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The Cerulean Fang

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1 The Cerulean Fang on Sun May 07, 2017 1:58 pm

Name: The Cerulean Fang
Rank: B
Type: Bukijutsu
Used For: Offensive
Element: n/a
Range: One's self
Duration: As long as one can pay the chakra cost for it
Hand Seals/Charge up: n/a
Description: This technique was passed down in the Tsuki family. This jutsu coats the users blade/weapon in a powerful chakra that is powerful enough to cut through steel. Not only does it increase the destruction of a weapon, but it also has a effect after making contact with a enemy. The chakra stored in the blade is dispersed into the body it makes contact with and works as a venom almost. One that numbs the area it stabs. For each spot the blade cuts, that area of the body will feel mildly numb for 2 post. This stacks in length for each cut. The numbness covers about a foot from its impact. This slows down the enemies movements with the numbed spot by a second.
Weakness: Must make contact with the enemy through cutting or stabbing for venom effect. numb affect can be cured very quickly by any type of healing.

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