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かおり ゆき- Kaori Yuki

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1 かおり ゆき- Kaori Yuki on Sat May 13, 2017 4:20 am


Name : Yuki, Kaori
Gender : Male
Age : 17
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 134 lbs
Eye Color : Kaori has Heterochromia, or two different eyes(One ice blue, one dark blue)
Hair Color and Style : Blue, partially kept up, long, nearly to Kaori's waist when down. Kept up with an ornate hairpin.

Element(s) : Ice
Village : Uzushiogakure
Clan : Yuki
Rank : S-Kage
Nindo : "Violence without need will only give birth to more violence. We must rise above such petty squabbles."

Looks :

Kaori has blue-black hair, with an ornate headpiece topping it, soft and silky hair that people can't help but pet. His hair is very long when the pin holding most of it up is out, reaching nearly to his waist. One of his eyes is light blue and sight less, the other as blue as the ocean. His left side of his face is covered by an old burn scar, and the reason why his eye is sight less. He dresses very different from most ninja, more like a prince in some ways. His clothes are expensive, tailored specifically for him, and made only of the finest materials. They are not too loose, nor too tight, and he is never seen with wrinkled clothes nor hair out of place. He is not very tall, not thin nor fat, all in all a fairly average, if very cute, boy. His skin is pale, and smooth except for the scarred side of his face, very soft and squishy in looks. Kaori is not handsome by any means, he will always be short and cute to the people around him. Despite the short stature, and the cute looks, he is in fact fairly muscular, and very strong. There is a lack of hair anywhere besides on his head, he does not have arm hair, or pit hair, or facial hair, he is hairless everywhere but for his eyebrows and of course his head. On his left arm, there are more burns scars, as well as the left side of his chest, stark reminders of the fire that left him half blind. These are a dark color, standing out in stark contrast with his pale skin and light clothing, something he often tries to hide from others, to avoid questions as to why he has such scars. He cannot, however, hide his facial scars, and makes no attempt to do such.

His clothing is also rather easy to move around in, despite how expensive it is, and as such unrestricted of his movements. His movements always have a purpose, and although he is not the most graceful of ninja, he always makes sure that his movements accomplish whatever task. He is, in fact, a bit of a klutz at times, and often trips over his own feet, and is known for ruining his expensive clothing, though rather than paying for a repair he fixes it himself, making them appear slightly messy at times. His eyes, although warm and welcoming most times, always go as hard and cold as a pair of icy daggers when he is angry, or fighting, something he cannot control, his emotions display clearly across his face and show what he is really feeling, so if he is angry it will show in how tense he is, if he's happy he will appear very perky, etc, he simply cannot help but display his emotions across his face

Personality :
Kaori is very sweet, a gentle person for the most part, loveable and kind despite the trials he has endured in the past. He hates to hurt other people, and would never hurt anybody too badly unless necessary. He is a bit of a tsundere towards those he has a crush on, mainly because most don't react well to the fact that he is, in fact, gay. The fact that he is attracted to other men has been a great source of pain to him in the past, so he hides it to avoid furthur pain. In private, however, he is very kind towards the men he likes, and often will give them small tokens of affection, or help them train in private, as a means of showing them he really does care. Kaori loves cute things, especially animals, and in fact has several pets of varying species, cats, dogs, he will take in almost any cute creature he finds that needs a home. He would like take in any person he found needing a home as well, due to his own history as a former street rat.

Kaori can, however, become rather rude and sarcastic at times, when he has been greatly angered. Pretty much the only time he would ever intentionally hurt someone, however, was if they hurt someone he cared about first. Kaori hates fighting, because of many painful encounters in his past, which caused him to turn towards healing rather than other ninja arts. Kaori has a deep rooted fear of drowning that comes from an accident when he was 12, though at the same time he loves water. He hates fire though, another great fear from the accident that gave him the huge scar that now graces the left side of his face.

When needed, Kaori becomes nearly a different person, able to fight and kill without batting an eye. He becomes a much stronger person, though he can be rather cruel and thoughtless this way. In this state, he cares little for others and hateful of nearly everything, unaware or uncaring of any pain he may cause, though he snaps out of it fairly easily, with a word from a fellow Uzushiogakure ninja. He is still highly caring, and will sacrifice himself for the village every single time. Whatever is needed to be done for the good of the village he will do without second thought, whether it be sacrificing himself, or sacrificing the few to save the many, he will always make the hard choice in order to protect his village. He will never allow the destruction of his village, and thus he will protect it to his last breath even in his most hateful of states. This village took him in when he has nowhere to go, so he feels as if he must keep it safe, to protect the ones who gave him everything back when he had nothing.

Parents : Rin(mother) and Kaname Yuki(father), both alive. Have not seen Kaori in 3 years.
Siblings :
-Kayde Yuki(brother,alive)
-Kenta Yuki(brother,alive)
-Shizuka Yuki (sister,deceased)
-Ren Yuki (brother,alive)

Mentors and Idols :
Eru Roraito (Mentor,deceased)
History : Kaori was born the youngest of 5 siblings, with 2 older brothers, and 2 older sisters. He was born to strict parents who only seemed to love his elder siblings, causing an intense rivalry between the siblings that made Kaori strive to be the best so that his parents would finally notice him. Around the age of 12 was when he first discovered that he seemed to like men instead of women. he had scretly developed a crush on a childhood friend of his, Takumi, finally realizing it the day Takumi saved him from drowning. Kaori had been on the bridge horsing around with Takumi when he started to fall over the edge of the railing. Takumi had been unable to hold on to Kaori, and both of them went over. Takumi had been lucky and landed safely in the water, but Kaori hadn't been as lucky and hit his head on the corner of a rock on his way down. Kaori was struck unconcious, and had begun to float downstream, pulled by the current. Takumi swam after him, taking what seemed like hours to reach him. After the boy had finally reached Kaori, he attempted to pull Kaori ashore. Takumi managed to get Kaori ashore, and called for help. His quick thinking had saved Kaori's life, and when Kaori woke up he realized all the feelings that had been hiding deep down in his heart. Two years later, his parents discovered his secret and threw him out. He was banned from seeing Takumi by Takumi's parents, and he was forced to live in the streets, scavenging to survive.

Eventually, a friendly ninja who was visiting town discovered Kaori and brought him to Uzushiogakure, where he was to spend the next 3 years training as a ninja. Kaori trained hard, but an accident with a fire jutsu during training made him realize he wasn't cut out for the kinds of jutsu that hurt people. He turned to healing jutsu, becoming quite the prodigy when it came to that field. After 3 years in the ninja acadamy at Uzushiogakure, he graduated, an excellent student who particularily excelled at Medical ninjutsu and Puppetry techniques. Now he has become an incredible young man, one who will sacrifice anything to protect his village, no matter what it costs him. It was not his abilities that made him Kage so much as his conviction, though his skills were indeed formidable. He was chosen because he was capable of making the hard choices, of doing what was best for the village whether people realized it or not. His skills had developed a great deal since he came to the acadamy, especially formidable in terms of Puppetry techniques, which he had spent time constantly developing as an alternative to hurting his opponents himself.

He became Chuunin fairly quickly after his graduation, his skills in Puppetry techniques aiding him in the Chuunin exams and allowing him to get to the end, though the rest of the team he had been assigned at the time didn't make it nearly as far. His Puppetry techniques saved him, as he almost didn't make it through the last challenge he had. He nearly died getting to Chuunin, though in his mind it was worth it in order to rise up the ranks in order to help the village more.

Jounin wasn't quite as hard for him as Chuunin had been, by then he had refined his abilities a great deal more, and had become very formidable in terms of medical ninjutsu as well as Puppetry techniques, though he still had a lot to learn. The jounin exams were still very difficult for him, however, and again he nearly didn't make it to the end, though he didn't end up nearly as beaten up as he had during the Chuunin exams. He did still land in the hospital for awhile, much to his own annoyance, as he had wanted to start as a Jounin ASAP. As It was, he had been stabbed quite brutally a few times, and needed to recover, as well as being burnt by more fire jutsu, scarring his arm up even more than it had been before.

Elder was the most difficult rank to achieve for Kaori. It was very strenuous training himself for this, his Kuchiyose summoning technique had been developed around this time in order to help him protect the village. His nymph contracts, particularily Lilela, came in handy around this time, not only in training but in setting up defenses for the village, their skills allowing Kaori to train, but also to protect his village and ensure the safety of his people as he did so, often travelling quite far to train with little fear, for he knew his nymphs had set up decent defenses to keep most minor threats and possibly some major out. This rank was very difficult for one main reason, however: he was thought to be far too young. This was his greatest barrier toward a becoming an elder, as he had to show a level of maturity and strength far greater than his own age should allow.

His medical techniques he had also developed a great deal, to the point where they were so powerful that were he to turn them into attacks that any ninja would be hard pressed to emerge unscathed, no matter who they were. These combined skills in these two particular fields were still developing, though combined were still formidable enough that if he had chosen he could have demolished the village. Rather than using them for harming his beloved village, however, he used them to protect the village from any harm, not allowing anything to hurt his village, or his villagers, eventually forming a pact with Nymphs, the spirits of nature, to ensure that his village would be safe. His contract with these nature spirits allowed for him to help lay defenses around the village, which would help keep out at least the smaller dangers such as wild Beasts. All of his hard work for the village was eventually recognized when he became the Kage, chosen for his conviction, and his efforts in protecting his village from those who wished to do the village harm.

Role Play Sample : Blue eyes narrowed in the pale frame that was the boy's face, as he took a step towards the man before him. "Do I look like a woman to you?" He asked in a threatening tone. The Jounin that stood before him had just made a dear mistake- he had thought Kaori to be a woman. The Shinobi shifted nervously, clearly not at ease now that Kaori seemed to be annoyed. "Because I can assure you, I am a man. I know I'm tiny, but that's no reason to think me a woman." The boy stopped just in front of the offending Jounin, his hard gaze landing on the older man's face. "Your name is?" He asked, with a cold tone that would make almost anybody freeze up. It was pretty ridiculous that such a small boy could be intimidating as this, but he was Kage for a reason. As he stared down the older man, he could clearly see him Sweating, uncomfortable at both the closeness and the annoyance of the Kage. "Kira Kagami, Lord." Came the response.

"Well then, Kira Kagami, what shall I do to you in response for you believing me to be a woman? Perhaps you need to be limited to Genin missions for awhile, hm?" Kaori had been teasing at first, but now, looking at the jounin, he was dead serious. "N-no lord, you are very manly, I was distracted by your reputation, and was not seeing clearly." Was the rather uneasy response from the jounin. "Good. But you're still being punished. You are restricted to only Genin missions for 2 weeks, and if you ever make the same mistake again it will be much harsher than this." Kaori moved even closer as he said this, until his face was directly in the other Shinobi's face, mere inches apart as his gaze continued to seemingly burn into the Jounin's skin, the way the jounin was reacting.

Kaori looked at the jounin, who merely nodded, looking as if he would rather kill himself than go on any genin missions, though he kept silent for his own sake. Kaori, who at that point was far less annoyed than he had been, tapped the Jounin's shoulder. His blue hair framing his pale face, he spoke, slowly and clearly. "Just because I am small, and delicate, does not give you the right to underestimate me. Remember that. Now go, before I make your punishment more severe." Commanded the boy, flicking his hand in a sign of clear dismissal. The ninja backed out of the office, as fast as he could. Kaori grinned at this, amused that the jounin was so scared of him. Now alone in his office, Kaori sighed as he looked at the stacks of paperwork he still had left to do. It was going to be another long night... Plunking down in his chair, Kaori pulled the stack of paperwork towards him and set to work. There were many issues he had to take care of, as the Uzushiokage, and though he loved being the Kage it was still his least favorite aspect of the job. The stack of paperwork was several feet high, and would take him all night to complete, he noted with another sigh.

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2 Re: かおり ゆき- Kaori Yuki on Sat May 13, 2017 12:19 pm

Sorry hun, Ibashi grabbed Takikage. Kusa and Uzushio are still open for the village leader position though.


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3 Re: かおり ゆき- Kaori Yuki on Sat May 13, 2017 6:47 pm



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4 Re: かおり ゆき- Kaori Yuki on Sat May 13, 2017 10:00 pm

Thank you for joining us here at Naruto Nexus and for participating in character creation during out beta. Enjoy the following.

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