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Kokuei Nara || WIP

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1 Kokuei Nara || WIP on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:43 pm

Name : Kokuei Inoka (Ko)
Gender : Male
Age : 15
Height : 6'6 | 174cm
Weight : 68KG | 149Pounds | Long Muscular Gladiator Build
Eye Color : Crimson Red
Hair Color and Style : Redish Pink | Straight with Spiky edges

Element(s) : None
Village : Kusagakure
Clan : Nameless | Storm Release
Rank : D
Nindo : Be strong and strive for greatness.

Looks :
Personality : (Try not to be cliche or generic, dark haired geniues who are lonely and love to kill people need not apply. Remember, apps are graded)
Parents : [name, relation, alive/dead]
Siblings : [same as above]
Mentors and Idols : [same as above]
History :(Please make a complete history, referencing at least up to your rank.)

Role Play Sample : (You can either use your own, or follow our prompt)[/color][/color]


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