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Ophelia the Cerulean Serpent {wip}

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1 Ophelia the Cerulean Serpent {wip} on Sun May 07, 2017 1:29 pm

Name : Tsuki, Ophelia
Gender : Female
Age : 23
Height : 5'7
Weight :145 lbs | Slender~fit
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color and Style : Brown and in a long pony tail that rests on her back with messy bangs framing her face.

Element(s) : Suiton {Water Release}
Village : Land of Hot Water
Clan : n/a
Rank : A
Nindo : "A snake can still bite, even after you cut of the head."

Looks : Ophelia is a sturdy looking woman with pale skin and dark features, with brown hair and eyes. She stands in at 5'6 and is slim but in shape. She has defined arms due to her spear wielding history. She usually wears a dark red form fitting sleeveless undershirt that on the left sleeve has a short armor padding protecting her arm that faces the enemy when wielding her spear. Over the under armor, she usually wears a dark red cloak that is of high quality, with a silver trim around it and fireproofed. The cloak stops at her knees and buttons down the center in the front. She often times wears the cloak wrapped around her waist as well, creating a flowing layered look. The cloak is designed to be worn both ways. She then wears grey tabi pants and high combat boots that stop at her knees and protect her shins. She has a mature and dangerous look to her.
Personality : Ophelia is one that looks out strictly for herself. But, for good reason. Ophelia spent most of her life as a blade for her hire, because of this she learned that people are corrupt. She has lost those close to her and now only looks out for self gain.
Ophelia is incredibly intelligent, she reads often and is a problem solver. She is not entirely friendly thought, she is often times short and only says what is needed. She hates to waste time. She constantly complains about time being wasted if someone gets in her way.
Ophelia is a natural fighter. She enjoys fighting, although she often times claims no one is worth the effort. But, when she finds a enemy that impresses her, she becomes excited and begins to play with her enemies a bit.
Ophelia has a weak spot for children though, she has a hard time killing children, even if it is her duty.

In friendly relationships, Ophelia is sarcastic and quiet. She will occasionally chat, but she is more of a person through action than talk. Thus, her actions will prove if she values your companionship.
Parents :
Mother: Theresa Tsuki {Deceased}
Father: Hiyak Tsuki {Believed to be dead}
Siblings: Helen Tsuki {Twin Sister | Missing}

Mentors and Idols :
Theresa Tsuki | Mentor till death

History :



The Cerulean Snake Bites|

To Grow Stronger|

A Snake's Life|

A New Nest|

Role Play Sample : (You can either use your own, or follow our prompt)

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