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Naomi's Custom Techniques

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1 Naomi's Custom Techniques on Mon May 08, 2017 12:43 am


||Name||: Kyotōryū : Kanokosou [Swordless Style : Valerian]
||Classification||: Taijutsu
||Rank||: D
||Cost||: 8
||Upkeep||: N/A
||Nature||: N/A
||Class||: Defensive
||Range||: N/A
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Speed||: 10
||Power||: 10
||Description||: Kanokosou counts itself as one of many disarmament techniques within the Kyotōryū style, however it is more favored; especially by beginners due to its simplicity. Naturally, it is quite an effective technique, further proved by it's categorization as a Kyotōryū technique. Unlike many of techniques found within the Kyotōryū art, the technique is usable against most armed opponents. As a precaution, the user takes upon himself a defensive stance resembling that of an orthodox boxer, both hands located near the head in order to provide cranium protection against any possible blows, dominant arm slightly further than the other, body facing the opponent slightly sideways as to further limit any striking opportunities. Upon taking this stance, the user quickly twists his body and strikes the opponent's wrist with a sideways kick; all in an effort of weakening the opponent's grip on their weapon and thus send it sprawling across the battlefield. This technique amplifies in effectiveness the more often it is successfully used against the same wrist. Once the weapon is out of the opponent's grasp, the user may proceed toward the weapon and render it asunder via a powerful stomp; or the use of another technique.

||Name||: Kyotōryū : Kuchinashi [Swordless Style : Gardenia]
||Classification||: Taijutsu
||Rank||: D
||Cost||: 10
||Upkeep||: N/A
||Nature||: N/A
||Class||: Defensive
||Range||: N/A
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Speed||: 15
||Power||: 5
||Description||: The user positions their body so that their leading shoulder is directed towards the opponent, this offers very little area on the user's body for the opponent to strike effectively. Their feet are spread somewhat wide with their leading foot slightly up-turned at the heel and a couple inches forward of their rear foot. Their arms are staggered, their leading arm raised near their chin while their rear arm is diagonal and brought close against their mid-torso. This way, both their head and torso are protected by both arms and their feet are spread enough to step out of a kick. When the opponent punches or thrusts with a weapon, the user leans back on their rear foot and reaches forward with their rear arm: their rear arm grabs the opponent's wrist and pulls them forward off their balance. Their leading arm will be brought down into an elbow strike at the opponent's elbow joint. If successful, the strike may be powerful enough to shatter their elbow and render their arm useless.

||Name||: Kyotōryū : Anpurōshia [Swordless Style : Ambrosia]
||Classification||: Taijutsu
||Rank||: C
||Cost||: 15
||Upkeep||: N/A
||Nature||: N/A
||Class||: Offensive
||Range||: N/A
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Speed||: 5
||Power||: 25
||Description||: One of the few striking techniques of the Kyotōryū style, designed to effectively subdue an individual by performing a short series of actions which will, when performed successfully, leave the person breathless as well as on the ground. The user performs three moves in rapid succession: a knee strike - or kick - to the abdomen, a knee strike against the head once successfully grabbed, and finally an elbow slamming down unto their back. These three moves are made quickly and with fluidly, which implies that the first strike may be defended against, though if successfully landed, the opponent will have little-to-no chance defending against the short surge of movements following suite. The reason behind the difficulty of defending against the other two strikes after the initial hit lies within the fact that the strike to the abdomen results in temporary paralysis of the diaphragm, which in layman's terms mean that it would knock the breath out of the opponent and thus cause him to double-over alongside have difficulty breathing. The last strike slams the opponent into the ground with great force, making the target all-the-more vulnerable to other techniques.

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