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Yui Nara

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1 Yui Nara on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:05 am

Yui Nara



Name : Nara Yui
Gender : Female
Age : 17
Height :5'4" | 167cms
Weight : 102 pounds | 46-49 Kgs
Eye Color : Soft Rose Pink.
Hair Color and Style :Long, spiked, somewhat wild yet kept neat. To resemble a thorn tangles spiraling around a rose would best describe the hair style. Like most of her clansmen she has a variation of brown hair. Yui has a lighter shade of brown.

Element(s) : Earth
Village : Takigakure
Clan : Nara
Rank : D-Rank
Nindo : "Strive to better yourself."

Looks : Yui doesn't strike as your idealistic figure of beauty. She does not stand out in sea of women, rather her appearance blends in. She is not a your desired slender hourglass figure, she stands petite, towering over toddlers but only over few children. Her charm is not in her traditional physical aspects, but the smaller details on her. There is a saying, the more you look at something the more you take a liking to it. Yui, maybe something like that but each to his own.

Over time, its her eyes that people notice first. "Oh, your eyes aren't brown!" A soft primrose pink. Though it's rare for people to notice the pigment of her eyes, once they notice it they seem to remember it every time. Lined with a thick eyes lashes that give her eyes a soft yet at the same time a stern feeling to her gaze. As a girl away from battle she has flawless skin, healthy and vibrant and fair from spending a lot of time in doors. Her nose sits slightly pointed up giving her the perfect opportunity to look high and mighty with only a slight tilt of her slender and long neck (which signals she might grow taller one day).

Yui is usually at the clinic or library in her work clothes. A Garment of black and white top that doubles as a skirt, knee high white socks and a white overall tunic to keep the blood out of her clothes. Because of this bulky medics clothes her figure is hidden, appearing to a little lady in puffy clothes. However she still is a Shinobi by trait, who has had all her basics training and more. Her figure might not be a perfect hourglass but she is slender, the curvature of her stomach sliding smoothly down her wide hips and slipping down her petite slender legs. With the luxury of not having to be out in the field she has been rewarded with ample bust that she feels is good enough sitting between B and C cups with her stall stature only making them appear bigger.

Yui is not the type to stress heavily on her outward appearance and often leaves her nails unpainted. However the feminine side of her leaves them groomed, a light shade of gloss for her pink lips and perhaps a little blush now and then. What began as a "I need to know how to disguise myself as an agent" ended in a "I like being pretty too you know." Her obsession or devotion to work often leaves her un-groomed, spending days at work with messy hair, large glasses, clothes stained with blood and chemicals. These are traits that accredit to her blending in and not being the first picks for figures of beauty.

Personality : A living weapon and tool of assassination. That is the stigma that comes with being a Shinobi and it is true. Yui however leans away from stereotypes. She takes a step back from the warrior mentality that is indoctrinated at a young age. As a woman and as a being with an average physical body, she had set her mind else where. Yui's mind is inclined more towards the academic its related fields. A sharp mind that seems to be hereditary, Yui from a young age displayed the ability to easily understand stuff as well as process to make meaning of data. Hence, she embraced the one stereotype where she could still live the life of a Shinobi, a Medical Shinobi.

Professional - Even if she is prefers to stay away from the physical fighting it does not change the fact that she is a Shinobi. As such her job as a medical Shinobi at times will require her to be on the battlefield. With that in mind Yui understands the importance to be in shape and to accept the expected minimum of a shinobi. She trains at the very minimum 3 times a week, on her own focusing on aspects such as Cardio, Strength and keeping her body in shape, besides it makes her feel good when she sees herself naked in the mirror.

She will not fear being called to the field, regarding it as her job and experience to better herself. On the field she takes the role of a utility or support role. She helps to bind enemies, distract enemies, heal allies and support those who strike head on. Off combat she is the second opinion the team leaders listen to, her family history and astounding intelligence an asset to mission planning.

Personal - Yui is a bit of Bibliophiliac and likes to pour over books and scrolls, new and old. Such she spends a lot of her time researching old texts that give clues to improve or rediscover lost medicine. However this does not stop at medical rediscovery, but she likes to delve into stories before the world was ruled by demons. Even present information she likes to keep track of demons and wishes she could cut one up and study them.

As mentioned several times before, Yui is still a girl and likes to experiment and explore this aspect. While she appears to be shy or embarrassed about trying on new clothes, taking interest in pretty things she is no doubt a young lady in heart. As most kids her age she likes food and often is worried about her increasing waist size. Torn between shinobi and child she comes off as stoic or strong, a trait some people will insist is called tsundare. But really, Yui is just smarter when social, reserved and practicing restraint. There is no need to be overly open with someone new you meet and even among friends there is a line of courtesy.

In general, Yui is a reasonable person who relies on probability. A social person who enjoys her friends but still a soldier that will follow orders on the field. She values herself and values her mind above all others and uses her strengths to carve a path for herself. Coming from a respectable family she understands the social value revolving around trust and respect. She veers away from gossiping or judging a person solely based on rumor. But as someone who values her own time and a small circle of friends, relies a lot on first impressions to decide if she likes someone or not. If the person seems to be whack, then Yui most likely pays little attention to them. If the person seems like a decent enough person Yui will give time to see if this is true.

Yui is a tolerant person accepting the fact that people are not always like her or to her taste. So the usual loud and assertive people is not something that turns her off or she stays away from. Ignorance isn't something that will turn her away from someone, nor does she take it upon herself to educate someone that believes otherwise. In fact, some of her childhood friends are quite different from her. A friend that is extremely proactive, bubbly and open to anyone while Yui is the opposite. On other side she has friends that enjoy the physical exertion of their bodies. Her younger brother, as bright as a Nara should be has clumsy tendencies and pays little attention to his belongings, often losing his possession while outside playing. While Yui enjoys thinking quietly to herself upon problems her brother finds it tedious and prefers to handle challenges through the process of brute elimination.

While as girl one might think that she is either afraid of bugs or as a Shinobi is immune to such scare tactics. She finds bugs somewhat disgusting with their hard exo-skeletons and the way they crawl about, but years of experiments have woven off fear and left just mild displeasure. These go the same for rats, having no ill-feelings other than the fact that wild ones could be potential disease carriers.

Parents : Shikahide Nara (Father-living), Himenoa Nara (Mother-Living)
Siblings : Shikana Nara (Younger Brother Living)
Friends : Sei Hyuuga (Childhood friend)
Mentors and Idols : N/A
History :

Yui was born first daughter and child to Shikahide and Himenoa Nara, the current head of the Nara clan. She was born into Takigakure a small shinobi village who had managed to survive the war a 100 years ago. Their firstborn child the couple gave Yui every bit of love they could give her and Yui grew up short of nothing. As soon as her mind became her own and she could walk, she displayed signs of being a smart child, exploring every little corner of her house and picking up mouthing every odd piece she got her itty bitty hands on. When she was 5, she showed a calmness unlike children her age. While other kids were always rowdy, loud and playing out in the open, Yui seemed to be quiet, wondering around and playing on her own. She was curious by nature, questioning things that boggled her mind and seeking the answers from her parents when she couldn't figure them out. When she realized her parents had depleted their knowledge onto her she began to venture out, hitting library books, listening to stories from travelers.

At age 7 she enrolled and entered the Shinobi academy. The knowledge she could possibly uncover made her heart skip a few beats but coming from a family of Shinobi it was destined that she herself would become a Shinobi. Being of Nara blood it was not strange that she was smart, it was almost expected that she came first in all things academic and brain related. Her understanding of how things worked in theory was astounding, questioning her teachers that Chuunin didn't have answers to. Her physical aspect was normal, passing her classes as acceptable. in quick 2 years she would be a certified Genin but too young to be on the field. As such she became an assistant in her mother's work place, a doctor within the village.

Yui from a young age was exposed to many things, one of such were animals. The Nara of old were said to be in charge of herding and looking after thousands of acres worth of animal in the once great fire nation. Her parents and their parents appeared to have inherited or maintained this tradition. Even within the waterfalls there is a wife variety of animals and the clansmen took upon themselves to maintain them. Yui as such were exposed to a lot different animals. She took a liking to some peculiar animals, while most girls might have attached themselves to rabbits or birds, she always like the slow turtles or the blind digger moles.

Yui by week would follow her mother, learning the trade of her doctor mother. During some nights and weekends she would train with her father, heightening her mental abilities as well as mastering the secrets of the Nara clan. Despite a weaker body than her peers, Yui was a natural at mastering her clan traits. By the time she had graduated the academy she could bind her naughty brother on the spot as long as she wanted to. When she began to take her chuunin exams, she would bend her shadows to help her around the lab, carrying vials, grabbing books high and afar and even catching escaping lab experiments.

She would follow her mother around, carrying trays and vials and assisting her wherever she could. As she became older she began to learn medical things herself, herbs, roots, treatment methods and the even practicing operations on rabbits and birds. Years would pass within the buildings as Yui became a very able and knowledgeable medic. However at age 14, it was time she began to take proper missions. As such she would be the medic addition to the typical 3 Genin team with one commanding officer such as a Chunin or Jounin.

Yui found a different area of knowledge she could explore, discovering the dangers of demons and other shinobi who at it out to kill her. She herself and her team found her physical abilities lacking and thus began her regiment to strengthen her physical body. She might not have been a fighter but at the very least she should be able to protect herself. As such she learned how to use blades, not requiring much strength but more speed, with her smaller body frame it would suit her best.

As she became exposed to the Shinobi world on the outside, she took the Chakra test, a small piece of chakra fed wood that would eventually be processed into paper. Her sensei passed to her and with a touch of her chakra the Paper changed, crumbling. Earth, it would suit her well. She might have been poor at physical aspects but her ability to control and mold chakra was beyond exceptional for her age.

At the age of 15 she entered her first Chuunin exams, however failed. She didn't expect the level of difficulty, physically and mentally. She failed to pass the 2nd exam. She returned back to the medical buildings preferring to be a being of intellect that manual labor. However she still trains her body and mind so that she may one day take the Chuunin exams once again. Her second attempt she advanced to the final round but she failed to beat her opponent in a 1 on 1 combat. Now 17, its a new year.

Role Play Sample :

"Woo..." the old man relaxed around the campfire enjoying the heat and aroma the crackling flames provided as they roasted the meat they had caught earlier that evening. The youngsters he sat with noticed the elder gentleman's relaxed state and felt a small sense of giddiness come upon them. Noticing their bright expressions the man chuckled, "Yes I believe it is time for story time hmm...? I guess I can recount the story of the Red Dawn and the world they spawned after their destruction..." packing his pipe full of Red Sea tobacco, the elder man used the random sparks of flame from the fire to light the mix before taking a few slow drawls to ease his breathing. Looking up into the star filled night the man began to whistle a soft low tune as a backdrop and waited for one of the youngsters to pick up on it and continue the tune as the elder took yet another pull of his ancient pipe before exhaling, "And so it was..."

"It was like nothing I had ever seen before, ugly in its elegance. I was but a young scout, I was fast and my eyes were better than a hunting hawk see." The man smiled, his clouded eyes twinkling from the reminiscence of his youth, but as he continued his story his eyes dimmed, his face almost sad. "Our squad, we were lying flat on a hill, peering into an enemy encampment." His voice trailed off slightly his eyes darting left and right exactly as he did 50 years ago. "We were told Iwagakure had burrowed underneath the trenches and were getting ready to ambush our supply route. 'Get a headcount and report back' our commander said. What we expected to see was roughly 20-30 Iwagakure Bomb Squads, what we didn't expect to see was..." His voice trailed off, the old man anxiously pulled on his pipe forgetting he was telling a story. He began to trap himself, reliving that day.

"Oyaji, what did you see?" said a concerned voice. The kids weren't used to the old man being like this. He looked scared and it was infectious, spreading to the young hearts by the fire. A log cracked as it split from the heat sending a dozen embers rising into the air like fireflies.

He blinked being brought back, what he had seen that day was roughly 30 Iwa Shinobi, all lined up. They had been caught! At first they had been confused, then he remembered a wave of happiness. "Looks like we were slow! We've caught them already" They would have revealed their hiding spot if it hadn't been for their commanding jounin. "No..." The uniforms of the captors, they didn't recognize them, they were masks of the Konoha ANBU, but their clothes, dark purple and draped in deep blue cloaks. Something was off, even with his little experience he felt it was off.

"You see, we thought... that it was our people who had caught them, then we thought the enemy ANBU had caught them but we didn't get any intel that Konoha had also infiltrated past the trenches. It didn't make sense. We lay still behind the hill, taking cover underneath some thick bushes..." He trailed off again, puffing on a burned out pipe. "Dammit!" He swore in frustration and a child quickly brought a lit stick so that he may continue his story.

The Iwa Shinobi were being interrogated by a small group of masked Shinobi. One by one they'd put a Shinobi on display. At their distance they couldn't hear nothing but the screams from the one being interrogated. They would poke and stab at them with long needles, sharp enough to bury deep into the organs but never thick enough to kill them instantly. "From all the screaming and shouting I had a sickening feeling, that the captors weren't doing it for the sake of information but for the sake of it..." Yes, usually.... those resisting information would try to hold in their screams to agitate their captors. Rarely in a group of 30, one was likely to crack even before it came to his turn.

"I remember even from a distance, a black haired woman using a senbon needle. Her favorite method, would be to heat the length and slowly push it through into the liver. She would slowly slide it back out. It was disgusting they'd feel the full pain of it but the wound be sealed shut from the heat. Her victims would never bleed out, but feel the pain for days on end." She did this to all 30 of her prisoners. Some having the needle through their ears, some through their eyes. Those she found difficult to break suffered worse fates. "She had a strange thing for faces, she liked to carve around their faces trying to lift the skin off. She was a sickly being"

"I think I know who he's talking about!"
"Ssh! Shut up" the children protested, hushing the know it all, they all suspected who it was but didn't want to spoil it.

"Eventually she seemed to grow bored of the whole ideal. With a wave of her hand her agents began to execute the prisoners. Not however quickly but slowly. 1 by 1 each prisoner was subject to some gruesome death. A slow neck popping, a hot needle through the ears and into the brain." The old man sniffed, he could still smell the sourness of his own vomit that he had desperately tried to hold in. "One woman.... she took to killing herself, she took great care of peeling the woman's face off laughing as her victim screamed in pain. She.. she enjoyed the futile resistance."

"As the executions were nearing to an end we decided to leave as quickly as possible. Our Jounin thought it was wise not to linger on long but as we made to move... She, she seemed delighted that we had finally decided to break position. As soon as we had moved an inch, all her agents stopped. She wasn't even facing our direction but her finger pointed to exactly where we were." He still believed she was smiling a wretched smile under her mask. "We ran for our dear lives, her agents chased us as far as our base of operations. Our Jounin stayed behind to delay them... He didn't make it back"

"She must have been the jealous type... the she killed herself was a pretty woman, some of her comrades had tried to save her by throwing their bodies to protect her... it must've made her angry... She was an evil woman, twisted and bitter. Those who survived among our squad gave her a nickname,,, Hannya."

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Yui Nara



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If I had one word to describe this app it would be balanced. Normally I wouldn't think much of this but then I attempted to off the top of my head remember any other app I would describe as such but came up short. So I award you the Astral badge of uniquity. Oh and you did good.


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