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Missions Template

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1Finished Missions Template on Mon May 22, 2017 4:13 am

Yui Nara



Missions and Jobs are what brings in money for any Shinobi Village. Here on Naruto Nexus missions work in a different manner. There are Local missions which are only available to a specific village and Global missions which are potentially available to every village.

Local missions are created by the Village Leaders or Jounin Ranking Shinobi. These missions are for things involving the village directly such as internal matters. For Example, a Mission to patrol the village perimeter would be a Local mission. Repairing the village walls or buildings would be a Local mission. Local Missions can be repeated on the weekly basis by every member of the village. These missions pay considerably less but completing these missions do count towards mission count requirements for Rank-ups and Event Conditions such as the Chuunin Exams.

Global missions
are created primarily by the Staff. These missions are job requests that come from outside the village or jobs from the Feudal Lords. For Example, clearing out bandits that have been raiding a village will be a Global mission. Repelling enemy nation soldiers for the Feudal lord would be a Global Mission. These missions pay much more and is what primarily brings in money for the village.

The Exact details of how they work can be found in our >>>"Missions and Ryo System."<<<

Mission Alias: Name of the operation/mission/assignment

Name of the Client/Organization/Group

Rank: Rank of the operation/mission/assignment
-Global/Local: Local or Global Mission
Word Count: Word count requirement to complete.
Ryo Reward: Ryo reward, any other rewards.
-Gold Reward: Gold reward for Global Missions
Description: Nature of the mission, get descriptive, build a narrative.
-Important Notes: Anything important worth of note, enemies, client information, additional requirements.


[b]Mission Alias:[/b][/size][i]

[b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Ryo Reward:[/b]
 [i]-Gold Reward:[/i]
 [i]-Important Notes:[/i]

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