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Saiya Irafuka [Done]

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1Finished Saiya Irafuka [Done] on Thu May 11, 2017 8:56 am

Name : Irafuka, Saiya - The White Witch
Gender : Female
Age : 19
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 185 (female)
Eye Color : blue (left) green (right)
Hair Color and Style : Saiya's hair is long and flowing, stretching all the way down to her waist. It is an almost radiant shade of white, giving her the moniker of "The White Witch". She tries to wash and condition it on a daily basis too keep it as healthy and shiny as possible. Sometimes when she's feeling less than confident, she will wear her bangs in front of her blue eye in order too hide her heterochromia. However, most of the time it is tied back in to a ponytail with a gold band. As an odd trait that stands out in combat, when she uses chakra, her hair takes on a slightly reddish tinge.
Element(s) : Lightning and Water
Village : Takigakure
Clan : No clan
Rank : Kage
Nindo : Every action that Saiya takes is in the quest too seek justice for the downtrodden and those who have been unfairly treated by the world. She sometimes even tends too go overboard with this. Criminal scum should be wary of crossing her path.
Looks :

On the outside, Saiya appears as a tall young woman who doesn't have much of an imposing stature. With long white hair and an ornate white dress, she comes off as more of beauty queen than a ninja. Her skin is fair and smooth and free of blemishes. On her arms are white gloves which run up to her elbows and arm trimmed in gold. These cover black dragon shaped tattoos that stretch down her ams and cover her hands. There is also another tatoo in the shape of a raven that peeks out over the top of the boot on her left leg. Finally, on the bottom of her left fore-arm is written the word "Veritas", while on the right fore-arm is written the word "Aequitas".
Personality : Once there was a very playful demeanor to Saiya. This trait is still dominant in her personality, but over time it has slowly been overshadowed by darker characteristics. There are rumors around the village that she engages in sadistic acts of murder and bloodsport when she is outside the village, but no one dares challenge her on this. Those who have worked personally with her have recounted that at times she will go completely silent and then begin bursting out in cackling laughter for no reason. Afterwards, she will go back to business at hand as if nothing happened. When her mind is lucid and free from madness, she acts with an air of dignity. At times this can come off as pretentious when she really doesn't mean it too. Most of the time her actions are of a noble cause, for the good of the people in her village. Most all, she is committed too the cause of justice. In fact at times she can be quite overzealous, leading to her taking the role of judge, jury, and executioner.
Parents : Zon Gai (Father-Dead), Eisa(Mother-Dead)
Siblings : Sonna (Sister-Alive)
Mentors and Idols : Her boyfriend Ataba (deceased)
History :
What was once a sweet an innocent little girl has seen been corrupted by darkness and death. She still bares a semblance to what once was innocence, but that is now merely a shadow of itself. Like all sad tales, ultimately her fate was sealed from a young age. Even before she was born, the forces of her village conspire against her. At the time of her entry into this world, choices were being made that would shape everything from who she would marry to the children that she would bare. The only person that could shelter her from these choices, her mother, would do nothing out of fear of her family. At the the age of two, her mother felt terrible for the life she had born her daughter into. She stood atop the waterfall that housed the entrance to Takigakure and with one leap, took a permanent dive to the ground. That left young Saiya with no one but her father and sister as a family, if you could call it that. Over the next ten years, her father made it very clear to Saiya that he blamed her for her mother's death. Though he could not beat because of his pact with another household, and her future as the Takikage, he took his abuse out on her sister, knowing that it would torment Saiya. When Saiya tried too intervene, he would simply lock her in another room and make her listens too the sounds of her sister screaming in pain.

At the age of 12, Saiya was introduced to the boy that she was told would one day become her husband. By now she had managed too train herself in combat, albeit in secret. While traveling with her father to Kusagakure, she had met and befriended an older man. He introduced her to his son Ataba, and they took a good liking to each other. For once in her life, Saiya had found a man who had compassion for her and treated her like an equal. Though they had too part when the visit to Kusa was over, she made a vow that she would see him again some day. Two years later, when she was ten, Ataba showed up at the village with his father, revealing that he was seeking refuge from a group of mercenaries. The village welcomed him with open arms. In reality, the man had sought out Saiya so that he could help her, having seen the signs of abuse that plagues her, even through her cheerful demeanor. When her father would go to sleep at night, Saiya would sneak out and train with Ataba and his father. If her father had known about her training, she feared what he might do to her sister. Upon her 12th birthday, she was introduced to Gai. Gai was the 15 year old heir to another household in the village. Having been pampered all his life, Gai was fat and lazy. He had no discernible talents, other than eating and spending his father's money. She was told that Gai's would be her husband and two would marry in four years. Saiya was furious, but she knew too keep her tongue. Seething in rage, she plotted her escape from the village.

After three years of planning and setting up the pieces, Saiya was now beginning too show the signs of her change into womanhood. Her intellect had sharpened, and her body also showed sign of maturity. Ataba seemed too take notice of this, as well as Gai. She had too fight too keep one from becoming distracted by it, and the other from taking advantage of her. Eventually her father's beatings on Sonna ceased as he felt confident that Saiya was now broken of her disobedience.However it was quite the opposite. Every night she dreamed of slitting his throat, and killing the other's in the village. Her rage boiled inside, festered by the advances of Gai. He was somehow even worse than her father, never having too lay a hand on her, nor threaten her. No, his very existence made it clear to her that while she was in the village she would never be safe.
One night, when she was positive that all the pieces were in place, she took the life of her father. It was quick and painless, with the stab of a needle and vial of poison. Even with all the hate she harbored towards him, she could not bear too make her own father suffer in his final moments before joining her mother in the pure world. When was had finally come to grips with what she had done, she her escape with Ataba. Ataba's father would take her younger sister back to Kusagakure for safety while she and Ataba would move in the opposite direction. Something did not sit right with Saiya about the situation. Even though the old man had been nothing but kind to her, it had seemed too easy. His sudden appearance, his willingness too help her. It ate way at her mind and eventually, she had to stop and confront Ataba about it. When pushed for information, he revealed the truth. His real father was a businessman who had been attempting too set up shop in Takigakure. However, Zon Gai had had screwed him over and left him penniless. In revenge, Ataba's uncle hatched a plan too kill her father for what he had done. Hearing of Saiya's existence and the rumors of her abuse from her fellow townsfolk, he sought her out in Kusagakure. He had used her anger too turn her against her father and replaced her innocence with darkness. He had essentially made a weapon of her. Ataba then revealed that he had been tasked with killing her too cover his uncle's tracks, and drew his sword. Saiya felt betrayed, used, and now abandoned. Her family was gone for good, and now her life would end in the middle of a forest with no one caring.

The urge too fight welled up inside her. For years, she had cowered in fear. She had loved Ataba, and believed him too care for her. It had all been a lie, a ruse. Just like everyone else, he had used her. Her father had used her for her future, Gai wanted too use her for her body, and Atabi had used her for her naivete. She was done being used now. Taking her own blade from it's sheath, she promised him that he would not leave the forest alive. She kept that promise. A month later, she returned to the village, her little sister in tow. Sonna did not know what had happened, nor did Saiya tell her. No one ever heard from Ataba or his family again. Nor did they question her about her father's death. It was assumed that he had been killed by an assassin. No one even entertained the thought his daughter might have been behind it. With her father gone, his contracts were dissolved and Saiya's engagement to Gai was nullified. Eventually he and his parents left the village out of anger, but nobody really missed them anyways. After three years the Takikage stepped down on Saiya's eighteenth birthday, and having been chosen at birth too be his successor, she assumed the position. Some were displease that she was chosen, having never gone through proper training like the other shinobi of the village. One by one, challengers came too take her position by force, and one by one, they were sent away with broken limbs and missing teeth. With her sadistic attitude in combat and the flurry of white hair that flowed from her head, she became known as "The White Witch of the Waterfall."

One of her most controversial policies as the Takikage was a strict no tolerance policy for crime. Criminal would be tortured at length for even the smallest infractions. She even enforced heavy standards for how young girl would be treated and forbid arranged marriage in the village, and the Land of Mountains as a whole.

Role Play Sample : As he walked out in the training grounds, Forte smiled. The sun had just begun too rise and it was a beautiful morning, perfect too do some training. A good night's rest had cleared his head from the previous day's activities. Stepping into the middle of the field, Forte could hear a few birds chirping in the trees. He closed eyes and could feel himself becoming one with the environment. There was a slight moist feeling too the air from the previous nights heavy rain and he could feel it on his shoes as well. The dew clung to his feet and socks and felt cold on his skin. Sitting down on a log, he thought about what he would do for training today. First thing on his agenda would be increasing his stamina. It was an odd thing to think about. He had always felt like he had enough stamina, but recently it seemed like it was getting harder and harder too keep up with some of his stronger techniques. Perhaps it was because they were stronger and more taxing on his body. Either way, he was positive the would need more.

Forte had too think for a second about how he might increase his stamina. There was always the basics, like pushups, situps, and running. Those were all boring though. He needed something that would really push him. A thought suddenly popped in to Forte's head. Perhaps meditation would be the best place too start. He could clear his head and focus on what would truly help him. Perhaps then he

Before he started his training, a thought crossed through his head. He hadn't heard from Celestia in days. He had heard she was sent to a prison, but no one would give him any details beyond that. For someone as strong as her, he was almost positive that he new where she was being held. Forming a few hand-signs, an shadow clone with an S-rank amount of chakra appeared. Without a word, it left the training grounds in search of Celestia.
Forgoing his decision too meditate, Forte instead decided on another method of training. Placing his arm out in front of him, he began too focus on his tenketsu. From each one, he began too expel Wind Chakra. It started in the palm of his hand and then coated his fingers. Within seconds the chakra covered his entire arm, rippling and swirling. It was exhilarating and he could feel his arm begin too get cold as the chakra whipped across his skin. It was wild and dangerous. He needed too control it. Focusing the chakra closer too his skin, he began too condense and mold it. The chakra became more solid and formed a thick silver layer over his armor, almost like metal. He grinned, please with his results. He then reversed his control of the chakra, creating a massive burst air that erupted out from his arm. The action left him feeling drained, like when he had created the clone. It seemed as if he had drained a massive chunk of his stamina into the action. The thought intrigue him. If he could coat his arm in such massive amounts of chakra, what if he did it too the rest of his body?

Forte decided too set down on the grass for a moment and catch his breath. He could feel the numbing in his arms go away as the cold sensation began too fade. Warmth was spreading between his nerves and his skin quickly began too burn with the sensation. He then stood and began too stretch, another idea for an exercise forming in his head. If he could do that with his wind chakra, perhaps his fire chakra could be used as well. He could picture it in his mind, appearing as a fiery mass of chakra at the gates of Kumo. His enemies would keel over in terror at the sight of him tearing his way through their ranks.
After adequately stretching his back and making sure he didn't do any nerve damage to his left hand, Forte placed his right arm out in front of his chest, just as he did his left. This time he would focus Fire chakra into his arm. Once more, it started in his arm and worked it's way out; it coated his fingers and spread up his arm. This time it spread even faster than the wind chakra, almost as if it was out of control. The fire chakra created a massive spinning vortex of flame that emanated from his arm, and threatened too light the whole training area on fire. The sleeve of his shirt had now been completed burned to ashed and the fire was beginning to heat up and redden his arm. If he didn't stop it now, he was going too die. The thought snapped Forte out of his chance, and he began too reign in the fire release chakra.

Pulling the chakra back in closer too his arm, it began too form a thick, almost solid layer over his skin. This one was a reddish orange in color and burned his skin intensely, the opposite of the wind chakra. However, he was able too withstand. With the fire chakra well under control, Forte took a deep breath, and the expelled it from his arm. Just as with the wind chakra, the fire blasted out. Everything to his left for a good 100 meters was incinerated. Grass, trees, training posts. Nothing was left but smoke and ash. His arm itself had turned a deep red and steam trailed off his skin as the cold morning air made contact. All the hair on his arm was singed off. He estimated the fire jutsu he had used probably clocked in at over 1500 degrees, which was enough too melt steel. If he had held on to the jutsu any longer, it would have left him with third degree burns.
Falling back down to a sitting position, Forte felt less exhausted his time as he began too grow used to expelling the massive amount of chakra that he had been releasing. His arm still felt hot to the touch and was his muscles relaxed, as if he had just taken a relaxing dip in the hot springs. It was almost the opposite of what had happened with his wind chakra. He thoughts perhaps he might be able too balance one out with the other and protect his body from harm. If that were the case, who knows what might kind of destructive force could be wreaked with this power. The destructive thoughts came back to him. This time it was of Kirigakure. Several faceless ninja lay dead at his feet as stood at the edge of a rocky beach. The water lapped at his feet and mixed with the blood of his slain enemies, and the tide carried it back out to the sea. After a few minutes, all the water for hundreds of meters was dyed red. "The Red Tide..." a whisper echoed in his hear.

Forte was immediately snapped out of his trance by the voice. He spun around to examine his surroundings and find out where exactly the voice had come from. When he determined that he was alone, Forte chalked up the voice too an inner monologue and decided too go back to his training. Pondering for s second where he might next take his training, he wondered what would happen if he attempted try and mix his fire and wind release into a concentrated part of his body. He already knew they would compliment each other well. Looking at the destructive power the fire technique had already wrought, he questioned whether or not it would be a good idea. He quickly stelled his resolved to master the technique. It would be better to do it here in a safe area, than try testing it out on the battlefield.
Standing up once more, this time Forte decided that he might try a different tactic. Instead of forcing his chakra out into his extreme ties, he would force into his chest, his center of mass. Placing his palms together directly in front of his heart, Forte began too feed fire and wind chakra into the center of his chest. He had too be careful too get just the right amounts mixed together, otherwise it might cause irreparable damage to his heart and end his training right there. He slowed his breathing and began too picture a whirlpool of chakra swirling inside him. The silvery grey and red mixed together, creating a slightly lighter shade of red. Every so often there would be a shade of brown that would mix in. This intrigued Forte, as the color belonged to neither element. Pushing on, he began to pull out the two mixed chakras and they formed a thick layer of protection over his chest. The fire chakra didn't seem too burn him, proving his early prediction about the two chakras enhancing each other too be true. Instead of burning him, the wind chakra cause the heat of the fire too push outwards and increase in volume and intensity. The feeling was incredible as he pulled more and more chakra out. The fiery armor now covered his whole upper body, including his arms and shoulders.

He pushed the chakra back down, refining it and causing it too take on the look of shining red armor that gleamed in the sun light. The chakra started spreading down to his legs, covering his legs. Forte's entire body was now covered in fiery red armor. Suddenly the heat him and he double over in pain as his clothes began too burn away. He lost control of the fire and the armor disappeared, the chakra returning to it's natural state of fiery blaze.Forte's mind was racing as he struggled too get the chakra that had engulfed him under control, but it was all for naught. He had been pushed too his stomach and was struggling just too get up. The raging fire was draining him immensely. He could feel it eating away at his chakra. At this rate he would be left with absolutely nothing too contain it and pass out. Suddenly everything shifted. A different kind of chakra had mixed in with the fire and wind. The blaze around him disappeared and was replaced with all white. There was no sound, no training grounds, no him. He could feel something tugging at his arm.. no his leg... no his shoulder. It was everywhere, trying too pull him apart at the molecular level. It was almost calming to know he was going too die. Then something else. A barrier, almost like a cube, blocked out the tugging and made him feel even more calm as he accepted his fate.

Forte was jarred from his near death experience as his head made contact with the trunk of a tree. He slumped too the ground, his head spinning. It took him a few seconds to get up through the pain. When he looked out to the training grounds, he was taken aback by what he saw. There indeed no training grounds. the grassy field surrounded by trees had been decimated, with a massive 200 meter wide and 30 meter deep crater marking where he had been standing. There were no words too explain his shock at what had happened, nor where the massive explosion had come from. Shock quickly turned too amazement, and amazement turned to excitement as he began to realize just how incredible his power actually was. Most other people with avoid stroking their ego with something like this, but Forte... he embraced it.
With the experience that had just gone down still fresh in his mind. Forte decided it was time too take a break. Taking out a knife, he cut a small incision into the tip of his thumb too draw blood. Then he placed his thumb on the ground. Flames erupted around him and seconds later, his summon appeared. The massive red form of Ikiragu appeared in front of him, it's wings stretching out to their full length. The dragon had been his companion for a few years now. He was the only friend Forte had after betraying his own master. Ikiragu hadn't judged Forte for the act, but he knew he had lost respect from the dragon for it.
"It's been awhile Forte. Did you find someone new too replace me?" The dragon spoke in a deep and brooding voice. There was no hostility in his words, but Forte could still tell there was depth. After all, since coming to the village he hadn't once summoned Ikiragu from whatever hellish volcano he lived in.
"No, but there is this one girl. Give it some time and maybe I'll just end up dissolving our contract." Forte replie with a chuckle. Ikiragu just glared at Forte with his thin eyes. He knew Forte didn't mean it, but it was still a biting comment. For various reasons, Forte was the sixth contract owner the dragon had in the last ten years. It was begging too grow tiresome for the young dragon and Ikiragu considered going back to his home and forgetting about humans. The only thing that tied him to this place was Banquo.
"I hope it's not like last time." Ikiragu said, making a reference to Forte's previous encounter with the Konoha girl in Amegakure.
"Hey, in all fairness, she started it. I like that Ramen shop."
Forte began to think back to that fight. Even for Amegakure, it had been incredibly rainy. The gutters had overflowed into the streets and made walking a nightmare. Even so, his stomach had been growling and he craved some ramen. There was a very specific shopped he like too dine at that that had a very specific recipe he couldn't find anywhere else. Ultimately, that's what had caused him too settle down in Amegakure for the time being. As he made his way to the aforementioned shop, he could hear a commotion in the city center. As he approached, he could see that a crowd of people had gathered around something. He quickly pushed his way through too find that a ninja had several people on their knees and was speaking to the crowd. There was a sword on her hip, and long red hair flowed down her back. It wasn't a blood red like Cressela's, but more of bright red. Almost as if it was dyed. He realized the owner of the Ramen Shop was among those on their knees. He could feel the tension rise as he wondered what was going on, then the girl spoke.
"People of Amegakure! This is an invasion by the village of Konohagakure! Any ninja in the village should show themselves!" She brought out her sword and slashed the throat of the shopkeeper. Forte was floored by her cruelty. She didn't even look down at the man as he lie on the ground, blood pouring from his throat as he gasped for air. Eventually the man's body stilled. Forte, however, would not be quiet. Stepping forward a few feet from the crowd, he called out to the girl.
"So you're going too take over the village by killing a defenseless old shopkeeper huh?" He could feel the blood boiling in his veins as he thought of the shopkeepers family. They all worked at the restaurant, and because of this witch, they would have too suffer the loss of a loved one.
"Oh, so a puny wimp is going too challenge me?"
The woman gripped the sword tightly with both hands and rushed at Forte, but her actions were naught. In the blink of a second, he was able to form the hand-signs that would end her fate. As she rushed at Forte, she was met with a massive ball of fire that would engulf her relatively unprotected body. A second jutsu followed the first that would increase the already high potency of the first. There in the streets of Amegakure, the girl would be burned alive. Nothing was left but for a charred skeleton. Finally, the rain began to put out the flames and the crowd looked on in silent horror. The boy who had stood up to the ninja just stood there for a moment, then walked forward and collected the girl's remains. Sealing her body into a scroll, he then stood and walked away. He had intended too take it back to Kono and have them answer for what had happened. Eventually, he had gotten them, one way or another.
"She was just a product of the times." He said in a low tone.
"Even so, she was a bad product and deserved too be eliminated." Ikiragu's words rang true for Forte. What did his taking of a life truly matter if it brought about safety for others. Still it bothered him too wonder if he was truly the one too decide on that. Recently he had been thinking over many of his choices in life. In reality, he had been no different than the redhead in Ame. He killed for gain when need be and didn't hesitate too steal. Did he too deserve too die?
"So what happens one day when I go too far and somebody comes for my head?" The dragon pondered the idea for a moment before answering.
"The only day you die, is the day you are ready too." The thought made Forte chuckle. It was a line from a popular book he had found on the floor of his bookstore home. The dragon was now quoting children's stories as philosophy.
"So are you going too tell me about the massive crater behind me?" The dragon had finally decided too address the elephant in the room, or rather in the training grounds. Forte began too explain what had happened. How he was trying too increase his chakra control. Then how he had coated his whole body with it overtime, and then how the chakra eventually began too consume him. He left out the part about the cube, feeling like he had just imagine it and Ikiragu would think he was crazy. The dragon was amused at Forte's story and began too chuckle. "Sounds like you definitely need some practice if a simple chakra flow got that out of hand. I still don't understand how it could cause an explosion like that. It seems as if the very ground itself was ripped apart at the molecular level. The chakra flow you used sounds eerily similar too Dust Release." Forte had come too trust the dragon's council. In times past it had saved his life on countless occasions, but this seemed too far fetched.
"Wasn't Dust Release lost with the fall of Iwagakure?"
"Supposedly. However there are possibly survivors of the clan who escaped Iwa. It possible you could be descended from one of them. In any case, I will be taking my leave. Don't get yourself killed while I'm gone." Fire, just like that which had summoned the dragon, surrounded it. When the flames had died back down, he was gone and left a smoldering ring of fire in it's place.

Forte thought about what the dragon had said. The scroll he had found in Iwa pointed towards a clan of people, but other than it being a registry there was no other information on them. Perhaps it was high time he return to Iwa for more information.
With his training proving futile, Forte decided he was done for the day. His favorite shirt had been burned and the previous bout with the fire jutsu had left him drained of chakra and in need of a cold shower. He stood and walked to the edge of the training ground. As he was about too leave, he felt like something was off. There was movement in the trees, but he had made sure he was alone. The figure was small and humanoid, but seemed too have wings. No one else ever used this place besides him, due to it's large size and the fact that it was the farthest walk from the village. In fact he was positive there was no one else there, as he checked the training ground thoroughly before he started training.
Before Forte could call out to whatever was watching him, a gust of wind knocked him back a bit, causing Forte too stagger. When he managed too regain his balance, the creature had disappeared from the spot that it had been hiding in and he was left alone once more, or so he thought. There was more movement behind him and Forte ducked just in time too see a sword come swinging over his head. Twisting his body and turning at the same time, Forte brought his elbow up in to the attacker's abdomen. The attacker immediately fell to the ground where was doubled over in pain and had dropped his weapon. Forte quickly kicked it out of the man's reach.

Forte had barely any time to worry about the first attacker before two more assailants showed themselves. Unlike the first assailant, these two were taijutsu practicioners. They had come at him from both the left and the right with the one on his left punching at his face and the other one on the right kicking at his lower abdomen.
Forte's only option was too move backwards. He could feel his muscles strain from the incredibly quick movement, so too supplement this he used a body flicker technique too energize his cells. The two ninja reacted well on their feet and began changing their momentum too follow Forte. The one from his left attempted too grapple Forte by taking ahold of his shoulder. Forte responded by wrapping his hand around the ninja's wrist, then slamming his forearm up in to the attacker's elbow. A sickening yet satisfying cracking sound was heard as Forte busted the joint to fragements.
Pushing the first assailant backwards in to the other, Forte followed up his counter by surrounding his fist in a blade of wind a foot long and five inches wide and lunged at the attacker with all of his weight. His chakra covered fist struck the attacker in the abdomen. The blade pierced straight through the man's stomach. It came out the other side and impaled theother ninja behind him as well. Looking into the shinobi;s eyes, Forte watched as the life began too drain out and just as an added bonus, a gave the chakra blade a good twist for extra effect.
Forte pulled the wind blade back out and the two bodies fell to the ground, blood already beggining too pour from their wounds. Forte was about too relax when he remembered the sword wielder. He turned just in time to see the man rushing at him with the sword ready too impale him. This time it was a bit easier for Forte too dodge the attack, but the edge of the blade grazed his side, leaving a long gash in his side that quickly started hemmoraghing blood.
The world began too slow and Forte could begin too match the attacks of the sword wielder. He realized that the attacker had drawn a second sword and begun too circle around and swing the blade horizontally at Forte's midsection.
This forced Forte backwards again and once more he was on the defensive. The sword user pushed Forte back farther and farther. Forte was beggining too run out room as he came closer to the trees. If he couldn't take this guy down, his only choice would be escape. Just as he was about to dive backwards into the cover of the tress, he saw an opening. The sword user swung outwards with both swords. This left his midsection open for a direction attack, and Forte used this opening to his adavantage. Dodging the outward swings, he then dashed forward. His full weight crashed into the sword user and they both full to the ground. The sword user let go of his swords and Forte used this chance too pound the mysterious assailant over and over again in the face. Finally the enemy began too speak, albeit through a mouthful of blood and teeth.
"Please! Stop!" Forte relented and moved off the man's chest. The man turned over on to his hands and knees. Forte could now clearly pay attention to his details. He was a young person, approximate the same age as Forte, with short brown spiky hair and dark hazel eyes. Forte recognized him almost immediately as one of Ichaka's students, Hazo. The student who had helped him steal Ichaka's sword.
"How the hell did you find me, and why the hell did you attack me?" Forte asked in disbelief. The two had made an agreement too part ways after the betrayal and never speak again. If he was willing too break that pact, then Forte expected a good reason. There too many ghosts from his past appearing recently for his liking.
"Money. Honor. Who knows? Maybe I just felt like some atonement for my past." Hazo spit out another mass of blood on to the ground. "With the money you made out with, I guess I expected you too get fat and lazy. Looks like I was wrong. Master Ichaka would have been proud."
" The utterance of that name struck a chord with Forte and made him feel shame. Hazo was partially right. Ichaka would have been amazed too his progress as a ninja.
His mind began too flashback again, this time too before Ame, all the way back to the night he killed his master. Forte had just returned from Kumo with some materials Ichaka needed for a lesson. They were very particular and had too be imported in from The Land of Iron. Just as he walked through the door, he saw Kannen, Hazo and the Hyuga sitting in the kitchen. He overheard them discussing the master announcement that he would be having swords made for all four of them. Hazo was boasting about how his would be the collest and Kannen talked about how she just wanted something that would hold up.
Watching the trio converse made Forte feel sad about what he would have too do next. He set the bag of materials on the ground next to the fireplace and waited for Ichaka too come down and take the others out for their lesson. On their way out, he gave Hazo the signal that they had set-up beforehand when Forte managed too turn his accomplice. Once everyone was outside, Forte moved quickly and quietly up the stairs of the house, past the guest room he slept in and towards Ichaka's. He gently pushed open the door and found two things he hadn't expected. The first was that it was incredibly messy, with books and clothes scattered everywhere. There were also ramen cups and food trays everywhere. It was an odd thing too see coming from a master swordsman. He had expected a more spartan living style that was neat and proper. The other unexpected event was Ichaka standing before him, dressed in full battle armor. In his hand was a beautiful red katana that gleamed devilishyl, even in the dim indoor light.
"So you've been hired too steal this from me, have you?" Ichaka said with a smirk. "You are many things Forte, but In the eight months you have been here, I would have never thought you a hired thief." The words cut deep into Forte's emotions. He knew Ichaka wouldn't understand what was going on, the kinds of reasons Forte was doing all of this.
"Well if that's what I am to you, then so be it." Forte watched the swordsman anxiously for any signs of movement. He had been learning from Ichaka for months, and he knew he could never match the swordsman in speed. Ichaka's hand was already on the hilt of the sword, and Forte knew that if he drew it, then everything would be over. Honestly he hadn't even been prepared for a battle. If he had, he probably would have brought his own weapon and an entire army. From what Cressela had described about Ichaka, he had been known as the Thousand-Man slayer, a dark figured in Sunagakure history who had even once been recruited as one of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsman. From what Icahaka had been able too tell over the past few months, he didn't seem too be able to hurt a fly.
Within less than a second, Ichaka drew and sheathed his sword one fluid motion. The movement was soo quick and graceful that it stunned Forte in awe. The slash cut straight through his shirt and across his chest, leaving a bloody gash and knocking Forte backwards. Within seconds, he black out from the pain.
Something Hazo said jerked Forte from his memory.
"What did you mean just now by money?" If someone had a price on his head, he wanted too know about it.
"Damn, I was hoping you hadn't heard that." Hazo let out a little chuckle. "Another one of Ichaka's pupils put a price on your head after you killed his other student. The Hyuga. Two million ryo too be exact."
He had now set up and and faced Forte man to man. There was a large amount of scars across his face, however Forte felt like those were stories for another time. "I figured if I could bring your head back to him and claim the bounty, he might forgive me. That no longer seems too be the case, since I don't particularly feel like being gutted over some money like you seemed too have done to my compatriots." Hazo motioned to the two dead taijutsu users laying on the ground. "They may just be hired thugs, but they aren't cheap hired thugs you know. Not only that, but if your target isn't a high value threat, most of those guys won't even go anywhere near someone in a hidden village. It took a lot of convincing just too get them to walk through the gates, let alone attack a village ninja."
"Did you bring any back-up?" Forte asked nonchalantly.
"No, but I'm beggining too wish that I had, seeing as the massive screw-up this has be-" Before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off. Not by words, but by Forte's hand having pierced his throat with another wind chakra blade. Forte had formed one the moment Hazo had said no and thust his hand out too sever Hazo's aorta/ Hazo reached up and desperately attempted to put pressure on his artery, but to no avail. Blood poured out too quickly and stained his clothes a deep, crimson red. He gasped for air, but the attack had also sliced his esophagus and throat wide open. At best Hazo had about a minute of life in him if he really fought for it. The site actually kind of brought a smile to Forte's face. He finally found a way too atone fore his past, in the same way that Hazo had attempted too.
"That's perfect. Now no one is going too come looking for you when you disappear." He stared Hazo in the eyes as he watched the ninja's life drain away. His face began too pale and he shuddered as his brain began too shut down and his heart ceased it's ability too pump blood. Forte formed one more wind blade, this one ten inches by two. He couldn't do much more, being almost completely drained of stamina. He brought the wind blade up to the man's neck and grabbed Hazo's head by his hair. "You know what's absolutely hilarious? I always thought I would be the person out of the two of us too die alone with my throat cut out." The chakra blade sliced through Hazo's neck and out the other side, completely severing it. Forte stepped away a few feet and then turned back to the body. He formed a few hand seals, and then formed a massive fireball that engulfed the body. It was that last bit of chakra he could muster. The fireball consumed the body and burned it to a char. He smiled again at the thought that perhaps one might not be able too change the past, but they could sure as hell burn it away.
Just as he was about too walk away, Forte remembered the side wound he would he had incurred earlier. The stinging pain made him dizzy. Looking down, he found that it wasn't as bad as it first seemed. The bleeding had already subsided somewhat, but he needed too get too a doctor as soon as possible if he wanted too survive it without nasty scar. He barely managed too make it to the edge of the the training field, before he remembered the creature that had been watching from before. He looked back to the spot in the trees where it had been, but it was positively gone. Maybe he had scared it off, or maybe it had seen what it needed too see.

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