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Puppet Creation System

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1Finished Puppet Creation System on Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:58 pm

Puppetry is, a form of long range combat for the most part. It is derived from something called the "Puppet Technique" which really isn't a technique, but more of a combat style. It is a unique ninjutsu based fighting style, where the user controls puppets like marionettes to fight for them.

There are 3 important parts of Puppeteer. The first being Puppets, the second being chakra threads, and the third being the various weapons a puppet has.

Puppets (傀儡, Kugutsu) are used as weapons by puppeteers. They are most often humanoid-looking creations, but depending on the creator, can resemble anything. They are fashioned in a manner that uses every part as a weapon, giving the puppeteer a myriad of ways to manipulate it. Puppets are long-ranged type weapons that can be used offensively, defensively or for supplementary reasons, and are controlled via Chakra Threads. Because of their design, the weak point of any puppet is its joints: if these are blocked by any material, such as Iron Sand, the puppet is rendered incapable of movement.

Chakra Threads:
These strings are constructs made from very concentrated chakra so, they can be seen by people besides the user. A skilled user can suppress the chakra so that the strings become invisible, however this takes more chakra to do so.These strings essentially act as an extension of the user which allows them to manipulate whatever is attached to their strings - such as hidden weaponry in a puppet - as they please. Chakra can also be transferred via the strings, such as to activate techniques that the puppets can use. The chakra strings can also be attached to other objects, allowing the user to control, or at the very least disrupt other things.

Weapon Attachments:
Hidden weaponry, attachments, like buzz saws or flame throwers are unique parts that make puppetry an effective method of fighting. This in of itself gives rise to the notion that puppetry is a complete and separate fighting style. However, there is a limit to the number of slots for such attachments a puppet can have.

Rules on Puppetry:

  1. All puppets require a constant stream of chakra to utilize, meaning any puppets that operate without the user of chakra strings will be denied. This also means that if the link is severed, then the puppet ceases to function immediately.
  2. Using a puppets weapons does not cost chakra, unless it is a specific technique.
  3. You can only upgrade your puppets to have 50% more slots and stats than it currently has. So a B rank puppet can only get 50% more stats and slots, it can never get more than a S rank puppet.
  4. Upgrading your puppet from one rank to another, will cost 50% less than building a puppet at that level
  5. Chakra based weaponry requires chakra to utilize from the user.
  6. Human puppets must be approved by staff
  7. Invisible chakra strings cost twice as much as normal chakra strings and only go half the distance. (So for instance, Chakra strings cost a C rank every 3 posts, and go 40 meters, invisible strings cost a B rank every 3 posts, and only go 20 meters)
  8. In order to connect your chakra strings to beings that have chakra (other ninja, summons, weapons etc) you are require to know Skillful Advance: Human Puppet Technique
  9. Connecting your chakra strings to another person's chakra strings is a ratio of 1 v 1. Meaning it costs you one main finger string to connect to an opponents puppet and effectively try and wrestle control. This means you could lose access to one of your puppets.
  10. Movement speed, except for human puppets, puppets have a speed cap depending on your own speed and the amount you use. Note, when we say using puppets, we mean if you use 6 puppets, they move at a speed less than if you used 2. This does not mean puppets 1 and 2 move a certain speed, while puppets 5 and 6 move at a different speed.

Chakra Threads/Puppet Amount by Skill Level

  • Novice - Can use 2 Puppets, they move at your speed. 5 Fingers for each puppet
  • Apprentice - Can use 4 Puppets, up to 20 meters, C rank every 2 posts. Using 2 Puppets, move at your speed, using 3 through 4, they all move at 75% your speed
  • Adept - Can use 6 Puppets, up to 30 meters, C rank every 3 posts. Using 1, it moves at +10% your speed, using up to 4, move at your own speed, using 5 or 6, move at 80% your speed.
  • Master - Can use 8 puppets, up to 40 meters, C rank every 5 posts. Using up to 3 move at +20% your speed, using up to 6 move at your normal speed, and using up to 8 move at 80% your speed.
  • Doyen - Can use up to 10 puppets, up to 60 meters, C rank every 8 posts. Using up to 5, they move at +25% your speed, using up to 8 move at your speed, and using up to 10 move at 80% your speed.

Puppet Ranking System

Each rank a puppet is, determines it stat placement, its slots for weapon attachments, mechanisms and items it can possess. Puppets only have 3 stats in total. Strength, the over all strength of your puppet, exactly the same as human strength. Durability, which follows the rating given in the stat guide. Durability is just that, the ability of your puppet to survive damage, etc etc (this is not a derived stat). Finally is mobility, which is how fluid your puppet moves. Is your puppet stiff, like a wooden board, or is it fluid and moves like a snake. The more intricate your puppet is, the higher mobility you will want to have.

  • D-Rank ~ Costs 400 Ryo. Has 60 Stats. Has 4 Slots.
  • C-Rank ~ Costs 700 Ryo. Has 100 Stats. Has 5 Slots.
  • B-Rank ~ Costs 2500 Ryo. Has 160 Stats. Has 6 Slots.
  • A-Rank ~ Costs 3000 Ryo. Has 200 Stats. Has 7 Slots.
  • S-Rank ~ Costs 5000 Ryo. Has 250 Stats. Has 10 Slots.

Upgrading Puppets
It is possible to upgrade your puppets, giving them more stats, reinforcing limbs, and of course adding additional slots. There is a limit to adding stats, which is up to 50% of your current amount so long as they do not surpass the next rank. So C and D rank do not matter so much, but B rank, the most you can get is 200, you cannot get 240, since that surpasses A rank. You can also upgrade the slots, for every slot you add, your puppet needs to have at least 10% of its stats in Strength. That means if you want to add 1 slot, at D rank, you need at least 6 strength, 2 slots, you need at least 12 strength. So on and do forth.

Cost of Upgrading:

  • To add 1 Slot, costs 700 Ryo
  • To add 5 Stats, costs 1000 Ryo

Amputation and Limb Replacement
As seen with various puppeteers, replacing lost limbs, or augmenting the human body with puppetry based limbs is possible, if not very common. Each replacement part must be bought and created separately; as well as being approved by staff before use.

Please note, the cost for creating a puppet limb/digit/etc follows the weapon creation rules for pricing. There are limits on possible slots however, and just what rank it has to be in order to replace what. You cannot replace organs/soft tissue, unless you do a full body replacement, in which case, see Human puppetry

  • D-Rank: Individual digits of the hands and foot. No enhancements.
  • C-rank: Entire feet or single hands just above the ankle/wrist. May contain a single enhancement of equal or lower rank.
  • B-Rank: Arms/legs from the elbow/knee down. May have up to two enhancements of equal or lower rank.
  • A-Rank: Entire limbs. Up to three enhancements of equal or lower rank.
  • S-rank: Entire limbs. Extremely powerful enhancements are allowed at this rank; up to 4 total. Each enhancement of this rank is priced separately and added together on top of the basic S-rank price.

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2Finished Re: Puppet Creation System on Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:00 pm

Below is the Puppet Template which must be used to create your own puppets.

[b]Name:[/b] (Obvious)
[b]Rank:[/b] (D-S)
[b]Description:[/b] (What does the puppet look like and how do the weapons inside the puppet work?)
[b]Mobility:[/b] (How fluent your puppets movements are. The higher the rank, the more human like movements it will make. That way it doesn't move like the Frankenstein monster when attacking. It's also the difference between a Pole-like puppet and a fluently movable snake puppet.)
The mobility will work as such.
0-50: Moves the whole section of that part to do attacks
50-125: Moves only half of the section to attack. (So it can basically flex it arm to attack instead of having the whole arm pointing out)
126-199: Puppet can move each individual part of the puppet to move fluently through the battle field.
200+: Moves it's whole body as freely as possible when making it's attacks

Puppetry Weapon Template


[b]Name[/b]: Name of weapon?
[b]Rank[/b]: What rank? Determines the stats it gets.
[b]Type[/b]: (What kind of a weapon/item is it?)
[b]Materials[/b]: (What is your weapon/item made of)
[b]Visual Description[/b]: (What does your weapon look like? A picture along with a paragraph would suffice. Or make it 300 words in length if there's no picture).
[b]Ability[/b]: (Powers, physical traits, etc.)
[b]Cost[/b]: How much ryo?
[b]Requirements[/b]: (You may put in conditions or restrictions in wielding this weapon/item if you like)


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