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Kazai Taizen

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1 Kazai Taizen on Wed May 10, 2017 8:33 am

Name : Taizen, Kazai
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 130lb. Build of a professional runner or a professional swimmer, lean, slighlty built, muscular.
Eye Color : Black
Hair Color and Style : Black, Spiky and swept.

Element(s) : Fire and Lightning
Village : Kusagakure
Clan : Taizen
Rank : A
Nindo : "Never give up till it's over!"

Looks : Kazai is a well built ninja. He has trained his life, so if he wasn't that would be worrying. His hair and eye color are coal-black, really beautiful his mother says. He has fair cream-colored skin that looks and feels as if it is spent putting lotion on every day when it really isn't it. Like said before, he is very lean, but muscular at the same time, and his muscles are small enough that they don't get in the way of his swift movements as a ninja.
Personality : Kazai loves people. He has always loved conversing, battling, and training with other people since he was a little kid. He enjoys seeing what every other person is like, even though sometimes he doesn't like the personality of someone else, he likes to take mental notes on them. He's very observant and can catch how you feel in a second. Most times, he's really quiet, but if you get him going, don't expect him to stop talking.
Parents : Taizen Sasami, Mother.
Siblings : -
Mentors and Idols : -
History : Kazai was born on October 10th. He was the last person born from the clan or the youngest at least. His mother is eight years old in human time, but by their clan standards, she'd be thirty years old. Kazai trained his whole life, using his bloodline, and utilizing everything that is given to him. He liked to train with his mother his whole life, and train with his other friends from the Academy. Kazai had gotten stronger, faster than the other children. He learned things quicker, had become stronger, was faster than them. He became a Chuunin quickly and had also started to use that to his advantage at a non-stop race. Next, he had become Jounin so quickly (not quickly since Taizen should be about 50 but he's actually 16) from the constant age deprivation that his clan has he had excelled fast as such a young age, and learned so much more about the world that someone his age shouldn't know. He became wiser, stronger, and more excelled than everyone else. He would use his powers for their village and his family, and no one else. Kazai still had such a long way to go.

Role Play Sample: Kazai breathed heavily as he ducked under the punch of his mother, and spun out of the way of her sword, and jumped over her round-house kick aimed for his legs. This was always something that his mother and he did, they always did train so hard. The boy yelled out in pain as a quick jab to under his rib cage sent him to the floor groaning and holding his already bruising spot, his mother never held back on him. She looked down at him with a small smile on her face, holding her hand out to him, "Good job Kazai. Next time, don't be afraid your dear mother, it's okay." Her son nodded and Kazai started to walk to his house. Man, this life was hard. It always has been.

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2 Re: Kazai Taizen on Sat May 13, 2017 10:48 pm


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