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1Finished Naviera on Tue May 09, 2017 4:09 pm

Name : Tsuki, Naviera (goes by Navi)
Gender : Female
Age : 15
Height : 5'
Weight : 90 lb slender (I mean she just started puberty a year ago)
Eye Color : Red
Hair Color and Style : black, thick, straight, and long (bring the jokes!)

Element(s) : Lightning
Village : Antagonists
Clan : Nope
Rank : C
Nindo : The world in Navi's eyes is plagued with misunderstanding. Misunderstanding that is creating from pretending to know or knowing only part of the unknown. The only true evil in the world being the unknown itself. It's reach and influence corrupting humans to spread confusion and to forever hide the truth from them.

Looks : She is still maturing so and at this stage it is hard to say what her figure will be in the future. One thing is for certain however. Her height is rather slow growing and appears she will be on the short side. A great contrast to her hair which extends down to her knee caps. The kunoichi has peculiar taste in attire. She wears a black sleeveless mini dress complimented with a red tie and belt that brings out her eyes. She also wears red gauntlets that partially hide black gloves and black long socks that stop before the knees that poke out of black sneakers. Somehow the outfit ends up appearing rather classy.

Personality : Despite her confident and uncaring nature as far as the lives of others Navi is rather uncomfortable around men. She could kill em without a second thought but outside of that she avoids them, feeling uncomfortable whenever they are present. With the onset of puberty she found her attraction leaning more towards that of her own gender. The strangeness of it has kept her from exploring it any however. Instead she keeps her mind occupied with her work. Her work actually takes up the majority of her time and thoughts. More recently however she has begun thinking of her future trying to decide her purpose and worth like so many others of her age. Expanding her horizons

When she isn't working she is often just wondering about keeping her head low and observing the people around her. Creating relationship is difficult for her as she finds relating to anyone near impossible. That having been said she isn't shy about interacting with people just quiet and withdrawn. It is easy to mistake her for being uncaring and emotionless. In truth she finds great joy in little things others often disregard she just isn't overly expressive about it. She doesn't have any sense of morality rather her morality is her emotions, emotions she feels very strongly.

Parents : Fukō/mother/alive
Siblings : Kakko/younger brother/alive
Mentors and Idols : N/A
History : The Tsuki family are a monarchy family that rules over the land of moon. They were a family of great wealth however during a shinobi war their land was ravaged by bandits. They maintained their power but in order to preserve their blood line the queen and kind of the land sent their children out to live with the hidden villages paying a large amount of money to ensure their safety. In this monarchy unlike many others around the world the first born regardless of gender is the heir to the throne. The king and queen of the time sent their eldest daughter to live in Kusagakure during the raids. For one reason or another however all the other children were killed or passed away without continuing the line. The eldest daughter however chose not to return and instead stay in Kusagakure. She was upset with their pampered way of living and found her family to be disconnected with the needs of their people. She decided to stay in Kusagakure and raise her children to earn their own living and live as commoners. The leadership was handled by the Stuarts who had the responsibility of taking care of the throne till a heir arrived. Naviera is the eldest born of the children of the eldest daughter of the previous king and queen.

Luck did not favor the Tsuki family however as Navi's family struggled each month to provide food for the family and pay for rent. From a young age a great amount of responsibility was placed upon Navi's shoulders. From the moment she learned to talk she was expected to help around the house. It was actually a curse the girl was incredibly intelligent. The more she learned the more was expected of her. The more she learned the more she knew she didn't know. The more she learned the more she realized what she knew didn't actually help her any. She wasn't even 8 before she knew where the phrase "ignorance is bliss" came from. Despite all this she tried her best to help where she could with her family. Even ignoring the favoritism her younger brother received. She was just learned to be thankfully she had a family that didn't have any major relationship problems or at least that's what she thought. She could tell something was of but exercising the ignorance is bliss mentality she didn't look into it. Instead she focused her efforts on training to join the ninja academy when she was of age. The ryo she could earn from missions as a kunoichi would solve her families money problems. She fancied her parents favoring her once that came about.

Once Navi did join the academy even her younger brother admired her on the side when he wasn't jealous of the attention she now received from her parents. The academy was easy and Navi found herself regretting preparing for it. Even her teachers acknowledged she was already better than entry level genin. Just when things were beginning to really look up though they took a sudden turn for the worst. Somewhere in the back of her mind Navi knew her father had a drug problem and this his relationship was strained with her mother. Not at all helped by the mothers infidelity. She ignored it though pretended it wasn't there. It made it better to pretend it didn't exist. Nothing would happen if it didn't come up. Returning home after class though she returned to find her mother sobbing. Her husband had been killed by a gang he both owed money to and recently stole products/drugs from. They didn't have time to grieve though as the gang came knocking on their door looking for further compensation. They hadn't the means though but of course the gang wouldn't hear any of it. They kidnapped Navi as collateral as they put it until the mother could come up with the ryo. As time drew on the gang found another way the family could pay their debt. They used Navi sexually. The entire team she blamed herself too. If only she had known she wouldn't be in this mess her father wouldn't be dead. It was all her fault. There were some many things she could have done to prevent this. Preemptively strike, set a trap, or collect blackmail to name a few. Somewhere along the line Navi managed to escape and return to her mother.

The family fled the village and moved from small town to small town constantly paranoid. The mother however was not very employable and their financial situation significantly worsened. Navi was still too young for anyone to hire her for legitimate work and she began resorting to the only other option of illegitimate work. She eventually found a proxy company she worked for consistently smuggling drugs around. Nobody suspected the adorable little girl of trafficking drugs. Navi knew what it was she was doing but beyond that didn't ask any questions just glad to be able to feed herself, her brother, and her mother with the money she was making. In a cruel twist of fate however Navi discovered she had repeated her mistake. Their warehouse was due for an inspection and the superior to inspect it was none other than man who was first in line to deflower her. This entire time the proxy company she was working for belonged to the gang that was hunting her family. This time however instead of just taking her he located her family and took her mother. What happened after this is incredibly hazy to all who survived it. Navi prepped and slaughtered the every member of the gang that had destroyed her family. It was her fault they had been able to do what they've done so far. If she had asked just a few questions, questions nobody would even think twice about answering she would have known the company's affiliation and been able to get out of there long ago. This time it was her mother paying the price and she refused to lose her mother too. After doing the deed however Navi learned that many she had killed including a few that had raped her were in the business similarly because they had debts to pay and were trying to support their families. Navi couldn't make sense of any of it.

After the ordeal Navi moved away from her family. She couldn't bear the guilt of being with them. She ended up making a name for herself as an assassin. Something in her died or was twisted or something she wasn't sure. But something was much different about her after she had destroyed that gang. She saw nothing wrong with the taking of lives for a living. It was as natural as a cat killing a mouse to feed itself. The child assassin sent most of the ryo she made to her mother and brother but never delivered it in person.

Role Play Sample : The first like 6th of a prison ark I'm likely never going to complete.

Upon arriving back at the village Celestia had place her transformation back on. Though she was a little more comfortable with the changes that had taken place she still was far from comfortable with waltzing around the village like that. Besides she still didn't want anyone to know she had the 9 tails sealed in her. The attack was still fresh on everyone's minds and the thing Forte said about people killing for the gift she had was concerning.

Despite recent events the large sum of ryo she earned as a result of completing an A rank mission was astounding.  It was enough to cover her family's expenses this month and the next. She was half tempted to just take a month vacation now but she wanted to keep ahead. It was going to be nice knowing her family was set for at least a month from here on out. If anything happened they'd have a month to get things straightened out. Heading into her home she found her father in his comfy chair watching TV. He nearly jumped out when she walked through the door. "Cele you're out of your room? Where did you?" Her father asked in surprise. Celestia had forgot she snuck out of the house. For all her family knew she was still locked in her bedroom. "I went out on a mission. Made enough to cover this months expenses." She replied handing him the ryo for this month. The rest she'd keep on herself. She knew better than to trust her family with money that didn't need to be spent right away. "Are you sure you want to do missions I mean are you ok? You've been in your room for three weeks and now you just appear at the front door with a mission complete." Her father asked with concern. "I'm a kunoichi dad that's what I do, act weird, sneak around, and show up when you least expect it." Her father laughed at that enjoying the rare glimpse of humor his daughter occasionally had. He was still concerned though. "I'm a go take a shower, it was a pretty though mission. Where is mom at by the way?" Celestia asked. "She went off on a grocery shopping trip one of her special ones." Was the response she got. She knew what that meant even if her father didn't. Celestia hadn't brought in any ryo so she wondered how her father could actually believe his wife was telling the truth. What his wife was really doing during those special shopping trips was sleeping with other men. Celestia was sick of this. If she was basically paying for the house that made it her roof right. That meant her parents were under her rules and it was time her family got their shit together. After freshening up Celestia was determined to find her mother and start putting a stop to this crap.

Celestia found another thing to add to the list of reasons why her so called gift was really a curse. The two new tails she had really liked soaking up water. It was like the difficulty of keeping her hair nice multiplied by like 100. She didn't even want to think about the clean up she was going to have to do in the future. She still didn't get it why did those two tails pop up so suddenly in the first place. Why then and not earlier and why two. And most of all why had she brutally murdered that taijutsu fellow. That was not something she ever did. If they had to die she wanted to be as efficient and quick about it as possible. She still couldn't get the gruesome picture of his arms and head lying next to his body in a large pool of blood nor all the blood that got on her as a result of course ruining her clothing again. Finishing up with her shower Celestia headed to her room and put away the rest of the ryo she had earned. She'd grab a change of clothing before heading out.

Making her way to the roof Celestia thought about how she planned on tracking her mother down. A part of her thought it would be a great idea to put this new nose of hers to the test but the part of her that remembered how stinky and overwhelming the village was screamed in protest. It was day time and a sunny day so most sensible people had their curtains open. She supposed it wouldn't be too difficult to test her new ears out and listen in on all the places that had their curtains closed. That sounded like a great idea not considering the shady legal nature of it. Jumping from closed curtain to closed curtain the green eyed kitsune went about doing just that. Most the time it was silent and there wasn't anything to hear. Other times it was some shut in playing games or typing something on their computer. She could have sworn she saw someone on someone through the cracks in the curtains typing something on some site called Naruto Royale. Other times there was indeed sexual matters going on but it didn't sound like her mother. This was kinda gross now that she really thought about it. It had to stop though and she was determined. Eventually she was certain she found the right place. The window was unlocked but the kunochi felt like making dramatic entrance. Celestia smashed the butt of her katana against the glass shattering it and she jumped it. She found her mom mostly naked and with some guy completely naked and admittedly kinda good looking. She pointed at the man first with her sheathed katana. "Your sleeping with a married women and if you don't get your clothes on and get out of this room that I know is yours but I'll be done with in few then I'm telling her husband were you live." Celestia said before pointing it at her mother next. "As for you get dressed your grounded." She commanded. Her mother and the man she was sleeping with were both so shocked and terrified they just complied right away. In the case of her mother she hadn't fully grasped yet that it was her daughter doing all this.

It wasn't till they were on their way home that Celestia's mother started making a fuss. "What the fuck was that who are you to tell me I'm grounded and do you have any idea how much you embarrassed me back there." The mother fussed. Celestia didn't feel like arguing and was hoping she could just lay it all down at ounce. "I think he was to busy covering his dick and watching my sword to think about how awkward or embarrassing that situation could be and I think you were too shocked to be embarrassed. I basically pay all the bills so its my house now which means you live under my roof and follow my rules. You want to know what one of my rules are you and dad are not allowed to get a divorce. You know what is going to happen the moment dad finds out you are sleeping with some other guy every month. You two are getting a divorce. You know what happens if you two get a divorce. My little brother has no family or future and I am not about to let that happen. Technically the house is in your name and I am of age you could kick me out but then who is going to pay the bills then huh. If you don't cooperate I'm going to leave myself and take my brother with me. I almost want to see how long you will last then. I could make some extra money by holding bets. My bet would be not even a month." She didn't say anything in response to that. Either her mom didn't want to talk back to an angry kunoichi or didn't know how to respond.

By the time they got back to the house night had already descended. Her mom went to go clean herself up and Celestia wondered where her father had disappeared to. Heading up to her room she unpacked her shinobi gear putting her sword away and what not. She quickly noticed something was missing though. The pouch of ryo she had stashed wasn't where she last left it. Searching every where just in case she missed placed Celestia quickly began fearing the worst. It became clear eventually. Her father had broken into her room and stolen the extra ryo to go buy more drugs. Celestia was out raged and screamed out loud. Nobody in the house was brave enough to find out why she had the sudden outburst. Never before had her parents gone in her room without permission. Even her little brother knew that was territory you didn't screw around with. She was done though, she didn't have the energy to go find her father and set him straight. She'd deal with him in the morning. Flopping in her bed she found her new tails to be quite comfy to cuddle up with. Sleep quickly over took her.

................."I will rescue you from your pain.".........................

Celestia woke from her slumber but oddly enough didn't awake in her bed. No...where she woke up...the sight before her...it was straight out of a nightmare, a freakishly realist nightmare. Her Katana was in her hands and blood was every where. Below her was the dead corpses of her parents all their appendages separated from their body even the toes separated from the foot and the foot from the leg and so on. A pool of crimson blood stained the carpet, Celestia's Katana, and her clothing. That wasn't even the worst of it though. No the worst part of this nightmare was that her little brother was crouched in the corner hugging his legs and screaming in anguish.

Even as she was escorted into the special jail for shinobi the tears would have kept running if she had anything left to make them. This was all one terrible nightmare one she couldn't even begin to process. The image of her parents and her brother permanently stained in her mind. She didn't even register the things going on around her. She had just been lined up in a row with other prisoners. They were all here for different reasons. Some were criminals now, others were considered too dangerous by their village, and some were here simply just because they weren't wanted. The one thing they all had in common however was that they had all been shinobi.

The warden stood alone examining the new arrivals. She was tall nearly 6 foot with long blond hair and an athletic build. She wore business attire, an odd choice for the environment. Some of the new prisoners whistled their approval but the warden ignored them. "Welcome to hell. Literally this institute is named hell and rightly so. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you've done. I don't care why you are here. All that matters to me and all that matters to you is that you are now my prisoners. You may have been the biggest baddest shinobi in your village but here you are small fry. Dealing with you is our job and one we are very good at. We like to make our job easier though and jutsu is not easy to deal with. "Perhaps some of you have heard of the shinobi holding facility that was around during the third shinobi war and the sealing technique used there. You probably haven't so I'll enlighten you." The warden moved up to one of the prisoners and preformed some hand signs. Said prisoner tensed at whatever was about to happen. She slammed her palm into his stomach causing him to recoil backwards. She would work her way down the line doing this to each prisoner as she explained further. "It's a sealing jutsu that seals your chakra away. It also electrocutes you if you try to use chakra or get too far from me and I'm the only one that can remove it. It isn't perfected and doesn't seal it all away it leaves about a sixth untouched. Not nearly enough to even think about challenging us though assuming you can even get past the pain to manipulate it." Finally it was Celestia's turn and the fear of her features being revealed snapped her out of her trance. The warden hit her causing Celestia to fall over backwards. Celestia concentrated as the seal took effect and struggled to maintain the transformation jutsu. Her features shifted back and forth between her normal slit irises, fox ears, nose, teeth, and the whisker like marks on her cheeks. Electricity painfully contracted all her muscles as she struggled to maintain her jutsu. She noticed some of her chakra or actually a large portion of her chakra was completely unaffected by the seal placed on her. She used that chakra instead her eyes momentarily turning red as she reweaved the jutsu with skill that allowed her to bypass using hand signs and eventually returning to the appearance she had before she was turned into a kitsune. The warden watched her carefully but when the young girl returned to normal she passed it off as some dormant jutsu that just got dispelled by the seal. She was certainly an interesting prisoner. The warden had read up on all of them and this one had apparently slaughtered her family in front of her younger brother. It made sense to the warden the girl snapped. The life of a kunoichi wasn't an easy one and on top of that the girl was dealing with an unfaithful mother, an addicted father, and the responsibility of bringing in the money. The academy really ought to have thorough background checks. It was this lack of regulation that led to all these prisoners. She idly wondered just how lost the young women's psyche was now.

All the prisoners were then escorted to be physically examined one by one. After that they had an orientation about how things were run but Celestia kinda just zoned out of it her thoughts bringing her back to what she had done. Before she knew it she was sitting in a cell that was shared with one other female room mate. Apparently the prison didn't separate the men and women the only exception being room mates. The prison was made up of 80% men though so quite often some women got to have a room to themselves for awhile. Her current room mate was out doing whatever and it appeared as if the top bunk was taken by her. Aside from the bunk there was a couch a desk and a few chairs. The desk had a bunch of drawings and tools on it. It appeared they were decently accommodated for. "And you don't have to pay for it. No more worrying about starving and no more worrying about if there is going to be a roof over your head for the next month." a deep malicious voice resonated in her head. "Who's there?" She called out but nobody answered. Her brain was now actually thinking and specifically she was thinking about everything unusual that's happened. The unfamiliar voice put her on alert. She recalled everything strange. The two tails that appeared during that fight with the taijutsu thief and her uncharacteristic behavior. The two tails that were gone she realized during her examination. How out of it she must have truly been not to notice their glaring absence. The voice in her head brought it all together. "Kurama!" Celestia screamed out. Of course the fox chose to remain silent. "I thought you had settled your shit with Naruto. Why you going taking away everything from me." "I only amplified that which you already desired. All humans deserve to suffer but I'm stuck only doing it to you since I'm sealed inside you." Celestia raged and shouted incoherently screaming and throwing a tantrum. This fucking fox sealed inside her had stolen her body, her life, her everything.

"Oh fuck you look like a mess." Celestia's room mate said walking into the cell they shared. She had wavy lime green hair that stretched to her waist and she stood at 5 foot 10. She had a very voluptuous figure and looked similarly to the warden only with rather revealing clothing.  A mischievous grin graced her face as she stared down at green eyed kunoichi curled up on the bottom bunk sobbing to herself. "Let me guess. Some shit head hot guy manipulated you into committing some awful crime making it seem like it was for the greater good or everything was happening so fast and changing so suddenly you didn't know what to make of it and just went along. And now you are beating yourself up for not seeing the signs and going along with it." 'Holy crap' Celestia thought to herself. 'This women is good.' Meanwhile Kurama was chuckling to himself 'She called me hot.' 'Oh so you're accepting compliments from the humans you hate now?' 'No sense wasting a compliment.'

Celestia got up and wiped the tears on her face away with her arm. "Not exactly. I killed my parents." Celestia said. "Oh damn." The tall green haired women responded. "Well at least I don't have a psycho bitch for a room mate. My names Emerald. Make fun of my name and I kill you. Oh and if I find you on the top bunk I'll kill. Nice to meet you." She said with a wicked smile and thrust herself forward at Celestia. Celestia recoiled but was caught anyways. Turns out it was just a hug. "Umm nice to meet you too I guess. My name is Celestia." Celestia said with an unsure tone. "Oh pretty name. The boys'll just eat you up. Don't worry I'll protect you though. Can't have my new cute lill room mate vanishing on me." "I can take care of myself just fine thank you." Celestia defended. "Oh really whats a little thing like you going to do?" "I'll...." Cele was about to start when she realized she wasn't suppose to be able to manipulate chakra any. That mean that dominance in this place was determined by pure strength. If that really were all that Celestia was limited to she really would screwed. "Uh huh that's what I thought." Emerald said when she couldn't come up with anything. But don't worry you're under my wing now. I'm the dancer so nobody messes with me." "Dancer?" Celestia asked confused. "Yea I dance in the cafeteria during lunch and sometimes dinner when I feel like giving everyone a treat. If anyone touched me my fan boys would make sure they were dead before the day was done." "That sounds like a rather ingenious way to protect yourself." Celestia commented. Perhaps being under the wing of her roomy was a really fortunate thing for her. "I'll let you rest. We'll have fun tomorrow." Celestia was glad. This was all so overwhelming.

In her sleep she ended up visiting Kurama. He appeared at his full height but was curled up almost as if he had been sleeping a moment prior. Celestia on the other hand wasn't in a transformation jutsu and 9 tails poked out her rear swaying around hypnotically. At their feet was grass and flowers that stretched on all around them till ending at a sphere of what appeared to be made of DNA strands surrounding the area. "For an angry bijuu this isn't so bad. Heck I'll trade you. You can sleep in my cell and I can sleep here." Celestia offered jokingly. The giant fox offered no response. "So what's the deal. Why you so pissed off?" Celestia asked. "How about I seal you inside me and you can find out." he responded. "I don't think you'd like that. I'd probably give you human DNA just like you gave me fox DNA." Celestia said with a giggle. "You know to be fair you did attack us and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just wanted to comfortably provide for may family but then you ended up killing my family. If anyone has the right to be mad her it's me and I am. How can you be so selfish. I didn't do anything to you. What's the difference between laying around doing nothing inside that cave of your and laying around and doing nothing here. Everyone questioned if you even existed. You have a life of nothing and all because someone moved you from one meaningless place to another you decide to destroy my life." "Silence you babbling wench!" Kurama roared and stood abruptly in a threatening manner. He succeeded quite well at making Celestia go silent as she recoiled in great fear. "I used to have a life a great one. I had many friends for the first time but you humans took them all away. You didn't just do this to me you did this to all of them they have all suffered the same fate as I. You greedy power hungry humans will never leave us alone till you have all been exterminated."


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