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Mao Kazeki

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1Finished Mao Kazeki on Sat May 27, 2017 9:41 am

Name : Kazeki, Mao
Gender : Female
Age : 16yr
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 120lbs
Eye Color : Purple/pink
Hair Color and Style : Long silvery pinkish hair that flows down just passed her waist. Most of her hair is not braided and silky smooth. Parts of her hair is braided, one large braid on her left side.

Clan: Kazeki Clan

"The answer appears for those who seek it."

Looks: Mao is a young woman of average height, a mild five feet and five inches tall. She weighs a fair one hundred and twenty pounds with a petite bodyframe. Her skin complexion is that of a slightly pale or porcelain. Her eyes are a purplish pink hue that compliments her silvery pink hair quite well. Her hair being silvery pink, is silky smooth and course. The length of her hair extends just passed her waist and is mostly unbraided: her hair does have one full length long braid on the left side of her hair.
Her clothing consists of a standard genin attire, though her casual clothing is more to the style of her clan's standards. In a normal situation, whether on a mission or in the village doing something where others see her, she wears clothing more to the standard of a shinobi. From the bottom up, she wears black leather steeltoe boots that reach up to the middle of her shin with zippers along the inside of her legs. Over her boots, she wears loosely fitted grey pants with slightly flared bottoms. A black sash stretches across her petite waist with a grey medallion positioned to her center waist. On the medallion is engraved "royal" bearing the significance within her family's lineage. Her torso is covered with a grey long sleeve shirt, the sleeves of the shirt are loose and extend several inches passed the tips of her fingers with flared openings. On the back of her shirt is the crest of her family's clan, large and emblazoned with black ink.

  • Quiet: Raised a single child of her parents, she took on a silent personality. Whether she had words or not to speak, she always chooses her words wisely and only speaks whenever necessary or during very important situations. Often she uses singular words to speak and reply to others.
  • Antisocial: Going along with her quiet nature, she is also distant to others and connections. She prefers to be quiet and distant in both physical and emotional state of others. She feels that she is less vulnerable when relying on others. She goes out of her way and to great lengths to avoid people as much as possible.
  • Observant: Though quiet and antisocial, it doesn't mean she doesn't pay attention. Fewer words spoken and less actual interest involved, means she has much more time in observing others and the environment. Due to this detached and yet dedicated observation of others and situations, she is unbais in most cases and does not become clouded by morals or tough choices. Her actions and thoughts are based on cold calculative decisions for the quickest and or most efficient methods. She keeps a book on her person, a small notebook which she writes down important information, as well as personal notes and her own artwork.
  • Curious: Curiously enough with how quiet and distant she remains from others. She is insatiably curious. Be it a mysterious person, tidbit of information, or even a remote location that she has never explored before: all of which and many more things drives her to great lengths to discover secrets, truths and answers. She wants to know how things work, how others think and how to find answers to mysteries. In her free time, she spends it tinkering or observing situations that others might find unusual or boring.
  • Obsessive: Hand in hand with her curiosity, she is quite obsessive with things of her interest. This includes things she is curious about, but also the things of her personal convictions. Once her mind is set on discovering, solving or overcoming something, she becomes obsessed and obstinate, stubborn and unrelenting in accomplishing the challenge. Once she has accomplished that, she seeks out another such challenge to keep her mind sharp and her curiosity sated.

Parents: Father- Rei Kazek, Mother-Vex Kazeki
No siblings
Mentors and Idols:
Vex Kazeki
The history of Mao Kazeki is that of a sad tragic one, but only at birth. While in the womb of her mother, she was one of two twins. Twins within the Kazeki family are extremely rare and only ever realized every four or five generations. As far back as the clan has recorded, there were only two other cases of twins being born. Her clan celebrated the luck of Mao's parents, Rei and Vex: for being blessed with twins. Their luck however was very unlucky, for during the period of pregnancy where the twins were to separate and become their own beings; Mao's body stole all of the nutrients from her sibling. She grew strong and healthy, while her sibling slowly dwindled and eventually died inside the womb of their mother. All of those nutrients from Mao's sibling's corpse, was converted and used to nourish Mao up until she was conceived.

At birth, she and what remained of her sibling was born together. Though her parents were stricken with grief that one of their children died, they cherished their little girl. Her mother named her Mao, as she was the "rel" or "genuine" child, the child which was meant or destined to be born. To the clan however, it was a bad omen. Twins were so rare and special, that they saw Mao's birth as an abomination. Some believed that the little girl would amount to nothing in life: others believed she would be far worse than her mother was when she had been a shinobi.

Mao was born of the main family however, royal and above the influence and reproach of those lesser than her. She grew up loved but sheltered by her parents in the royal family's section of their clan. She was given respect by all, but talked and gossiped about constantly behind closed doors.

When she was old enough to wield a sword, she was given a ceremonial blade which was to be used for instruction of their clan ways. She had always watched and admired her mother Vex wield the sword- elegant and smoothly flowing like water. Though her mother had given up the shinobi life, their clan ways were about the sword and her mother never gave up the way of the blade. Even during pregnancy, she had kept up her sword practice.

Now that Mao was old enough to learn the ways of the sword, her mother Vex took it as her personal goal to teach her daughter everything she knew about swordsmanship. Mao's father, nowhere as good as his wife, left all the training to Vex and instead focused on Mao's physical fitness, preparing her body for the life of wielding the sword.

Their clan ways aside, Mao attended shinobi academy like every other child and graduated with little effort. Thus began her life as a Genin shinobi n servitude to the village of Kusagakure. In her clan, she was treated as a princess, pampered and sheltered from mishap and disapproval: her life as a Genin differed greatly. To those outside her clan, she was just another girl, though the smarter ones knew of her clan and made it a practice to not entice the wrath of the Kazeki clan.

Role Play Sample:
Sample from elsewhere:
A desolate village, that was the most accurate way to describe the once powerful Village of Heaven's Blossom. Some unknown entity had sent out undying monstrous shinobi to all of the prominent villages for simultaneous attacks. To the shinobi world, it had come to light to all, that two of the five great nations had been utterly annihilated. One became an unmarked grave for countless corpses: the other, became nothing at all. Some powerful person had simply wiped away every trace of the village of Galahad. Where once people knew the village to stand, not a single stone remained. It was a tragedy, one Rei knew all too well- especially after witnessing the destruction to her own village. It was better to have been completely annihilated though: Galahad's destruction left not a single trace of building or corpse. If one hadn't known where that village once stood, they never would have guessed that a village had been built there.

It was different for Heaven's Blossom though. Four explosions had happened in a timed manner, carefully controlled and positioned for maximum distance and damage. While the entire village had been killed and the buildings in ruins- most of the corpses had been destroyed as well. Looking high and low, far and wide, it would be almost impossible for a looter to find a corpse of worth. Specifically, that was referred to the Uchiha and their secrets. Sarah and Rei had gone through ordeals to slaughter nearby looters, bandits, thugs and thieves: if any secret of the Uchiha did remain to be taken, the thieve would pay with his life. Little did Rei know, that there was already someone within the ruins of the village and going about finding some corpses in a rather... smart manner. You see, the village was destroyed and just about everything around and associated with it. But there was a graveyard, like all villages had in one way, shape or form. The village explosion had robbed all life, but remnants of the graveyard remained. Once one realized this, it was only a matter of time before someone managed to exhume a valuable corpse by grave robbery.

Heaven's Blossom had been destroyed. Some might question as to why its inhabitants hadn't properly defended their homeland. Some would accuse the survivors that they didn't care about their village: that wasn't the case. The survivors had simply been away from the village at the time, had no way of knowing of the attack and of course, were busy themselves defending another allied village they were currently in. If one would accuse them of not caring for their village, given the situation and circumstances, they'd be a damned fool. There had in fact, been two Uchiha at Heaven's Blossom at the time- who had somehow miraculously survived the explosion. Apparently there had been bad blood between the two and their teamwork was terrible, for the one who caused the explosion, hadn't even needed to fight back. A blood match had taken up between those two Uchiha, one died and the other left without a care. Of course Rei didn't know these things, but god did- and surely he was shaking his head that his own creations, family ties or not, couldn't unite for a greater cause as to avenge their fallen friends, family and comrades.

While some had gone about it all wrong and focused on their egos, three individuals at least had taken it upon themselves to do the right thing. Two out of three of those individuals were by no means, polite or friendly people. They would be considered the worst of the worst, murderers and psychopaths. Sadists and careless killers, but that didn't mean they couldn't feel- albeit one of those two had a hard time feeling emotions. They both had friends, family, comrades and precious memories of the village and its inhabitants. Losing all of that in a single night, was enough to cripple most people. Where once they had been members of a mighty clan, feared and respected as one of the five great nations: now they were vagabonds, no home and no village to rest their weariness in. With their land and village destroyed, it was only a matter of time until someone else saw it as an opportunity to benefit from. Whether it was another village and its mighty pompous rulers, or highway bandits, it made no difference. There were yet survivors of the proud Uchiha clan and they would exact their revenge in whatever way, shape or form they deemed fit.

The day this happened upon, was a rainy and dreary day. Dark and gloomy, full of the despair and death that filled the air. Where once laughter and honest work had filled the air, now only the eerie silence of their morbid absence, echoed painfully in the ears of Rei Uchiha as the heavy storm and rain drowned out those memories. She was soaked head to toe, Rei had been patrolling the ruins of the village all day. That was when the storm had broken loose and poured down the rain as though it were the blood of the fallen upon the land. Since her arrival back in her homeland, she had met two of the survivors, but she knew of the third. Jianyu, Sarah and Riv. Among those, Sarah and Riv, Rei had seen with her own eyes upon the lands after the destruction. Jianyu had been with Rei in Carpathia at the time, so she knew without a doubt that he was alive and somewhere close by. The two of them had promised to go to Heaven's Blossom together after all. Apparently, Rei had arrived before Jianyu. She had met Riv and Sarah since her arrival: though it was unknown where Sarah was currently, Rei knew where Riv was.

Riv had been a younger skilled D Rank shinobi in Heaven's Blossom and a fellow clansmen of the Uchiha. Rei had met her when she herself had been lamenting the loss of the village: such a compelling and serious event had altered their perception of how they viewed the world. Little did they know, that event had began a downward spiral of inner and outer conflict and turmoil that would soon awaken the darkness festering within their souls. If there was indeed a god and he was watching from above: some would say he was a benevolent being. Others would say he was a vain creature who only enjoyed the travesties of his entertaining creatures. Rei believed neither. To her, a god was simply a goal. A goal to surpass. She cared nothing for riches, glory or infamy: she only cared for the thrill of battle- and who better to give her a proper thrill, than someone considered omnipotent and omniscient? Call her crazy, for that she was- but Rei could not be bothered by such things as mortal will, tapped potential and impossibilities. There simply was and wasn't. There was the will and there was the way- and there was that which was impossible, yet still held a will. Only a coward would shy away from something that seemed impossible... that was how legends were born after all. Cowards refusing to face something they feared- then one fool would challenge that very concept of impossibility and prove victorious.

Though the Uchiha were small in number now, nearly extinct with only one male to sire the newer generation- they would not bow their heads to anyone. Nor would they allow themselves to fall by the hands of the mighty and pompous, nor the foolery of thieves and bandits in droves and hordes. Riv, you awake? Get up, someone has disturbed the peace of our sleeping clansmen. Rei said suddenly over the loud rain and crashing thunder as she bent low to stood under a low rising doorway to a house which had sunken in the ground. Out of all the buildings, this one was one of the few which still possessed living accommodations and protection from the elements. That was to say, two of the rooms at least: the other half of the house was gone from the explosion. Rei and Riv had found each other and decided to band together for now until their village and clansmen were properly taken care of. Rei used one room for her quarters while Riv used the other.

The "disturbance" Rei had spoken of, was that very thing that Rei had thought of only recently and decided to check upon. The graves of their recently deceased. From what remains had been left, the survivors had buried at the graveyard. Rei often patrolled the graveyard to ensure there was no grave robbery. Yet today, of all days, during the heavy storm and rain- someone had dug up two of the graves. Not just any grave either: one of the graves belonged to Rei's father Yamamoto. Although Rei didn't know Riv's family too well, they were all related and everyone knew of each other in the village- so Rei knew and understood the implications of the second grave robbery as well. Not only had the robber dug up Rei's father, but one of Riv's family members as well. Call it coincidence, divine entertainment or whimsical circumstances, but the two present and protecting the ruined village, were the two which had their families disturbed, dug up and stolen.

Rei was calm, at least on the outside. She always did her best to depict a clam head and callous cold logic- only recently had she been experiencing and struggling with her emotions. Inward, she found that she suffered from her blood boiling. She was enraged with indignation and did not yet understand the feeling. While Riv was to prepare, Rei prepared herself. Not only did she mentally go over the details she had found at the scene of the crime, but she also prepared herself physically. Before, while patrolling, it had been hot, so Rei had worn nothing but a cloak. In hindsight, that was a mistake because now that someone had stolen their clan secrets and directly important corpses to her and Riv: Rei had to take the time and prepare her clothe and weaponry to confront the scumbag robber.

Rei said robber, because it was just one grave robber who had taken the corpses. The footprints in the fresh mud indicated such: though escaping with two corpses on foot would prove difficult for the perpetrator. Rei and Riv would easily catch up to this thief once they were adequately prepared. We'll be going after the thief who stole the corpses shortly. was all Rei said, as she yelled from her room to inform the young Uchiha girl of their plan. It was better for the time being that Riv knew nothing about her family member being stolen. It would only destabilize her emotions and possibly make things more difficult. 

Rei dropped her soaking wet cloak to the floor, a single lantern lighting the dark room. Her room had no windows and only a door that led to Riv's room which lead to the outside. A couple sparse lamps had been found and used to light their rooms and provide them with some relief from the darkness. Naked Rei stood before her bed, all her clothes and weapons laid out before her neatly on the bed as she began to pick each piece of in succession and put it on. First, her black silky panties and then her skin tight black leather pants with three metal buckles which criss-crossed loosely over her luscious hips in a form of fashion. Then she strapped on her 44DD bra, also black and silky: very comfortable and effectively supported her heavy boobs. With that, she threw on her black leather jacket and only zipped it up halfway. She wore no shirt and her cleavage could be seen quite clearly even from fifteen feet away. Black sockets under black leather steel toed boots covered her feet. With her clothes on, she slipped on Erebus, her arms-length silk glove weapons easily mistaken as simple harmless gloves for a fashion statement.

With her clothing on, she pulled her hair into a tight bun since it was raining. A red ribbon adorned her bun to keep it tied tight and her hair out of her face. She reached down on the bed and pulled up the long slivered needle sword Nuibari. It was a prize she had gotten and would soon prove useful in a poetic justice kind of way. Finally, all ready, Rei barged into Riv's room without concern for the girl's privacy and laid serious eyes on the younger girl. It's time to go. The thief has escaped through the woods on the southern side of the forest. His tracks can be seen in the mud leading that direction, so be on your guard and look carefully. He cannot be allowed to escape with our clan secrets. she said to the girl, her eyes crimson with the fully matured sharingan as she looked at Riv and expected the girl to be ready to move out. Needless to say, this perpetrator and thief would die this day.

Whenever Riv was ready, the two would leave the makeshift home. Once outside, Rei would activate her signature move LRA. The lightning would takeover her body and then turn an unnatural black form of lightning. With each step she took in the direction of the villain, she activated Hachimon. Gate one, adding 50% to her strength(345), Gate two, adding 30% to her strength(448.5) and replenishing chakra from LRA. Gate three, adding 60% to her speed(640) and turning her skin red. Gate four, adding 80% strength(807) and 70% speed(1,088). Gate five, adding 86% strength(1,501.5) and speed(2,023.6). Gate six, adding 90% to strength(2,852) and speed(3,844). Finally, stopping the Gates after Gate seven, adding 95% to strength(5,563) and speed(7,497). A massive surge of power erupted from Rei as she took these steps, her skin turning red, black steam(due to the green sweat steam mixing with her black lightning armor and evaporating off her body to give off a black steamy color). And lastly, the rain around her immediate area began to swirl with her surge of power, creating a vortex of rainy water that continually built up around Rei who was standing close to Riv.

She would try to grab Riv, who likely wouldn't try to shy away from Rei. Riv had been nearly killed once by Rei's LRA Elbow and since then made a full recovery. During that recovery time however, Rei had ensured to assert herself over the young Uchiha girl like an affectionate older sister. If Riv didn't pull away or resist, Rei would grab Riv and pull her close to her body, nearly suffocating the young girl in her large open bosom'd jacket. Rei focused her black lightning armor far enough away to have the girl safely within Rei's reach without being affected by the lightning. The lightning aura armor was positioned a foot or so away from Rei's body, meaning that Riv had to stay glued to Rei to avoid being damaged. This was a means of both protecting Riv as much as helping her keep up with Rei's speed. For now until they found their target, Riv could remain glued to Rei's sexy body and safe inside the LRA while Rei did all the work. 

With this hopefully accomplished without too much complaining from the younger Uchiha girl, Rei would speak before taking off. I will be moving very fast, so hold on tight and use your sharingan to look behind us and ensure Ive not missed anyone, nor let anyone sneak up behind us. she instructed, more so explaining the plan than ordering Riv around. With her plan explained, Rei took off with a sudden dash of her foot- in one instant she was there, and the next, she was gone with two consecutive booms of breaking the sound barrier as she took off. The wind and rain in the area was disturbed and sent shock waves outward as Rei carried Riv and ran in the direction of the villain, her sharingan eyes taking in every detail as she passed in her attempt to find the soon-to-be dead grave robber. You died foolishly for my mistakes father... at least allow me to atone by placing you back to rest. she told herself, unknowingly trying to console that emotional part of her mind that she didn't fully understand. 

With Rei's incredible and unmatched speed, coupled with LRA's protective shield aura and her sharingan: Rei was able to cover much ground- in terms of movement and monitoring. Whatever falling rain, tree branches, rocks or bushes were in her way, she boulder-charged through them with incredible power. The robber hadn't gotten too far, his footsteps in the soft grassy mud of the forest would be his downfall as Rei covered the distance in mere seconds. Finally, she found the man- carrying the two corpses, one under each arm as he made his way away from the desolate village- likely thinking himself safe and entertaining his thoughts with ways to use and abuse the Uchiha's secrets. His pompous smug attitude and seemingly careless abandon for his own life would be his downfall. Her black lightning had enhanced her Lightning Release Armor's power by an additional 300, meaning instead of the normal 200 first post, her armor has an endurance of 500 and increases by another 100 in the next post(totaling to 600). Little did the man know, he would be dying quite soon, for Rei held many nasty surprises.

As Rei closed in the distance, she felt something in her heart. She knew of the sadness and pain: she was beginning to understand the rage and indignation of having her father dug up and stolen- but there was more. Something felt good within her. Little did she know, it was a feeling of peace. She possessed unparalleled power, obtained through her hard works and the sacrifice of her parents so that she could continue living on. The fact that she could no wuse this power to vindicate her eternally sleeping father, gave Rei hope that things would one day repair themselves and the uchiha would be great again. As one of the few surviving females of the clan, she understood her duty to repopulate the shinobi world with her cursed children. There was only one man worthy of breeding such a violent and sexy woman: she would use this opportunity to her advantage to get one over on Jianyu and force him to accept responsibility as the new father of their clan. But that would come later, for now- there was someone to murder and how Rei loved to murder.

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