starts out at 50
  • Does not start with any luck


Civilians are the every day people of the world. Ramen shop owners, blacksmiths, farmers, bridge builders. Some of the world look down upon them, others hold them aloft due to their fragility.
Someone who starts as a civilian is what we would call the "challenge" rating. They always start out as E rank (academy students), but they can grow in leaps and bounds. They gain 40 Stats when accepted into D-rank, and civilians always start out with 2 Special Characteristics.

  • The 5 standard stats start at 10
  • Life-force starts out at 20
  • Luck starts out at 20

5 Standard Stats

Strength is how much physical power your body can produce. This includes striking a blow, lifting an object, or overall ability to produce and apply force to another object. The following descriptions will be comparisons of how stats on this site compare with characters from Naruto, and secondly to real life examples.


Speed covers all kind of speed. Hand speed, foot speed, agility, even thought speed if you want to go that far. How fast you are able to do something, and how explosively is determined by speed.

Stamina is a stat that is the physical equivalent to chakra. It is what your body is capable of before it begins to break down. How far you can run, how long you can hold your breath are just a few examples. Stamina is not durability, that will be covered later. It is the amount your body can take before the point of collapsing. If you want to think of it as your exhausting/fatigue bar. Stamina also affects your recovery time, and it is a faction is calculating your life force.

Intelligence is a measure of your characters brain, his ability to think, both abstract and intuitively. Intelligence is excellent for ninja who wish to become sages, hermits, masters of the occult. It is a measure of your natural talent, and gives benefits to your character over their entire life. Intelligence is also used in measuring the grasp of a genjutsu and one's ability to get out of it.

Everyone has chakra, its the basis of the site, we assume everyone has roughly the same chakra, generic as you might think it is. It is only until we get into the chakra system that begin to understand the realize the complex ways chakra interacts with the body. Here on our site, we strive for something different, we want to engage our members and allow them creativity to play their characters as they see fit. The chakra system allows us to do just that, in a way that promote healthy growth.

We understand that chakra is a finite resource, and in light of such events we also have a calculated bonus to it. Strength + Stamina + Speed divided by 3 is added to your chakra. This is updated only when you gain additional stats in that area. Stats from certain materials, or jutsu's do not increase your derived stats.

4 Derived Stats

Durability covers how much you can take. Now, the human body obviously is still the human body, but in Naruto people are super-human and therefore are much more physically capable than you would think. Durability does not tell us simply how hard it is to wound you, but also how you deal with being wounded. People with greater durability have higher tolerance for poisons. They also are, indeed, harder to wound. Though at some point most people will need something to shield them to reach a level of durability. Durability follows largely parallel to the strength system, in that the more durable you have, the more you are able to "tank".

Please note, while it is nice to have the idea that you can tank things, durability has limits. Depending on the situation, durability stat might not be appropriate. Slashing your throat, poking an eye out, and the famous move Kakashi uses with some fingers. Staff have the right to infer if durability is at play out not.

Durability is calculated by adding your Strength (STR) + your stamina (STA) and then dividing that total by 3

The ability to react with enough time is extremely important, as well as the ability to track one's movements/abilities. Reaction is your ability to generate movement to react to a situation. It is also situational, even if you can react, it doesn't mean you are able, you might be frozen or paralyzed. Perception is your ability to track physical movements in detail, noticing hand-signs and what they are, tracking someone's movements.

Reaction/Perception is simply your speed plus +30. This is the base calculation, there are bonuses to it, say from Sharingan, an eye scope, sensory techniques might boost this as well, however those are always calculated after the fact.

Life force is the overall core of all stats, and the source of someone's capacity to function via their stats. Life force is unique, it has the possibility to affect all stats, one might say its a feedback loop. Life force is a derivation of stats, which are a derivation of someones life force. Life force is used in certain situations, Sage Mode, Activating a Curse Seal, Mangekyou, Edo Tensai, Summons, Demons, Bijuu and certain clans have naturally more life force. Life force can also be a negative on characters. Once you lose lifeforce, you cannot "get" it back, without extreme measures. Once you reach a certain point in life force, bad things can happen as well, as it is important to balance it out. To much of it, and you run the risk of becoming more chakra than physical, to little, and you run the risk of being like an summon.

Life Force starts out as is stated in the template. During character creation, there is a chance to earn a tiny bit more, and there are two times when it increases during a characters life. There are a few boosts to it over all, however it will mainly stay the same throughout a characters life.

Luck is possibly my favorite stat, and it was the most interesting one I've ever come up with. Luck has hardly any bearing on your characters life, in fact Luck deals more with a characters OOC moments, rather than its IC ones. Luck just makes a character more lucky, giving it increased chances of good things happening, and having good outcomes.

Luck starts out with the starting package, to calculate its additional amount, add together your Intelligence (INT) and Lifeforce (LF) then divide by 7. Add this number to your luck stat

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2Finished Re: NN Stat System on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:35 pm


We all understand that stats are supposed to be a measure of something, but what exactly is that measure. Here we use boundaries, contracts and conditions to show the measurements. We do not do comparison to physical references, like miles per hour, or metric tons per meter. Naruto is an abstract universe, and the best estimation that we can give is how stats contract with each other, what are the boundaries of that universe (like are we going to allow Super Sayian in Naruto?) and what the conditions are for stats at certain levels. We want everything to have a purpose, and we want it to be a fun, exciting and different role play. Not only do stats mean something, and not only do they compare to each other, but they also had conditions on them, that give them a multi-functional aspect.

We contrast stats against each other, in what we call the advantage system. The advantage system consists of 4 parts. None, Minor, Major and Paramount. Staff will references these should the need arise, however members should hopefully be able to police themselves in certain situations. This system is mainly for conflicts between two members in a battle or fight of some sort, where there is not a clear cut decisions/outcome.

None: Having the "none" rating means there is little to no discernible difference between the stats. In order to have the "none" rating, you must be within 10% of your stat contrast. In order to figure out who comes out on top, its whoever has the higher luck stat. (Such as a foot race where both people have 70 speed, an arm wrestling contest where its strength vs strength)

Minor Advantage: Having a slight advantage in a situation means that not all the effects take place. If it was a race, they may be able to keep up for a few posts (no more than 3) before the signs begin to show. To have a slight advantage, you must be within 20% of your stat contrast.

Major Advantage: This is what we would consider a discernible difference in stats. Someone can take a few punches before they are done, they can keep up for a post or two before they lag behind. The majority of effects take place. To have a major advantage, you must be within 30% of your stat contrast.

Paramount: The differences are stark, and plain for anyone to see. This is the boxer who knocks you out in one hit, the burns that are 3rd degree by just missing you. Trying to match it toe for toe will be the death of someone. To be at the paramount rating, you must be within 40% of your stat contrast.

Crucial: When stats are compared beyond 40% (see determination below for more detail), it is crucial that one of the ninja flee, as the chance of death is extremely possible. Things like, breaking your spine with a single punch, moving so fast you can't even see them.

Stat Boundaries
Stat Boundaries are points where the rubber meets the road, this is where our favorite stat comes back into play, luck. Say you are 18.66% higher in speed than someone's reaction time, your luck is 20, there's is 20.0001 (just for arguments sake) guess what, its a none rating, the higher luck pushes it to the next advantage rating. You are 23% stronger than someone else, and your luck is higher, congrats, you have a major advantage. This can be "crucial" in determining who wins in a fight, so keep this in mind. Advantage ratings only happen at that level, we don't round up, those in-between levels are all about the luck[/b]

Stat Contrast
Strength vs Durability Contrast
None - This occurs when your opponents durability is within 10% of your strength. Your punches and kicks still hurt, but they do not have the desired impact. They cannot break bones, or do anything more than cause bruises.
Minor - Occurs when your opponents durability is within 20% of your strength. They can defiantly feel the impacts of your attacks, however, you realize its going to take a few hits get them down.
Major - Your blows land hard and are very painful, your opponent would do well to avoid taking these hits. Two or three hits in the same place can defiantly break bones.
Paramount - The injuries receive are sever, one hit can dislocate a shoulder.
Crucial - A punch at this level could literally break someones bone, the force of hits is so sever and life threatening that they shouldn't take more than one or two.

Speed vs Reaction Contrast
None - They can easily react to you at this stage, no questions asked.
Minor - Over an extended period of time, it would be difficult for them to react to your movements, no more than 3 solid posts before the difference begins to set in.
Major - They can react barely for a post or two, before it becomes obvious that they cannot.
Paramount - They simply cannot react in time to you, doing so will exhaust themselves, causing fatigue
Crucial - You simple are too fast, they cannot see you, and they cannot react in time to stop you.

Please note, speed and reaction is always a bit heavy, can someone run 30 meters before the other can react, most likely not, this is more of a reference to close quarters. Staff's general rule of thumb is, for every 10 meters, subtract 10% from the advantage rating

Strength vs Strength Contrast
None - A dead heat, the person with the higher luck wins out, but both would be exhausted
Minor - In the end you will win, it will take a few posts before you really notice a difference. In limited contact, its hard to discern who is stronger
Major - You can do it, overpower them or what not, but it will be a bit before it really hits home. In limited contact you have an edge.
Paramount - You can easily outclass them right away, even in limited contact they will struggle.
Crucial - Did you just chuck that baby like a football?

Durability Contrast (strength and jutsu)
None - Tanking a hit like this would lead to minor injuries, you can do this once, maybe twice before it starts to set in. Poisons have there intended results.
Minor - You could tank about 3 of these before moderate injuries begin to set in. Poisons take about 3 posts longer to affect you at this rating.
Major - You can shrug several of these off before something happens, even then, its light injuries for you. Poisons take about 5 posts longer to affect you at this rating. At this stage the highest burns you can receive is 2nd degree.
Paramount - A good kick in the balls hurt, but not enough to take you down, maybe you have a high pitch voice. You can successfully tank several of these with no injuries, before light injuries set in. You do not feel the effects of poisons for 8 posts, burns at the most are 1st degree, slash weapons are not very deep at all.
Crucial - Good heavens, what are you? Poisons at this range do not affect you at all, you aren't burned, lightning moves tickle a bit, did you just catch a sword with your bear hands?

Jutsu Strength vs Durability Contrast
None - Your opponent could take a jutsu like this once or twice with some injuries before they begin to feel the full effect.
Minor - Then can tank this, it will hurt them, but they will survive. After that, its not advised.
Major - Moderate injuries occur, you aren't blasting off anyone's limbs, but it is very painful and has the desired effect.
Paramount - Glancing hits will definitely feel the pain on this, it is not recommended to tank this, it most likely will result in life threatening injuries.
Crucial -Glancing hits cause severe injuries. Direct hits will not survive.

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3Finished Re: NN Stat System on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:39 pm


You may have noticed we mentioned stat conditions previously, and like us, you maybe are a bit excited.

Stat conditions are preset conditions that occur when a stat hits a certain level. The first one we are going to start with is Intelligence, as it is one of the most important stats for development we have.

The follow conditions apply when a character achieves the appropriate numerical value.

  • 50 Intelligence ~ Ninja's who have achieved at least 50 points in their intelligence receive a 15% word count reduction on canonical jutsu of their principal element.
  • 75 Intelligence ~ At this achievement, a ninja can one time, freely increase one of their SC's from Tier 1 to Tier 2.
  • 100 Intelligence ~ Having 100 intelligence is a big deal. You can reduce the grasp of a genjutsu by 20% and Increase limit on Special Characteristics by 1.
  • 125 Intelligence ~ Earn one free Combat Point.
  • 150 Intelligence ~ Reduce the grasp of a genjutsu by 30%, and earn 2 ninja points.
  • 175 Intelligence ~ Earn one free Combat Point
  • 200 Intelligence ~ Increase limit again on Special Characteristics by 1, reduce grasp genjutsu has over you by 40%.  
  • Highest Intelligence stat on the site ~ Having the highest intelligence stat is based on a week by week basis. You reduce the grasp of a genjutsu by 50% points, all word count requirements are halved for as long as you hold this title. *See note at end of post for "highest stat conditions*

The follow conditions apply when a character achieves the appropriate numerical value.

  • 25 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 15 Chakra a post.
  • 50 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 30 Chakra a post. Can stave off the fatigue condition for 1 more post. Recover 5 Chakra every 5 posts.
  • 75 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 45 Chakra a post. Can stave off the exhausted condition for 1 more post, and fatigue for 2 posts. Recover 5 Chakra every 3 posts.
  • 100 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 60 Chakra a post. Reduce the time it takes to heal from implants by 3 posts, exhaustion for 2 posts, fatigue for 3. Recover 10 Chakra every 4 posts.
  • 125 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 75 Chakra a post. Reduce the time it takes to heal from implants by 4 posts, exhaustion for 3 posts, fatigue for 3. Recover 10 Chakra every 3 posts.
  • 150 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 90 Chakra a post. Can shrug off the effects of poison for 2 extra posts. Exhaustion for 3 posts, fatigue for 4. Recover 15 Chakra every 4 Posts
  • 200 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 120 Chakra a post. Recovery time is reduced by half + 2 posts (to a min of 1 post). Poison's effects can be withheld for 3 more posts, exhaustion for 4 posts, fatigue for 4 posts. Recover 15 Chakra every 3 Posts
  • 250 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 150 Chakra a post. Durability is calculated as Strength + Stamina / 2 now, instead of over 3. Recover 20 chakra every 4 posts
  • 300 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 180 Chakra a post. Recover 20 chakra every 3 posts
  • 350 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 210 Chakra a post. Recover 20 Chakra every 2 posts
  • Highest Stamina stat on the site ~ Having the highest stamina stat is based on a week by week basis. Having such a high stamina, minor injuries heal within 1 posts if no additional damage was taken. You also get 10 additional exertion points. The most important, you do not lose any lifeforce if you spend more than 5 turns exhausted. You also recover 30 Chakra every 2 posts

The follow conditions apply when a character achieves the appropriate numerical value.

  • 10 Lifeforce ~ Having such a low lifeforce, means you are in danger. You have so little of it, you entire being is tied to your physical presence. At this stage, all your stats are reduced by half (1/2) of what they normally were, if you receive the exhausted condition you die, poofing out of existence like a summon.
  • 20 Lifeforce ~ Having below average life force, you are what some might consider sickly. All stats are reduced by a third (1/3) what they normally were. You are always considered fatigued and if you become exhausted, you lose 10 lifeforce (You also lose the exhausted and fatigue condition as well)
  • 40 Lifeforce ~ 40 Lifeforce is pretty much the normal for any one particular person, especially shinobi. It offers no benefit or detrimental effect.
  • 50 Lifeforce ~ Those who possess 50 lifeforce have excellent balance in their lives. Add to yourself 10 luck.
  • 60 Lifeforce ~ At this achievement, they have more than normal life force, not enough to have sage mode, but enough to understand and know about natural chakra. Increase the amount by 1 additional special characteristic.
  • 70 Lifeforce ~ Being trained in nature chakra, some might consider you a sage, others might believe you are apart of a unique and important clan. If this is a temporary bonus, add another 10 luck until it ends. If this is a permanent bonus, add 50 stat points to any of the 5 standard stats however you like.
  • 80 Lifeforce ~ The pinnacle of sagehood, or perhaps you are truly gifted. If this is temporary, you have the same bonus as 70. If this is permanent, you increase your limit of special characteristics by 1.  
  • 90 Lifeforce ~ A dangerous man who knows the ways of nature chakra, his lifeforce high. If this is temporary, increase luck by 20. If this is permanent, increase chakra by 50 and stamina by 30, or stamina by 50 and chakra by 30.
  • 100 Lifeforce ~ The highest of the high, as long as you have 100 lifeforce, you can never be exhausted.
  • 110 Lifeforce ~ Your lifeforce is becoming dangerously high, you are becoming more nature chakra than physical. You cannot be healed by medical techniques. If you are high by a strong seal (S rank and above), you start to come apart. Ignore the seals effects but add 10 lifeforce.
  • 120 Lifeforce ~ You are more chakra than man, like a bijuu or edo tensai. Any A rank seals or medical techniques and above disperse your chakra, never for it to return to this form.
  • Highest Lifeforce stat on the site ~ Having the largest lifeforce can be a bit of a challenge, as often times there are detrimental effects. If you do have the highest lifeforce on the site, you can ignore the detrimental effects so long as you remain the highest

Luck is the crazyiest stat of all, it can affect the majority of your daily life, but its mainly for OOC rewards and perks your character achieves. {Luck does not affect items/money given to the player by another player or by staff for an issue}

  • 15 Luck ~ Reroll any lottery dice once a week.
  • 20 Luck ~ Add 10% to any mission reward you earn
  • 25 Luck ~ Add 10% to any site rewards/bonuses you earn
  • 30 Luck ~ Reroll any lottery dice twice a week
  • 35 Luck ~ Add 20% to any site reward/bonus and mission reward you earn
  • 40 Luck ~ Add 30% to any ryo earned
  • 45 Luck ~ Add 40% to any ryo earned, any bonuses
  • 50 Luck ~ Double any bonuses earned, either from site rewards, event rewards. [Such as free S rank weapon, you instead get 2 free S rank weapons]
  • 60 Luck ~ You are extremely lucky, add +50 stats to which ever Main stat you choose. (No splitting)
  • Highest Luck on the site ~ Add 60% to any ryo earned, from any bonuses.

Highest Stat by Week
Each title for highest stat is done on Sunday, though there may be times staff forget so its important to note, its only done on Sundays. Once a title has been claimed, it stays that way for 1 whole week, and continues until topic's finish if relevant. In the event of ties, person with highest luck wins.

Spending Lifeforce
Sometimes lifeforce gets a bit to high for you, or you are going to get a temporary bonus that increases you to an uncomfortable spot. You can spend lifeforce, in denominations of 5, to achieve results.

  • For 5 Lifeforce, you can "create" a cloak of nature chakra around you, effectively ignoring the last "round" damage, even if it would have normally killed you. (This must be stated at the beginning of the post that you are doing this)
  • For 10 Lifeforce, you can give yourself 20 stat points, to place in the 5 standard stats.
  • For 15 Lifeforce, you can increase your limit of SC's by 2 or automatically learn one additional restricted/limited jutsu.
  • For 20 Lifeforce, you can increase the amount of limited/restricted jutsu's known by 3.

Spending Luck
You can also spend luck to do extra ordinary things. However, luck has a funny way of working, perhaps like an evil wish, it doesn't always go according to plan. Luck spent this way, never returns, you always have 10 less luck (or if you spend it multiple times)

  • Spend 5 Luck to get 3 free rolls on the lottery wheel
  • Spend 10 Luck and survive a fatal attack, you are left exhausted and barely conscious, but you survive. [Must state at beginning of post]
  • Spend 15 Luck for 3 Ninja Points
  • Spend 20 Luck and get back 10 Lifeforce

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