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Clone Techniques

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1Finished Clone Techniques on Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:10 am

Clone Techniques and understanding

Clone Techniques (分身術, Bunshinjutsu) are techniques that create copies of the user or their tools. Though the standard Clone Technique is considered the most basic of ninjutsu, these techniques are highly versatile, often used to distract enemies or fool them into thinking they have landed a hit on the user. Corporeal clones can aid the user in physical combat, and even use techniques independent of the original. There are varying methods of creating clones, some techniques using only chakra while others require some sort of medium to give the clones form and substance. There are also clone techniques that transform another person or animal into a clone of the user, such as the Beast Human Clone, as well as genjutsu which create illusory clones, such as the Mist Servant Technique. Clones have been noted several times to be reduced in quality from the original in some way, shape, or form.

Clones for all intensive purposes can be a fun, and welcome addition to the site. They offer a unique and variable method, preferred to fighting. We will come right out and say it, there are no "clones" which are perfect carbon copies of users. They will always, always have some deficiency.

Below are some of the restrictions placed on clones

  • Clones which have ranks lower than B cannot leave the same topic as the user.
  • Only Shadow Clones are allowed to leave the users sub-board, as indicated on their specialty level. All others must remain in the sub-board or topic
  • Since clones are a rather difficult technique to utilize, they unfortunately do not return any remaining chakra to the user upon disbursement.
  • Shadow Clones (any type) follow the ninjutsu specialty, in regards to their stats and such.
  • Clones cannot be made of other people, there are techniques that do allow it at some point, however clones specifically cannot.
  • Any clones that last longer than 1 month IRL time, are disbursed except with permission.
  • All clones should be labeled as such if they are outside the users topic, this is to prevent abuse, and "meta-knowledge".
  • There is no such thing as the perfect clone.


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