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Ratna Aruna

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1 Ratna Aruna on Sat May 13, 2017 10:31 pm

Name : Aruna, Ratna
Gender : Male (Normal) Female (Dark Star)
Age : 17
Height : 5’ 2”
Weight : 120lbs
Eye Color : Deep Purple
Hair Color and Style : Ratna has chest length dark brown hair, with intermittent black strands within this. He tends to allow it to hang free, however sometimes he does put it up into a ponytail

Element(s) : Water, Void
Village : Uzushiogakure
Clan : Dark Star
Rank : Organization Leader (A)
Nindo : “Live, Learn, Evolve. Only through these things can one protect what they hold dear.”

Looks :
Ratna normally appears as a light skinned, slightly feminine young man. Slightly shorter than average, he has a lithe build made for running which supports his love of the outdoors and nature. His eyes are a bright purple and shine as though one was looking into the depths of a far off star. Chest length brown hair with a few black strands waves freely from his head, although in certain situations this is tied into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. His face is unblemished and still slightly rounded, however around his eyes deep purple lines reminiscent of wing eyeliner betray his status as a new Corruptant. Despite heavy use his hands are kept pristine and appear almost delicate, each bearing a blue polish. Often he wears higher end clothing, more to assure himself of his own confidence than to look good. Normally he garbs himself in blues and purples along with the occasional green and black, as he considers those his theme colors. Aside from his head and eyebrows, Ratna is naturally hairless, likely due to a side effect of his own chakra.
When entering his Dark Star form, Ratna is almost unrecognizable. His pale white skin becomes a dusky blue and purple, betraying it’s otherwordly nature. Delicate hands become sharpened vibrant claws and his long legs take on the color of the midnight sky. His chest blossoms, owing homage to his Corruptant Orianna, causing him to take on an overtly female appearance. While Ratna is accustomed to this form, having known it and learned to deal with it from birth, he often avoids trying to needlessly appear as such when possible.

Personality : Despite all of the potential for evil within Ratna, he is a rather cheerful young man with smiles to go around. Appearing as a cheerful young man, Ratna is one of the last people one might think to be a ninja. Detesting overt violence, Ratna is of the school of thought that while some deaths are necessary for the greater good, many can be avoided through the use of restraint and well placed words. As such, he lives out his days in a cheerful way, helping those in need in hopes that his small actions may set them on the right path. Through this he hopes that what he does will be enough to hold onto his grasp of his sanity.

Both through his own habits and the influence of the Corruptant Orianna, Ratna is a heavy scholar. Often he can be found studiously reading in some tucked away location or in the training fields, testing whatever theories he might have formulated. Despite this, he never lingers for too long on a subject, both out of impatience but also because he knows that to wait too long would be to invite the Dark Star within him to consume what it now knew.

Due to this, Ratna has never entered a very serious relationship. As such he has become rather free with his own self, having entered multiple relationships with both men and women in order to sate the desire of the voice within him but never staying too long in fear that lingering too long would provoke the evil inside of him. While being rather free with his own affections, it has also caused him to be afraid of entering relationships that serious of a nature. Friendships are okay in his book and he enjoys them as much as any other person, however he fears that he would lose control around the person that he puts on that pedestal and as such avoids such situations.

While normally Ratna appears in such a manner, causing him to be seen as a rather normal individual, he is one for setting work aside from play in a rather sudden and serious manner. Often his tendencies take a tone for the darker when on the clock, showing that he is much more willing to make moves that would normally be hesitated on when simply enjoying life. While is isn’t the type to suddenly go and begin a mass slaughter to get his jollies off, Ratna isn’t above the torture of enemies or harvesting of information from them by force and is fully ready to kill if forced to. Often Ratna is embarrassed if seen like this by other people, preferring that nobody sees his “business face”.

Parents : Fahr Aruna (Father, Alive) Himiko Aruna (Mother, Alive)
Siblings : N/A
Mentors and Idols : Tetsujin (Old Civilian Teacher, deceased) Orianna (Corruptant, active)
History : Ratna was born the child of Fahr and Himiko Aruna, a young couple from a minor village in Whirpool Country. While normally this child would be just a bundle of joy for the couple, upon seeing him they knew at birth that something was wrong. Iridescent purple marks surrounded the eyes of their newborn child, unlike anything they had seen before. Unsure of what this meant, the couple turned to a local scholar whom after months of discovery learned what was the issue. Ratna either had some really odd skin discoloration, or was a carrier of one of the Dark Star’s Corruptants.

Fearing that their son would grow up to be a being of destruction, they hid this information as he grew up. He was encouraged to do things such as stay indoors and learn his father’s trade as a carpenter. While he had rejected the second idea, he had been enraptured by the first one. By the age of six little Ratna had become a bibliophile, often toting around a bag full of heavy books and reading them wherever he could. While he had yet to make friends he wasn’t too concerned with it. He already had friends in his books. That, and the voice in his head.
What a nice voice it was. Always giving him new ideas, suggesting new things to study and learn about. He didn’t quite understand some of the other words that she would use after. What was “assimilate” or “disintegrate”? For that matter, what was a singularity? These were big words that the voice used, but Ratna dind’t mind as long as it didn’t bother him. It would never harm him, would it?

This was proven wrong at the age of nine. Ratna had been conducting his own experiment with the local wildlife, leaving food in a location over the course of weeks in order to see if any of them would grow friendly towards him. While most did not, as was the due course of a wild creature, eventually he found a single squirrel that would approach him and eat the food out of his hand voluntarily. Sometimes he would stroke it, because the voice wanted to know about the softness of its fur. Others he would hold one of its tiny paws to examine its claws. But the voice inside kept telling him that he needed to understand it more, examine deeper. He didn’t understand how he possibly could. “Let me show you.” The voice had said.

Ratna didn’t remember what happened after that. All he remembered was waking up and feeling that something was off. In the early dawn light he could barely see himself, but he knew that his body did not look this way. Finding that he had not only slaughtered just the squirrel but several other animals, whose entrails were around him in an unholy circle, but his appearance had been twisted to something dark. It was as though the depths of space had descended upon his very skin and transformed him into a monster. “Your true form.” The voice had said. But it was no longer as playful as it once was. Now it was calculative, robotic. As though it was examining him.

Ratna wept for a long time, face buried into his warped features. Eventually he was shaken out of his stupor by a light hand on the side of his shoulder. An old man stood next to him, watching him with sorrowful eyes. Now missing a beat, he offered the tired child sanctuary and perhaps a warm bath. Still crying, Ratna agreed to the hand and walked with him back to his house.

This man was Tetsujin, the old scholar who Ratna’s parents had contacted upon his birth. As Ratna washed the dirt off of him, he was captivated by the old man’s words. He spoke to him of the findings he had found on what he now knew to be his clan. As he listened he felt his soul calm and without him even consciously realizing it, had returned to his human appearance. Not bothering to inform Ratna, the man went on. The day was spent with him telling the child about the Dark Stars and the fragmented stories told by past Corruptants of their creators. After the day was done Ratna thanked Tetsujin and left for home, where he was embraced tearfully by his parents. Telling them that he had gotten lost in the woods, he decided not to inform them of what had really happened. In the dark of the night, he had asked the question to the voice. “What is your name?” A pause. Then, a single word, whose weight was greater than the sum of its parts. “Orianna.”

Over time Ratna returned to the house of Tetsujin, seeking to learn more about the Dark Stars. While he was chagrined to know that the scholar knew little more of his dark heritage, he instead was happy to instruct him on other life lessons. Things such as the meaning of singularity, or why it was that certain clouds appeared before a rainy day. Sometimes he would have him do basic chakra control techniques and the old man would watch. “While you may not be a ninja,” the old man would say, “Chakra is a part of your body, like a muscle. One must never ignore the body for the mind, instead treating each equally well.” On other days the two would practice tai chi in the forest, which while Ratna was never particularly good at he was happy to do.

One day, around his twelfth birthday, he had been sitting in Tetsujin’s kitchen when the man had came back, holding a half full cup of tea he had been refilling. For once the man was quiet, looking Ratna up and down. He had grown, he realized. While still holding many of the qualities of childhood, he held a knowledge that hadn’t been present in the blind consumption of information previously and a discipline that most his age didn’t have. “So Ratna.” The old man said. “Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up?” Ratna paused. “No,” He had finally replied. “But I don’t want to be a carpenter like my father, or a seamstress like my mother. I’ve tried, but I could never be satisfied with that.” Tetsujin nodded sagely.

“I understand. Not to demean your parents line of work, but artisan and construction work doesn’t seem like someone of your mental caliber would do with themselves. But, I think I know what you could be.” Ratna listened closer. “I want you to understand this. There is nothing more that I could teach you that could be considered useful for your life. But, I’ve seen the books you’ve been reading. Medical science, the study of the elements. I would teach you these things but...I’m old Ratna. Soon I will shuffle off this mortal coil and the world will be rid of me.” Ratna’s eyes widened. “Don’t be so surprised. It had to happen eventually. Instead, I think you should pursue a shinobi career. Even if you decided that you don’t want to be a combatant, support ninja are always welcome and a sharp mind like yours would be welcome in the research and development labs. He handed him a sealed letter, which he was told not to open. Within it was supposedly a recommendation to the Uzushiogakure Ninja Academy, which would be more than enough to get him in compared to the standard fee or interview. Unsure of the whole idea, Ratna accepted the envelope.

Tetsujin passed away in his sleep six months later of natural causes. After a brief mourning period Ratna had decided that he had learned all he could in his small village and that it was time to set his sights on something greater. After a tearful goodbye to his parents Ratna hit the road to Uzushiogakure, letter in hand. Upon arrival he quickly unloaded his bags at the apartment of a distant cousin of his mother's. Apparently he would be allowed to stay there as while he had paid for the apartment he was often in other countries and as such didn’t show up there. With the promise of keeping the house clean, Ratna settled into the apartment.

After being accepted into the academy through Tetsujin’s recommendation, Ratna graduated at the age of thirteen, having shown a penchant for ninjutsu techniques during his brief stay there. Going through the program with ease, Ratna was noted for having talent, although it was recommended that he socialized more with others. A year later he passed the exam with above average mark and dove into his studies, feeling that it was his duty to do so in Tetsujin’s memory. Anothers years worth of C and D rank missions eventually sent him to the Chunin exams, which he was able to pass albeit with a modicum of effort, being rather reluctant to use his Void release on opponents.

During this time Ratna had moved out and got his own apartment. Now fourteen, he had begun to experiment outside of just the ninja world, instead making his own little projects as he went. How fast could he make friends with a person from a given profession? Which strays responded better to fish, orange cats or brown ones? Sometimes he had attempted to enter relationships with others, but found them unfulfilling. As much as he enjoyed the company of others and cherished that kind of closeness, it couldn’t be maintained. Male, female, it didn’t matter to the voice within him. “Learn from them.” The voice within him said. “Then, obliterate.” Needless to say this deterred him from setting up any long term commitments with others besides a long lasting friendship.

Wanting to distract himself from his own personal problems, Ratna dove deeper into the ninja arts. Using books to teach him what he could not understand, Ratna eventually came to study a great deal of medical techniques. While ninja on the surface were all about flashy attacks and such, who ever thought of the silent person in the background, saving the lives of the fallen? It was a noble thing to study, and an invaluable asset on a team. All the while the whispers within him grew greedy at the prospects of the darker side of this branch of techniques. Ignoring it, he continued to live his life.

After the end of his fifteenth year of life Ratna had returned from a particularly hard train of solo A ranked missions with a single added S while also providing disaster relief, Ratna was promoted to Jounin rank. Feeling undeserving of the rank, as he felt that just because he had been a good person it didn’t mean he had to be rewarded from it, he once again threw himself into study again. Ignoring the whispers behind his back of being a shut it Ratna once again began his research, sharpening his mind and skills to higher levels of mastery than he had thought reachable before. Before he had even realized it, he had been speaking on the level of professionals who had been his rank for decades and in some cases proving to be even more well read than they. Renowned for his knowledge, if not for his prowess in fighting, he began to garner a reputation as the “odd scholar.” While he didn’t particularly care for the title, he took it in stride and continued with his life.

Unbeknownst to Ratna, he had begun to be considered for a certain position. As with all ninja, upon reaching the jounin rank certain people began to watch his actions for qualifications befitting him of the rank of elder. While normally he would be overlooked due to his rather young age, his apparent studiousness combined with the rise of another similar ninja who had broken the status quo forced them to take him a bit more seriously. Ratna, not knowing a thing about this, continued on with his usual life activities, eventually picking up an additional subject in the form of taijutsu, feeling that his current repertoire was far too limited in what he was currently capable of. Watching the jounin continue to struggle on and improve where others would have stopped and stagnated long before, the decision eventually came to allow Ratna into the ranks of the Elder. While not quite certain about being called one, considering that he wasn’t that old at all, Ratna took it in seeming stride. At the same time, while he was pleased, within him an anxiety began to slowly resurface. What would be expected of him, now that he was in such a position? Aware of all the eyes that are beginning to scrutinize him even further, Ratna walks along his path to better himself.

Role Play Sample :

(A bit of an oldie, complete with improbably medical science. Names omitted since they belong to other people)

“You know, this goes a bit beyond morally dubious.”

“Of course I know. After all, you and I are the same person.”

That was Garnet to his clone, the both of them currently in his sizable mansion. Currently they were residing in his own personal medical bay, which he had installed both for emergency purposes if for whatever reason he was holed up in there for whatever reason along with the fact that it could be used for some...let’s say controversial research that would be better left outside of the public's knowledge until it was completed. Today was one of those days he was using it for the latter. Oh, fun.

Before him, perfectly preserved through the use of technology and some clever usage of temperature chakra, was the body of (omitted). Currently the deceased man appeared to have an expression of peace on his face, arms crossed and eyes closed as though he were a pharaoh sleeping in the tomb. He might have made a pun about that, but this he would treat with reverence. He might not have known the man well, but he had served dutifully during his time.

One of the most hushed up topics in the medical science community was the science of bloodlines. Genetic mutations within certain clans which caused them to develop special and unique abilities, often which lead to the benefit of the user. Now, while an outsider might assume that as such information on them would be shared freely in hopes of advancing the general public's knowledge on them the truth was far from it. Many clans were known for guarding their secrets jealously, flaunting them to outsiders but never acknowledging what made them tick, the intricacies behind it. It was frustrating to him for multiple reasons.

Truth to be told, Garnet could have cared less about them in the past. While not coming from a clan necessarily, his family had a little bit of history behind them although this was mostly for their deeds as treasure hunters. Not for some sort of odd quirk which made them powerful, no theirs was solely on merit. He had dismissed them as peacocks, unworthy of any close examination. But now that he was the leader, the one who stood at the top as the symbol of Iceberg, he saw things differently. In the clans he saw a resource, one incredibly powerful if used correctly but also incredibly volatile, in a sense. Approaching them directly for a collaboration would almost certainly be met with harsh rebuttal unless he already had proven results and grounded theory that would prove it to be in their benefit as well. But how was he to garner those prerequisites without being able to test anything in the first place? And herein lay the dilemma.

In front of his eyes was a fresh, dead body of the Kaguya clan. While he already had a vague grasp on how they operated, after gaining the memories of the man through his top secret In Memoriam technique he had to say he was surprised. A chakra mutation which caused the recipient to be able to create themselves an abnormal bone structure, making it useful for increasing the natural durability of a ninja. Wouldn’t that be useful? A squishy ninja harder to take down just due to them being genetically disposed against it, or a tanky one even more unbearably difficult to vanquish because of the same reason. Of course, that would only apply if they could even obtain it. Thus, the current proceedings.

The body of (omitted) had been drained of its blood, as would be standard in the process of preserving a corpse, however of those ten pints currently one was in a blood bag, ready for transference. Oh, this would be fun in the sense that it would not be fun whatsoever. While the current theory on the transplant of bloodlines were sketchy at best and completely unfounded at the worst, it was generally agreed upon that it would require some form of genetic material from the donor to work. While some might assume that it would be bone, as in this case the Kaguya clan’s techniques centered around them, Garnet doubted this. Otherwise they would probably be much more careful about leaving their bones around when they fought with them on the battlefield. So what else? An organ transplant seemed almost overkill in this case, so perhaps a blood transplant? While it was sketchy at best, it it worked the results would be revolutionary. Problem was, he needed a human test subject.

That left him, in this case. With a clone to monitor his condition while he was asleep, and Wolf upstairs in case anybody came along to his house for whatever reason, he was all set. While normally he would be okay with being awake for this, he wasn’t quite sure how the feeling of having your very biological make up edited would feel so he would opt to sit this one out. Signalling for his clone to give him a shot of anesthesia he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling the slightest prick in his arm as he did so.

As the sun set Garnet awoke, feeling a dull ache in his body as he slowly but surely rose from his bed. He noted that the body of (omitted), which had been on the table next to him, was now put away presumably back in the cold freezer it had been in before. Not even a hole where the needle had been, no doubt a result of his own superior constitution and the attendings of his clone. Said clone was currently at his side, helping him steady himself in the meantime.

“Looks to be a success, boss.” The clone said. “Considering that you aren’t having acute kidney failure and the like. Suppose we’ll see the results in the meantime.” The clone paused. “Although I doubt we’ll see any results this quickly. Probably would take a little time to activate. I suppose for now we’ll just wait and see what time brings us, right?” Garnet nodded to his clone, who smiled back at him before dispelling. Odd thing it was, talking to himself. Stretching his limbs rewarded him with a bit more feeling in his limbs as he exited the room to go feed Wolf. No point in holing himself up like a creeper. The world would continue, just as he would. No matter how terrible the things he would do, he could only move forwards. Not just for himself.

For the village.

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All Finished!

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Organization Leaders will be A rank

Fix that and approved

+1 Combat Skill/Basic/Specialty Point


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Thank you so much!

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