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Genjutsu System

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1Finished Genjutsu System on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:52 am

Genjutsu is one of the 3 basic fighting styles of Naruto Universe, however it is most likely one of the least used, at least in RP sense, and the least detailed in the show/manga. There are a lot of questions about Genjutsu, a lot of issues with it as well.

Genjutsu can be a powerful, it can also be overpowered. The very idea of it is nearly an autohit, from sound, sight, and the less utilized, smell, taste and touch.

There are three types of Genjutsu

Optical Based Genjutsu
Sensory Based Genjutsu
Memory Based Genjutsu

Each one preforms a different task, and each one has a different purpose.

Optical Based Genjutsu are genjutsu that are illusions played out using chakra. Things like Haze Clones, making something appear that isn't there. These are what you might think of in terms of optical illusions. The old woman who becomes young. They change the environment in a certain way, but do not directly affect a target(s).

A genjutsu that what appears to make rain fall or a storm is one instance. For all intensive purposes, its an illusion created by the caster to make something appear. Think of them as area of effect illusions. Making it rain, making mist or fog appear, doubles of yourself. They affect everyone in the area, and one use of Genjutsu Kai can disperse the entire illusion. Maybe it looks like a rock in the way, but its just an illusion cast, or the numbers on the mailbox. Please note, these genjutsu are not targeted Genjutsu. They don't affect that person, but not this person, they affect everyone in the area, including yourself. You know the rain is fake, but you still see it as if it was real. Powerful Genjutsu casters can even make optical illusions feel real, the smell, taste or touch of it, but it is still just an illusion cast over an area.

The second is sensory based, these are what you might think of as traditional genjutsu, the fight of Itachi and Sasuke, Itachi and Deidare. They are cast at/towards a specific target with intent to do harm or cause some sort of ailment. They require concentration, effort to keep up. The brain is a complicated piece, and often times its next to impossible to fully maintain control if you are simultaneously doing other things.

The final is memory genjutsu, these are genjutsu designed to manipulate memories, and also come forth when certain things are met. Such as erasing memories, giving members someone didn't have, maybe a little brain washing. Maybe they activate the next time someone uses Genjutsu Kai.

Genjutsu Resistance

With training, time and effort it is possible to become more resistant to the effects of Genjutsu, and certainly genjutsu masters know well how to spot and dispel the effects of Genjutsu. It is never possible to be fully immune to Genjutsu, even the famed Itachi was at a stalemate with his brother Sasuke, and even Danzo with all his eyes, fell for a simple genjutsu. There is hope, and it comes directly from the genjutsu system itself.

Intelligence plays a key role in Genjutsu and its dispelling effects. And we will talk about that in a bit. We wanted to mention first and foremost, there is no auto dispelling Genjutsu, no immunization to Genjutsu, no "seeing" through it, if you will. Some things might make it easier to dispel, or to reflect it back. Heck at times certain genjutsu might not work, such as being blinded, or covering your eyes. Staff use a general rule of thumb when determining such things. If you can see someone with your own eyes, they can use ocular genjutsu against you. When you can hear other noises, sound based genjutsu can affect you. Throwing on a cool pair of sunglasses, or covering your eyes with a fancy helmet might make you think you are immune, but to be immune your eyes have to be shut and you cannot use your sense of sight, or sound or whatever it may be.

Genjutsu Stat's

You will notice that Genjutsu comes in stats just like any other move. It has a range, a grasp, number of targets (its power), and the trigger.

Concerning the range, the range in this case is from the target to you, how far away before the genjutsu is dispelled. Basically, if a genjutsu has a range of 50 meters, and you catch someone, but them move to 55 meters away, the genjutsu is dispelled when you leave the effective range.

The speed section of Genjutsu is changed to be the "grasp" of a genjutsu. You may be thinking, grasp... like how it holds you. You'd be correct, the grasp is its effect on you. When measuring the grasp of a genjutsu, you must understand that in terms of defense against Genjutsu, there are hardly any. You really cannot dodge it, nor can you use say, a earthen wall to stop it, tanking it, well it isn't something that goes against your durability.

The power section of Genjutsu denotes how many targets you can hit. For every 50 points, you can target 1 person. For area of effect Genjutsu, people who simply enter the range are caught in the genjutsu. The "number of targets" would not be applicable in this case.

What the grasp is used for, is against your intelligence. Like one would use a ninjutsu vs durability. If your intelligence is higher than the grasping power of a genjutsu, you can start to shrug off the effect and utilize genjutsu kai. It will follow the durability vs strength guide. Only in this case, its Intelligence vs "speed" of the genjutsu. You can follow the contrast section for it to determine what is appropriate.

So what does this mean for you, well lets say a genjutsu paralyzes you, but you have a high intelligence. You can realize and react to the genjutsu and use a dispelling method to escape form it. I know sometimes it may seem a little unfair, or makes genjutsu "useless" but note, Genjutsu is for the most part, an autohit move, with little defense to stop it once it hits. You can't suddenly throw up a wall, or dive bomb out of the way. We feel that Intelligence is a good measure of how well your character is able to handle and react to them. I mean, if your durability is high enough, you might be able to tank a jutsu or two before feeling the effects, same with Genjutsu.


Triggers are an important part of Genjutsu, and its important to note that genjutsu require a trigger.

Touch - You can touch someone, or they touch a certain thing that triggers the genjutsu
Sight - Direct Eye Contact, or perhaps a finger point or gesture
Sound - They hear a melody
Taste - They eat a certain food (oh yes this is possible)
Smell - They smell a certain something

It is important to note, the two most powerful, sight and sound are well, very powerful. The first, sight, requires you to either maintain eye contact for the duration of the hand-signs, or finish the hand-signs and preform a gesture or such to create the trigger. It is important to note, the hand-signs in of themselves cannot count as a trigger.

The second, sound well sound is extremely potent. It travels far, very fast and can be heard by many people. In such a case, we require some part of Sound to be continuous. And no, you gooses you cannot make the genjutsu that makes them hear a sound to keep the effects going. Say you are playing a genjutsu on a flute, in order for the genjutsu to remain active, you must keep playing the flute, very simple, your music is the trigger. Once you stop, the genjutsu ends. Utilizing Sound Genjutsu require the use of an SC, which determines the intensity and ability to target multiple targets. As such, the idea of targeting 10 or 20 targets is a bit ridiculous, please read the SC regarding how it operates.

Given the above listed descriptions on what Genjutsu can do, it seems best to clarify on the things that Genjutsu absolutely are incapable of doing. Given that as stated Genjutsu affect the senses and can create illusions which fool the perception of these senses. Genjutsu however, cannot dictate how a person will act inside a technique they can't change or create emotions or directly make existing emotions more prominent (like induce rage with genjutsu). They are only capable of indirectly inspiring emotions in a target. You might create an illusion of a massive spider, with the intent of frightening your target, but the emotional response is entirely up to the target's perception.

Dispelling Genjutsu

Often times, we leave Genjutsu to be a side note in the ninja world, a bolt of lightning to the chest kills someone if they are not careful, but a Genjutsu that is strong, we go out of our way to make it hard to do so. We are not however, naive enough to suggest that genjutsu, with its ability to almost autohit would be characterized as weak. We have created a method of dispelling Genjutsu based on 4 key points. It is important to note, you must first notice that you are in a Genjutsu, as stated previously, there is no immunity to Genjutsu, from anything, Dojutsu included.

  • Pain | Receiving physical trama from pain causes the mind to refocus and basically snaps the grasp a genjutsu has. This pain can either come from yourself, or an outside source. The pain must be intensive enough to shock the system into a heightened state. Simply pinching yourself, or biting your tongue would not be enough. A stab wound, breaking of bones, biting off your tongue, gouging out an eye, ripping off a nose. Now, it might seem like that is rather extreme, considering that a C rank fireball might cause some burns, but a C rank genjutsu requires one to gouge out an eye, and what if you cannot because you are paralyzed. Seems unfair that a B rank genjutsu can paralyze you, which is a death sentence, but a B rank ninjutsu would not be a death sentence. We justify this as, self inflicted pain always trumps genjutsu. Which is to say, inflicing pain on yourself while under the effects of a genjutsu is always possible. Even if that genjutsu paralyzes you. Now, if you are paralyzed from other means, such as a poison, then obviously this does not count. Since this is considered an "extreme" measure, the pain induced method effectively kicks out all "layers" or "stacked' genjutsu used, and makes the user "immune" to genjutsu for the next two posts. Immune is in quotes, because the user is in extreme pain, and most likely heavily bleeding.

  • Help | Receiving help from an outside source (or internal in the case of Bijuu with an SC of Tier II or higher, same with Masked Beasts) is possible to break the genjutsu. An ally (PC or purchased NPC, Summon) can break out a friend out of a genjutsu by "jolting" there senses back under control. This can be done with a hard punch or kick, or by applying 1/4 of the chakra cost of the genjutsu to the user. This is enough to jolt them out of the genjutsu. This can be hard, because the ally cannot be under the effects of a genjutsu as well. However, the boon of this being, utilizing this method breaks all genjutsu, no matter how many are placed on the user.

  • Chakra Absorption | A significant chakra drain on the system can too break a target out of a genjutsu. This can be useful if say, someone is trying to drain your chakra, or the like. Once 1/4 the genjutsu strength worth of chakra has been drained, the target snaps out of the genjutsu (all layers) and the genjutsu is broken.

  • Genjutsu Kai | The most prominent of genjutsu dispelling methods, and often times the most meta-gamed. People going up against Genjutsu masters are just "spamming" Kai every post to make sure. Genjutsu Kai does not work like that. It works by effectively shutting down the chakra system (for one post) before kicking it back on. Making the target unable to utilize any chakra based moves for the entire post. Genjutsu Kai is considered a "Basic Skills" taught to every ninja, samurai and monk, as the best defense against Genjutsu. Genjutsu Kai has a Power rating of 150, plus your own intelligence score. If this score is higher than the grasp of a genjutsu, then you can dispel it. If the score is not higher, there may still be a way, however it will cost more chakra. Please see the Durability vs Jutsu Guide for determining ranges, but effectively, for every 10% outside of it, double the cost of Genjutsu Kai. The most in this instance would be 40%.

    I.E My Genjutsu Kai rating is 200, and the opponents Grasp is 400, 40% of 400 is 240, in this instance, Genjutsu Kai can not dispel the Genjutsu. However, if my Genjutsu Kai was 240, then I could dispel the Genjutsu, but it would cost 52 Chakra.

    Genjutsu Kai only dispel one "layer" or "stacked" genjutsu.

||Type||: (Ocular, Sensory, Memory)
||Grasp||: (How strong is the genjutsu vs Intelligence)
||Hand Seals||:
||Trigger||: (What is the triggering method)
||Number of Targets||: (For every 50 Points, equal to 1 person)


[b]||Range||: [/b]
[b]||Hand Seals||:[/b]
[b]||Number of Targets||:[/b] (For every 50 Points, equal to 1 person)

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