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Senkin, Naomi

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1 Senkin, Naomi on Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:51 pm



Name : Senkin, Naomi
Gender : Female
Age : 16
Height : 5'11" | 180.34 cm
Weight : 152 lbs | 68.94 kg
Eye Color : Gray
Hair Color and Style : Red | Wild

Element(s) : N/A
Village : Kusagakure no sato
Clan : N/A
Rank : D
Nindo : "Doubt is crying out - but I refuse to let it drown me."

Looks : "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", whilst the saying is certainly true, many would agree that Naomi possesses two especially captivating characteristics regarding her physical appearance: both her eyes and hair. When inquiries are made regarding the color of her eyes - there would be conflicting reports of blue and green; both are incorrect. The true color of the woman's ocular glasses is a gainsborough gray - often seen as either a pale blue or green depending on the lighting or her set of clothing. Though all three variations have a tendency of attracting the attention of others as a result of their clarity - seemingly baring her very soul to the world. Their somewhat rounded shape bears evidence of metamorphosing into a rather sharper shape with the passage of time - a fact that swiftly urges onward with the stress induced by her status as an upcoming kunoichi. While such clear eyes may ordinarily be counted as a blessing - such is not the case with the deranged youth. A set of eyes exhibiting such clarity are just as easily described as honest - easily revealing emotions; rarely capable of shielding sentiments or tell convincing orthodox lies. Shooting flames of malice whenever angered, crystalline sparkles when joyous, and dull listless stares whilst saddened - to give a few examples. Hence, while she may be quite difficult to understand, any whom pay attention to her eyes would gather some insight - and an indication as to when they should start running. Such mirrors of the soul lay surrounded by deep curled lashes which further promote the attention given to them. Situated a short distance, one would find dark finely-arched brows; placed high upon her forehead, especially whenever she finds herself overexcited. A striking contrast is made between the color of her hair and that of her eyes - instilling an exotic appearance: her usual wild and thick mane of hair possesses an unearthly red color.

The overwhelming shade of red often prompts others to fantasize wild fire running rampant atop her head - though even that description fails to capture what the color truly represents. Rays of sunlight play along with wild and untamed strands whom have never once succumbed to the teeth of a comb - further giving the youth an intense appearance. As a result of her apathetic nature, her hair is often kept relatively short in order to limit the need for maintenance; albeit it remains long enough still to reach her shoulders. This 'indomitable state' often obscures her vision in form of strands dropping before her eyes - irritating the youth at the futility of brushing her bangs aside. Upon reaching the absolute limit of her patience, Naomi will cut silky strands in a semi-random manner with ease; unperturbed to the concept of beautifying herself - she never was one to bother with such hassle. Both the stunning color and unruly hairstyle is pleasantly suitable to Naomi - a fair representation of her indomitable personality. The origin of her iconic hair lied within a desire to protest against society's view of a girl - refusing to be someone concerned with her appearance, head filled with the idea of romance, to act in a manner "befitting of a woman". Hence bringing about her nature as a tomboy, which would follow her for the remainder of her life. Whilst she does indeed possess certain attractive qualities in form of natural beauty - she is not without faults of her own. An often unnoticed example are her eyebrows - the left is a shade lighter than that of the right. A nose that is often referred by others as slightly too big, or slightly too small - in short, a variety of such things that are only truly noticed upon closer inspection. These imperfections are often hidden by her stronger qualities - such as the way her messy strands of hair frame her delicate face as to bring about her well-defined jawline and high cheekbones; hence her chin appears small but well-defined, thrusting out in a rather adorable manner whenever she feels offended by something, or feels the need to state a point. Flattering lips of a light-rose color described as full and soft - with pearly whites finely straightened.

As an individual whom prefers the outdoors versus staying indoors - her skin had gained a golden tawny complexion over the years; remaining free of any marring blemishes upon its smooth surface. The knowledge that Naomi refrains from using cosmetics could prove to be an annoyance to other females - instead, she relies heavily upon a healthy diet and exercise leading her to retain a fresh and clean appearance. While she may be described as an attractive person by most - despite her poor social skills and deranged demeanor. She carries herself more-so in a 'manly' manner rather than using feminine charms - often having her walking forward referred as 'stomping onward', devouring any meal as if she were starving. As a result of her tomboy-ish upbringing, her mannerisms and speech lack any flirtatious quality; hence in this regard, she is seen as rather innocent between the differences of a man and a woman. Those whom knew of her during her earlier years, would be surprised to find that she had quite the growth spurt - typically towering over those within her age-group; to which she enjoys immensely. But alas, it appears that upon reaching the age of fourteen, she had found herself stuck in front of the 5'11" (180 cm) wall. While she may not be considered short, she would have preferred gaining a few inches more to her height - seeing as she disdains being looked down upon in a literal sense. It appeared that her growth spurt had also included her having taken out most of her physical development - having achieved quite an impressive hourglass figure at the tender age of fifteen; much to her dismay. At present time, she bears a slim waist - with a flat stomach with a nice hint of abs situated above. Her legs are both long and slender - though possess strength under the guise of flat sinewy muscles; a testament to her training as a taijutsu-orientated kunoichi. Likewise, her arms are also long and slender - yet retain a certain sense of grace. She possesses rounded firm buttocks, and as previously mentioned, a generously-sized bosom.

Clothing: Fashioned with a pair of small ears which lay hidden beneath the thick mass of hair - she seldom bothers wearing earrings, or any form of jewelry for that matter, despite having the required piercings in each of her earlobes. As with any person, her line of clothing possesses quite a range in terms of style - often influenced by the weather or situation. Though she does hold a personal preference over sturdy and comfortable clothing rather than stylish or elegant as per most people. For example - she vastly prefers wearing a pair of jeans rather than a skirt; though appears to have no qualms with shorts in reason of their ease of movement. Tank-tops are a common choice, though it is not uncommon for her to don light shirts. In terms of color coordination, she prefers light colors though has an accepting stance with black; commonly attributed to her boots. Upon those relaxing or warm days of summer - she would choose to walk with her feet bare, or even a pair of sandals. In short, she is an individual whom seeks comfort and appreciates a sense of freedom over anything else. In addition to, she owns a black leather jacket which she rather likes - albeit typically only wears during cold days. The proof of her status as a kunoichi, the hitai-ate, can be found securely wrapped around her left arm.

Personality :  Immediately upon hearing the term 'heroine', the masses - with their preconceived notion of what constitutes a hero - fill their minds with their ideals. A character with an unrelenting pursuit of justice, protecting the weak from those whom would otherwise exploit them, and such quirks... all of which, our would-be heroine, does not inherently inhibit. The individual labelled as Naomi retains very few characteristics which would befit the typical heroic spirit - instead, it may be more accurate to compare her to society's notion of a villain. Albeit, it is a fallacy to consider her as such, since she is not intrinsically a 'bad' person - merely harboring an unfavorable demeanor. Equipped with spectacles of ignorance, the world at large views its surroundings as differing shades of "white" or "black" - while the supposedly deranged youth maintains an 'absolute gray' outlook regarding her environment. 'Absolute gray' is in reference of her nihilistic view on morality as a whole - a stance which fails to recognize the existence of both good and evil as a concept; among other subjects. Though deny she may, it is not an impossibility for her to deduce how society would label an act - she merely scoffs at their 'silliness' for labeling a thing as either 'good' or 'evil'. The - as other people have described - 'twisted' persona developed as a result of severe isolation during her youth - effectively having rendered her to possess a myriad of negative traits, such as: an inability to trust anyone other than herself, an almost complete lack of ability to empathize, as well as being tormented with extreme feelings of envy. Although some positive traits did manage to manifest themselves as a result of that time period, such as: an independent nature, leaning toward cold-hard logic rather than of emotion, and having an odd appreciation for seemingly the smallest things.

In reason of these characteristics, the initial impression she has upon others is that of an incomprehensible nature - where her beliefs and reasoning are beyond that of societal norm. However, in essence, she is among the most simplest of humans if one merely follows but a single rule; avoiding the involvement of emotions. While she does often spout standoffish opinions, they only seem as such as a result of taking them at face-value; if one further gave thought or otherwise inquired behind the meaning of such words, they would be surprised to find a rather sensible opinion - even if one might not necessarily agree. As an example, Naomi may give voice that another is better off dead instead of forcing them to feebly cling to life with the wonders of medicine - in other words, this is a form of mercy. As she is but human - like any other - forming a bad opinion or otherwise be mistaken is just as possible; hence, even she is capable of being wrong despite being the way that she is. However, humans are intuitively emotional creatures and thus berate those whom may appear as emotionless, or otherwise psychopathic without much thought - thus leading our young heroine toward a mostly solitary life from early childhood. As a child whom wished for friends and to garner a sense of belonging, she began to falsify her very existence; laugh at the joke everyone found funny, appear downtrodden at supposedly sad news, or otherwise agreeing with opinions that she does not truly agree with. Through this approach, she had never found herself alone and instead grew in popularity as a likeable individual - even if that 'individuality' was in truth a falsified persona. As seasons past, she became all the more adept of reading others and adapting a wide-range of personalities to accommodate others; all in an effort of keeping loneliness at bay.

Though as one may imagine, this inclination of falsifying oneself in order to appeal to others is quite unhealthy in terms of emotional and psychological development. As she further cements herself as an 'individual' with no true sense of individual, the depravity of acknowledging the fact that no one would ever come to love her for whom she truly was, would continuously burden the crimson-haired girl - further prompting her to curse God itself, and to ruin the 'oh so beautiful' world He devised. The inclination of wrecking havoc and destroying any semblance of normalcy within this otherwise 'unjust' world, appears time after time again within the walls of her mind - slowly inching her descent into a Nukenin.

Parents :

  • Senkin, Saito | Father | Alive (40)
  • Senkin, Ayumi | Mother | Alive (38)

Siblings :

  • Senkin, Rika | Sister | Alive (10)

Mentors and Idols : N/A
History : The origins of our precarious youth lie within the unification of two individuals through holy matrimony: Senkin Saito, and Hamasaki Ayumi. The couple were nothing more than average people whom possessed no true distinguishable qualities of their own - and like most others - they lead but ordinary lives. The male took upon himself the role of providing for the family as a construction worker, whilst the female took care of their daughter and homestead in relative peace within the confines of Kusagakure no sato. These two individuals, whilst they were not capable of being called bad people - they were far from being ideal parents. As a result of the father's long hours of work, as well as the poor health of the mother - Naomi had become neglected as a child in terms of care and affection. Whilst the table may have had food, it was not an unusual sight to spot the youth eat by her lonesome self. Whilst she did gain formal education via schooling, her achievements appeared meaningless to her parents. Through these numerous instances of minor issues, she became all-the-more convinced that her own existence itself was nothing more than a mistake - and thus her emotions would dull with the passage of time. With the lack of social interaction within her family unit, she would be thought of as an oddity among other children - as she would find difficulties in expressing herself. Her upbringing discouraged showing much emotional depth, and thus she would refrain from laughing or crying altogether - and as a result of that... she would become isolated by the other children for being 'weird'. No matter how much she sought help from another, she had never received any - hence she had been forced to find a solution on her own.         

As the proposed solution came from a six-year old, it was incredibly simple - just fake it. When the group laughs at something, no matter whether you find it amusing, laugh alongside them. When the group gets angry, express just as much rage. While the solution may be thought of as extremely simple, it had been nonetheless effective. Naomi had successfully managed to escape the depravity of being an outcast through this method - and in fact, managed to gain tremendous popularity; eventually becoming their leader. As the seasons would cycle anew, she grew all the more proficient in lying about whom she was to others - alongside becoming skilled in the aspect of 'reading' people. As she was by no means an idiot whom was unable to see the plain truth behind her popularity... she understood that none of it was real. There was absolutely no meaning behind the bonds forged behind her fake persona, nor was there any resemblance of understanding one another - all of it was based on no more than mere lies. As she would - from time to time - truly reveal herself to others, she was only met with negative feedback upon her attempts, which further solidified her sense of despair; cementing the idea that no one could ever love her for whom she was, but rather for who she pretends to be. With that constant reminder, she became all-the-more numb to her emotions, as if in an attempt of protecting herself from overwhelming sadness - which only further distanced herself from the rest of humanity. With the progressing onslaught of feeling something other than human, her ideologies and demeanor became all the more warped and twisted as a result of her inability to feel a semblance of belonging; thus sending the youth to walk a terrible path in life.      

As she was the way she was, she followed the other children whom all applied to join the shinobi academy - and whilst her parents were not initially impressed with the idea of their daughter attending the academy, they eventually backed-down as she pleaded that she wished to remain with her 'friends'. She was unlike the vast majority of students whom attended the academy, though she had definitely shown quite a bit of potential in comparison to the average student. She appeared to effortlessly perform most exercises, and demonstrated quite the intellect through written exams - albeit there was definite proof that she was not serious. As an example, she would perform an amazingly acrobatic stunt with each, but the follow day with the same stunt... half-halfheartedly perform it. She would also leave blank answers on any written assignments, only demonstrating enough effort to meet the bare minimum; an infuriating thing for those in charge of teaching the bare essentials to the youth. Many of her peers recognized her talents, and even impressed by her lax attitude toward that which they struggled with - albeit the elitists of their class would shun her for bearing such a poor attitude in regards to her upbringing as a kunoichi for Kusagakure no sato. Those whom once admired her as a leader eventually dropped out of the class entirely, whether because they found it difficult to keep up or otherwise, she would be the sole remainder within her group - though she managed to keep pace, albeit poorly, and eventually graduated; ascending into the ranks of Genin. Now then, how will Naomi's tale come to an end?  

Role Play Sample :
"Woo..." the old man relaxed around the campfire enjoying the heat and aroma the crackling flames provided as they roasted the meat they had caught earlier that evening. The youngsters he sat with noticed the elder gentleman's relaxed state and felt a minute since of giddiness come upon them. Noticing their bright expressions the man chuckled, "Yes I believe it is time for story time hm...? I guess I can recount the story of the Red Dawn and the world they spawned after their destruction..." packing his pipe full of Red Sea tobacco, the elder man used the random sparks of flame from the fire to light the mix before taking a few slow drawls to ease his breathing. Looking up into the star filled night the man began to whistle a soft low tune as a backdrop and waited for one of the youngsters to pick up on it and continue the tune as the elder took yet another pull of his ancient pipe before exhaling, "And so it was..."

The soft glow of incandescent embers gave chase to the night - its dim light prompted the group to nestle closer to one another. The gloom of the forest encouraged its dwellers to add to the atmosphere, though the excited jabbering of the youth within the group drowned all matter of hoots and howls - they were bustling with anticipation for the boar they had caught to finish simmering; its luscious aroma causing their stomachs to growl out of hunger. The older man within the group - of forty years or so - quietly enjoyed their banter whilst he took on the atmosphere; reminiscing of times long gone. As their adrenaline-fueled excitement dissipated, the elder would recount a tale concerning the 'Red Dawn' and the aftermath of that peculiar event - all in an effort of prolonging the merry mood of their group of eight. However, before he would beginning his role of storyteller he would begin by whistling a peculiar tune, a tune which every member would recognize as it had been quite popular within their village. With smiles on their face as they recount their childhood of listening to this tune as if a lullaby, one of the members would continue the tune whilst the older gentleman would share the story of the 'Red Dawn'. The tale had begun like any other albeit through the elder's sheer manipulation of its pacing and his enthusiasm voice-overs and sound-effects, he had easily immersed the youth into every single moment within the tale - they would take in the legend of the 'Red Dawn' in silence, their eyes growing wide whenever a shocking moment occurred within the tale, smiling with glee as a surge of excitement welled up within each and every one of them during the recounting of great battles past - even the whistler forgot himself whilst he paid attention to the man.

The elder had indeed enjoyed observing the various expressions manifesting themselves upon their youthful faces, considerably encouraging him to become all the more enthusiastic - the missing tune even escaped his notice as he became all the more enamored; though no matter the tale, every epic must come to an end. Thus with the final ushering of the man, all that remained was the sound of crackling flames resonating throughout the darkened forest - and after a few moments past... the rumblings and growls of stomachs churning from hunger. Through those sensations, they had been brought back to reality - though they did not forgo thanking the storyteller for the myth that he shared with them upon that night, even going as far as insisting for him to take the largest piece of the hunt. With amazing company at hand, succulent boar and good alcohol - this will be a night to remember for the remainder of their lives.

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