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Jutsu Information System

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1Finished Jutsu Information System on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:18 am

Jutsu Creation System

It is important to note, that like our basic stat system, jutsu also have stats associated with them. There are 3 specific stats, with certain jutsu's have specific differences.

Power - Power denotes how strong the jutsu is. This stat is specifically compared to one's durability if a move hits, or is compared to another jutsu's power rating to compare which wins out.

- Speed denotes how fast a jutsu moves. It can contrast to a targets speed, or another jutsu's speed.

Range - Range is simple, it demotes how far a jutsu travels before its chakra matrix begins to wear down and disperses the jutsu. 1 stat = 1 meter. 2 stats = 1 meter radius.

Each jutsu get a certain number of stats, you will notice there is a range of stats that can be utilized. We tried to do this to show that jutsu's are different, and varied. Please note, if you take the highest amount, you also have the highest chakra cost, just how the world works.

  • E Rank - 40 - 100
  • D Rank - 100 - 200
  • C Rank - 200 - 300
  • B Rank - 300 - 400
  • A Rank - 400 - 500
  • S Rank - 500 - 600
  • Kinjutsu/Legendary/Limited - 600-700

Jutsu/Technique Cost

  • E Rank - 6
  • D Rank - 7-13
  • C Rank - 14-20
  • B Rank - 21-27
  • A Rank -28-34
  • S Rank - 35-45
  • Kinjutsu/Legendary/Limited - 46-100

Self Enhancing Jutsu's

Sometimes you want a jutsu that increases your speed, durability, strength. There are certain limits to what they can give you, and for how long. It is important to note, that these types of jutsu do not have a "speed" and "power" rating, but rather an enhancement and duration stat. At times, some of the jutsu will have a range, but for the majority of the time they are cast on yourself. If they do have a range, they add in the range stat mentioned above at the same ratio's.

Enhancement - Is the stat that denotes how much the jutsu improves your own stats. It is important to note, there are certain stats that you can improve, and those you cannot.

You cannot improve Lifeforce, Luck, Chakra, Stamina or Intelligence.

You can improve Strength, Speed, Durability and reaction time.

When a jutsu enhances yourself, its a temporary bonus, do not recalculate any stats due to the boost, it is simply an enhancement.

  • E Rank - Cannot enhance any stats
  • D Rank - Maximum stat increase of +20 to one stat
  • C Rank - Maximum stat increase of +30 to one stat
  • B Rank - Maximum stat increase of +50 to one stat
  • A Rank - Maximum stat increase of +70 to one stat
  • S Rank - Maximum stat increase of +90 to one stat
  • Kinjutsu/Legendary/Limited - Maximum stat increase of +100 to one stat


Duration costs a certain number of jutsu stats in order to make it last longer.

  • 1 Post - No cost
  • 2 posts - Costs 20 Points
  • 3 Posts - Costs 30 Points
  • 4 Posts- Costs 40 Points
  • 5 Posts - Costs 50 Points
  • 6 Posts - Costs 60 Points
  • 7 Posts - Costs 70 Points

Wanting a move to last longer than 7 posts are automatically Restricted and subject to different guidelines. Please let staff know when these are created

Customizing Jutsu System

Jutsu's can be as complex or as minimal as you want them to be. Here on NN, we offer a option of complexity that adds a little bit extra to jutsu's. Giving a Jutsu or Technique a Warmup or Cooldown, allows one to add additional points back into their pool, effectively allowing them to be more powerful, with a price. Certain Limited Jutsu will have effects such as these as well, allowing them too be stronger or more robust. You can only max, take one from each category.


  • In order to use this jutsu, you must first use another jutsu, called composition. An example would be in order to use Hell Stab, you first have to use LRA. Composition takes effect on the next post. +70 Stat Points
  • Preparation - Preparing the area, or atmosphere for a jutsu requires a certain set conditions. Kirin for example, requires no less than 3 Great Dragon Fire techniques used first, before Kirin can be used. +200 Stat Points
  • Meditation - Need to prepare meditating (not moving/doing anything, summons/puppets included, combat only) for a single post. Allows for create control, such as the necessary concentration for Edo Tensai. If interrupted, the jutsu backfires. +300 Stat Points
  • Out of combat preparation - These are jutsu that are very complex, and in no way can be utilized in combat situations. Any interruptions cause them to backfire, dealing damage equal in power to the user. These can only be used outside of combat. Such as taking a bijuu from a vessal and unsealing it, or resealing it. +400 Stat Points.


  • 3 Posts (cannot use jutsu of this nature for 3 posts)* +50 Stat Points
  • 5 Posts (cannot use jutsu of this nature for 5 posts)* +100 Stat Points
  • Once per topic (Cannot use jutsu of this nature again for the remainder of the topic)* +200 Stat Points
  • Once per episode (Cannot use jutsu of this nature again for the remainder of the episode)^ +300 Stat Points
  • All encompassing (Causes severe exhausting, effectively taking you OUT of any combat role, summons disperse, jutsu duration's end, puppets fall over, you are knocked the fuck out) +400 Stat Points
  • One Life to live (You die after using this, nothing brings you back, ya shattered yourself, like Danzo MOFO) +500 Stat Points

* When talking about jutsu of this nature, we specifically mean, element or speciality for non-ninjutsu related moves. So if used with a Doton move, you cannot use doton moves for X amount of posts. If used with a Genjutsu, you cannot use genjutsu moves for X amount of posts.

^ An episode specifically refers to a series of actions/topic's/posts that take place without a resting period. With the exhaustion/fatigue system rest posts in effect. So something like an invasion, where you are not resting, would count.

Elemental Information

Purchasing an Element

  • First Element - Most people start off with their first element for free, however if you do not, then you must pay 1,500 Ryo or do a 2,500 Word count to learn it. Genin can do a 800 word thread (genin, not all together) with their sensei to learn their element that way.
  • Second Element - Costs 2,500 Ryo or a 4,000 Word Count
  • Third Element - Costs 4,000 Ryo or a 5,500 Word Count
  • Fourth Element - Requires a SC
  • Fifth Element - Requires another SC


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2Finished Re: Jutsu Information System on Mon May 08, 2017 12:07 am



Jutsu Template & Guide

  • Jutsus/Techniques comes in all shapes, styles and different varieties. While we wholeheartedly encourage creativity. We also ask that every members subscribes to our rules and guidelines. One such guideline will be to use the template as set out, and fill in all the necessary information. Should one uses a completed different template, or simply fails to adhere to the basic guidelines. Then staff will be more than happy not to review your techniques when you post them. As a general rule also, please refrain from posting more than 4 Jutsu/Techniques at a time. To put it bluntly, staff do have lives outside of role play. And while we can appreciate that members can get a bit excited. They too must appreciate the time and effort it takes to check multiple topics. Your cooperation will be most welcome.

    |||Template Breakdown|||

  • Name: --The name of a technique can be important, and sometimes iconic. The choice is yours to call it whatever you feel like. If you do post the Jutsu with a Japanese name or otherwise, please also provide the English translation.

  • Classification: --The technique's classification will better allow us to judge it easier. For instance if you post something up as Ninjutsu that's clearly Genjutsu will warrant some queries and edits. Primarily, a technique/jutsu classification comes under several categories. Ninjutsu,Genjutsu
    Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Iryo/Medical etc. There are also subcategories too. I.E Space-Time Ninjutsu and the like.

  • Cost: This covers the cost of using the technique. Please see the Jutsu creation system for more information of cost. The cost of a jutsu can be determined by Chakra, and in some cases Life Force.

  • Upkeep Cost--Your techniques may require an upkeep cost from time to time. This is for jutsus that may well require a constant distribution of Chakra, after the jutsu was originally cast.

  • Rank:--Another important factor for staff when reviewing techniques. There are times when members will try to pass something off as C-rank, when it should be A-rank at least. People may at times try to circumvent some rule to be able to get away with this. Please don't.

  • Nature:--The nature of a Jutsu covers the element that it falls under. Whether it be Fire release, water etc. There are times when its an advanced elemental release. For example, Lava release, Ice and other such things. Not every jutsu will be based upon an element. In such case, simple fill in the blanks as None/NA where necessary.

  • Class/Type: A jutsu/technique's class if treated separately from classification. The class determines whether a Jutsu is offensive, defensive, supplementary or otherwise. In terms of Genjutsu, type governs whether its not ocular, sound or touch based.

  • Range: This determines the distance a jutsu can cover or even spans. Some carry an area of effect, meanwhile others acts as a singular thing. On Naruto Nexus, we work in terms of meters.

  • Hand Seals:-- Most jutsus have attached to them hand seals. Please list all the necessary seals needed to trigger the jutsu. Staff may scrutinize this, if we come to notice all your jutsus only having one of two seals. As a general rule of thumb, D to C have at least 3 to 4, B to A have 4 or 6, and S and above typically have 6+ signs.

  • Speed: --This covers how quickly something travels or happens in relation to another. Please use the jutsu stat system when filling this section.

  • Power:--The power decides the potency of the jutsu itself also. This will of course vary according to rank and type etc.

  • Description: This is one of the most important aspects of a Jutsu. Details, details and more details. Color, shape, size, capabilities etc. We would prefer it if your techniques were not ambiguous in nature. Make it easy to read and follow, which should result in a much faster checking process. Please also add in any drawbacks. Staff may also request that drawbacks be added.

  • Grasp: This is for Genjutsu related techniques. The "Grasp" replaces the "speed stat" of a Genjutsu technique. See Genjutsu guidelines for further explanation.

  • Trigger: This is for Genjutsu related techniques. The "Trigger" is also added into the description of the technique. In the case of Genjutsu, a trigger could be smelling a certain aroma. Pointing a finger I.E Ephemeral and other such things.

  • Targets: Again, this is for Genjutsu related techniques. The "Target stat" replaces the power stat for normal Ninjutsu techniques. Genjutsu techniques will vary in relation to targets. Some may be restricted to one at a time. Or multiple targets depending on the Genjutsu itself.


||Hand Seals||:

Genjutsu Template:

||Hand Seals||:
||Description & Trigger||:


[b]||Range||: [/b]
[b]||Hand Seals||:[/b]

[b]||Range||: [/b]
[b]||Hand Seals||:[/b]
[b]||Description & Trigger||:[/b]


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