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Missions System and Ryo System

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1Finished Missions System and Ryo System on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:39 pm

Yui Nara



Missions and Jobs are what brings in money for any Shinobi Village. Here on Naruto Nexus missions work in a different manner. There are Local missions which are only available to a specific village and Global missions which are potentially available to every village.

Local missions are created by the Village Leaders or Jounin Ranking Shinobi. These missions are for things involving the village directly such as internal matters. For Example, a Mission to patrol the village perimeter would be a Local mission. Repairing the village walls or buildings would be a Local mission. Local Missions can be repeated on the weekly basis by every member of the village. These missions pay considerably less but completing these missions do count towards mission count requirements for Rank-ups and Event Conditions such as the Chuunin Exams.

Global missions are created primarily by the Staff. These missions are job requests that come from outside the village or jobs from the Feudal Lords. For Example, clearing out bandits that have been raiding a village will be a Global mission. Repelling enemy nation soldiers for the Feudal lord would be a Global Mission. These missions pay much more and is what primarily brings in money for the village.


Each Village will get what is called a Mission Tokens. The village leader (or Highest Ranking Officer - Jounin etc.) requests missions from the global missions board in exchange for Mission Tokens. Each village starts with 20 of these said Tokens. Mission requests will cost as follows.

---Token Cost for Missions---

2 Tokens for a D-rank Mission.
4 Tokens for a C-rank Mission.
6 Tokens for a B-rank Mission.
8 Tokens for a A-rank Mission.
10 Tokens for a S-rank Mission.

Essentially, you are reserving the missions for your village. These reserved missions then become available to the Shinobi in the village and can be completed by them. Missions need to be completed within a given time frame. Clear out brigands before a festival might have a clear time of 1 week. Then the village has 1 week to complete the job since time of request.

Quality of Service

Villages who complete the missions within the allocated time gain more tokens for the following missions request semester. This semester can be 1 to 2 weeks depending on activity rate of members. The additional tokens however are not permanent and do expire over time. If the additional tokens are not used to request more missions over time they will begin to gradually diminish. Half the token value per week these are not used. A village will however never go below 20 Base Missions Tokens. However if you do use those tokens to take more missions and complete them, you will be rewarded with even more Mission tokens (to a maximum of 40).

Villages will be awarded half the tokens of completed missions (Rounded Up to the nearest Even number). If you requested 10 tokens worth and complete all of them, you will gain an additional, 5 rounded up to nearest even of number 6, Six tokens for next time. (You always earn an Even number of tokens) However if you do not complete requested missions you will lose credibility. You will begin to lose tokens to a minimum of 14. There will be other consequences such as losing priority in getting jobs or being paid less to do the same work.

---Token Reduction for incomplete Missions---

Incomplete D-ranks : -1 Tokens
Incomplete C-ranks : -2 Tokens
Incomplete B-ranks : -3 Tokens
Incomplete A-ranks : -4 Tokens
Incomplete S-ranks :-5 Tokens

---Mission Requirements and Payout (Global)---

D-rank: 400 Words each participant.
C-rank: 600 Words each participant.
B-rank: 800 Words each participant.
A-rank: 1000 Words each participant.
S-rank: 1500 Words each participant.

D-rank: 80 Ryo Reward - 5 Gold
C-rank: 150 Ryo Reward - 20 Gold
B-rank: 300 Ryo Reward - 50 Gold
A-rank: 450 Ryo Reward - 100 Gold
S-rank: 700 Ryo Reward - 200 Gold


Local missions operate the same way as usual. Missions are registered by Kage's and other members of the village. They are to registered and approved by staff. These missions have a lower pay rate as they are local missions done internally within the village. The village commissions the job and the village pays out the reward when complete. Naturally bringing in money from the outside generates more money. Local missions do not require tokens and are exclusive to the Shinobi of the same village. These missions may be repeated once a week (different word count required, no repeating of missions with the same post), provided the mission caters to such. For example, a patrol missions may be repeated weekly by each member. However spying on a specific character would not be repeatable.

---Mission Requirements and Payout (Local)---

D-rank: 400 Words each participant.
C-rank: 500 Words each participant.
B-rank: 700 Words each participant.
A-rank: 800 Words each participant.
S-rank: 1200 Words each participant.

D-rank: 50 Ryo Reward
C-rank: 100 Ryo Reward
B-rank: 150 Ryo Reward - 20 Gold
A-rank: 300 Ryo Reward - 50 Gold
S-rank: 400 Ryo Reward - 80 Gold


Certain missions, which will be dubbed event missions, will create an atmosphere of either cooperation or mutual destruction. Sometimes, things like defeating a Masked Beast, Oni General or Yokai Lord require a force of Shinobi, broken into teams, same with Bijuu and other such large scale foes. These style missions, which we may dub "regional" missions for simplicity sake, give large rewards and boons to characters.

Phase 1 Event: 1,500 Ryo - 30 Mission Tokens - 500 Gold
Phase 2 Event: 4,000 Ryo - 40 Mission Tokens - 800 Gold
Phase 3 Event: 6,000 Ryo - 50 Mission Tokens - 1,000 Gold
Completed All Phases: - 5,000 Ryo - 500 Gold - 2 Ninja Skill Points for each Participant - 20 Stat Points (Standard) for each Ninja

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2Finished Re: Missions System and Ryo System on Sun May 07, 2017 10:00 pm

We are adding a Ryo system so people can actually use the Mission system and the Weapon system more. The Ryo system is a very easy system to function too and is very simple. Everybody starts out with the correct starting amount of Ryo for each rank but after each and every mission you do you will get Ryo from it and with that Ryo you can buy Weapons and and items to aid your character in the RP world. The mount of ryo you will get will be on the mission you accept, simple as that.

Starting Limits

D: 1,000 Ryo
C: 2,000 Ryo
B: 4,000 Ryo
A: 8,000 Ryo
S: 13,000 Ryo

You also gain Ryo from.

  • Posting in RP areas.
  • Missions
  • Events
  • Normal Rping Topics.

Gaining Ryo through Normal Rp Topics:

Okay sometimes Missions can get annoying after you continuously spam them to gain Ryo so we are adding this little reward for normal rping also! that way you can gain ryo from just rping! Cool right? This means in any thread after the word count requirement is made, if there is one, then all further words can count towards earning the word count ryo reward below. Note that this does not count towards missions or training threads (jutsu, element, summon).

Gain 5 Ryo: When you rp alone you will gain 5 Ryo for every 100 words. At the end of the topic, tally up your words and add how much ryo you gained on your last post then post it in your updates.

Gain 10 Ryo: When you rp with others in a topic you will gain 10 Ryo for every 100 words. At the end of the topic, tally up your OWN words and add how much ryo you gained on your last post then post it in your updates.

Gain 20 Ryo: When you rp with somebody in your own ninja squad. Strengthen the bond between your teams. You will gain 20 Ryo for every 100 words. At the end of the topic, tally up your OWN words and add how much ryo you gained on your last post then post it in your updates.


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