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Ranking Up System

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1Finished Ranking Up System on Mon May 08, 2017 12:25 am

Here on Naruto Nexus, we love options. Ranking up is no exception, here we use rank up points. Each rank has a certain number of rank up points required in order to rank up.

First and foremost, there are a few rules to rank up points. The first being that rank up points are lost (yes all of them) when you rank up. So one cannot simply gain 200 rank up points and go from C to S in one swoop. Such as, if you have 42 rank up points, and wanted to go from D to C, you would have to spend thirty, and losing the 12. There are no carryovers. The second being, rank up points cannot be traded or sold in any case, however there is a conversion method which will be discussed later on. Below are the requirements to rank up.

  • D-rank to C-rank: 30 Rank Points.
  • C-rank to B-rank: 45 Rank Points.
  • B-rank to A-rank: 90 Rank Points.
  • A-rank to S-rank: 160 Rank Points.

Gaining Rank up points

The easiest, but perhaps most difficult way to rank up, would be to grind out missions. The second would be, be involved and participate in events/site plot. The third would be exams, participation in them, forth being earned from your Kage, fifth would be from ninja points, and the final would be through special earnings.

Each method offers a unique and varied option to ranking up.

First up, rank up points earned from missions.

Global missions

  • D-rank: 2 Rank up Points
  • C-rank: 3 Rank up Points
  • B-rank: 4 Rank up Points
  • A-rank: 5 Rank up Points
  • S-rank: 7 Rank up Points

Local missions

  • D-rank: 1 Rank up Points
  • C-rank: 2 Rank up Points
  • B-rank: 3 Rank up Points
  • A-rank: 4 Rank up Points
  • S-rank: 5 Rank up Points

Event/Plot Missions
Phase 1 Event: 5 Rank up Points
Phase 2 Event: 10 Rank up Points
Phase 3 Event: 15 Rank up Points
Completed All Phases: - For completing all phases, active in all, receive an additional 10 Rank up points on top of what you already earned.

Gaining Rank Up Points From Exams
When competing in exams, ninja have the chance to earn rank up points as well. When competing in each round, (if the character competes) earn 5 Rank up points. If they finish and are declared the winner, earn 3 points at the end of every round.

Village leader Earning
Village leaders have the opportunity to give out some rank up points once a month. Dependent on the number of missions completed that month.

  • 10 or less missions - 5 Rank Up Points
  • 20 to 11 - 8 Rank Up Points
  • 30 to 21 - 12 Rank Up Points
  • 45 to 31 - 18 Rank Up Points
  • 60 to 46 - 22 Rank Up Points
  • 80 to 61 - 30 Rank Up Points

If they go beyond 80, we start again back at 10 and work our way up. Now a Village Leader has another option, if they do not want to give out "all" the rank up points, they can exchange them for gold for their village, at a rank of 5 Points for 75 Gold. We do not do any other denominations other than 5.

Killing Another Character
Killing or Capturing another character, or staff controlled NPC will also result in rank up points. (If capturing alive, add 2 more points)

  • Equal to your rank - 15 Points
  • One rank higher - 20 Points
  • Two ranks higher - 30 Points
  • Three ranks higher - 45 Points

Special Ways to earn rank up points
There are certain special markers that your character can earn, that will give them rank up points, each of these can only be done once.

  • Max out your Special Characteristics (For your rank, only once) - + 5 Rank up Points
  • Get a Special Characteristic to Tier III - +8 Rank Up Points
  • Join an organization - + 4 Rank Up Points
  • Become Head of the Village or an Organization - + 3 Rank up Points
  • Achieve Doyen in a Combat Aspect - + 5 Rank Up Points
  • Rank up twice in the span of 2 months - +2 Rank up Points
  • Earn a title - + 7 Rank Up Points
  • Defeat an Event Boss (Bijuu, Masked Beasts etc) - + 6 Rank Up Points
  • Achieve a OTM Title - + 9 Rank Up Points
  • Achieve the "Highest Stat" Marker - +10 Rank Up Points
  • Create a Character in the first month - + 1 Rank Up Point
  • Achieve a Perfect Score on your character application - + 5 Rank Up Points
  • Complete your first Team Mission - + 3 Rank up Points
  • Successfully Rescue someone in mortal danger - +4 Rank up Points
  • Train someone in a jutsu - +2 Rank Up Points

As said, these can only be done once, so choose carefully. This also means that if you say, get OTM for a topic you were in, you cannot ever earn that again, same for title, even if you earn 4 different titles you can only claim it once.


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