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Kazeki Clan

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1Finished Kazeki Clan on Sat May 27, 2017 12:10 pm

Kazeki Clan
Name: Kazeki(Wind Demon)
Founder: Asura Kazeki
Location: Land of Swamps

History: The history of the Kazeki clan is mostly shrouded in mystery, not from the clan, but from outsiders. Outsiders being anyone not born of or married into the clan. Even as a part of Kusagakure, the history and secrets of the Kazeki clan are highly classified. Only the Kage would be allowed to have information on them.

The beginnings of the Kazeki clan date back to many generations before the current time. The timeline is somewhat unclear even to the Kazeki clan, but what is know for sure is that during a great calamity, the forefather of their clan was blessed with an uncanny talent with the wind element. The story goes that he defeated a vile demon by using ts terrible winds against it to finally slay the demon. Upon defeating the demon, he was marked as the victor and given the ability to control the winds just as the demon had.

All of his offspring from then on, were born with the seal. Those of the clan who married outside the clan and had children, gave birth to the Minor family. Those of the clan who stayed pure blooded and married within the clan, gave birth to the Royal family. Every generation afterwards was defined by their lineage and given appropriate duties, whether in servitude to the Royal family, or governing and teaching of the Royal family to the Minor family.

The history and customs keep the two parts of the Kazeki family close, connected and loyal. Respect and honor are praised and valued more highly than riches. Those who act disgracefully and deny their position in the family, are outcasts and ostracized. The Royal family governs the matters concerning the whole clan and is in charge of teaching the Minor family the clan's techniques. The Minor family is in charge of protecting the Royal family, the Minor family also serves as the army of the clan as a whole, while the ROyal family acts as the Generals for their small army. 

Things operate more in a military-like fashion than casual families. All family members wear a medallion on their waist which indicates whether they are Royal or Minor family members. The medallion also indicates their rank within the Minor family. The Royal family has no varying ranks because they are all considered equal by their pure blood. The rank of Minor family is divided into four categories. Royal Guard, Assault Corpse, Intelligence Division, Covert Operations.


Royal Guard: The Royal Guard's name is exactly as it implies. While all of the Minor family is responsible for protecting the Royal family, the Royal Guard's sole purpose in the clan is to protect the Royal family by serving beside them. When a Royal family member is born, the Minor Family's closest in age to the newborn is selected to serve as the Royal family member's personal bodyguard. Typically the two are born around the same time and ages can vary by a few years. The Royal Guard's life is raised strict and trained heavily in both combat and etiquette. They are the Royal family's personal guard and in many cases, the closest or best friend.

Assault Corpse: The Assault Corpse is the largest and most powerful of the Minor family. They are considered the "body" of the Kazeki clan's military might. Brought up as soldiers and trained in warfare, the Minor family assigned to the Assault Corpse are most familiar with direct combat.

Intelligence Division: The Intelligence Division differs slightly from the other three sections of the Minor family. While they still serve directly to the Royal family: their sole purpose is intelligence gathering. They are the spies of the clan: they are in charge of monitoring everything within and involving the clan. Essentially they are the law, the voice and will of the Royal family. They ensure justice is met, as well as govern the punishment of the Minor family who break the clan's rules. In many cases, they are responsible for judging the Royal family's laws as well. This is the only exception in power between the two sides of the family.

Covert Operations: Mostly known as Covert Ops, this section of the family are the assassins. Not only are they assassins, but they are the hand of the Intelligence Division. If the I.D calls for a mark on a target, it is the Covert Ops' responsibility to ensure that person or group of people die. The individual identities of the Covert Ops remain unknown to all but the members of the Royal family. The Covert Ops often have secondary roles in the other three sections of the Minor family. These secondary positions are simply a cover-up for their real role. Each member of the C.O has a codename that they are identified with. The Royal family uses these codenames through the Intelligence Division to send messages and orders to the covert operatives. Covert Ops are the closest in role to Root ANBU and serve the clan first and foremost.

Special characteristics/traits:

  • A seal on the right palm of all clansmen. The seal reads as "Shinku"(Part of the KKG)
  • A seal on the left palm of all Royal family. The seal reads "Shinsei"(Part of the KKG)
  • Larger lung capacity
  • Resistant to side-effects to rapid decompression(Increased resistance by 1 rank)

Clan Element: Wind

Clan Specialties: 


  • OOC Permission from the clan creator.
  • Ostracized if you kill another clansmen.
  • Killed if you divulge clan secrets.
  • Must follow the Royal/Minor family customs.

Current Members: 
Royal Family:(1/4)

  • Mao Kazeki

Minor Family:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
Bloodline Name: Shinkujin
Bloodline Ability: 
Members of the Kazeki clan posses a seal in which their bloodline ability is derived from. Most often the clan only has one seal and on their right hand: however, the royal family possessed a second seal on their left hand as well. This seal is called the "Shinku" (深紅) This is the proof of the Kazeki bloodline passed down from generation through generation. All clan members of the Kazeki possess the Shinku, but only the royal family possesses the second seal known as the "Shinsei" (神聖)

With the Shinku, it enables the clansmen to use their secret art. All clansmen being born with a high affinity to wind attribute: the Shinku allows them to perform the "vacuum blade" or "Shinkujin" The Shinku seal draws in air and decompresses the area around objects to create a vacuum. Typically this is done with the sword, creating a blade seemingly without equal. The Shinku practiced with their sword techniques make them a fearsome foe to face in combat. Shinku can be practiced on other things as well, though the greater the size, the weaker the vacuum becomes. Based on the rank of technique and chakra used, any object exceeding the ranked technique's maximum size- becomes an imperfect vacuum where damage and effects are halved.

The Shinsei seal also operates just like the Shinku: however, it also can reverse the process of a vacuum. Because of this, the royal family has always been superior to that of the minor family. Most notably with the Shinsei however, is used in tandem with the Shinku to create vacuums twice as potent. This is symbolic for how the royal family is strong, but far stronger with the support of the minor family.

Due to the properties of the Shinku and Shinsei, the control over the wind element takes on unusual properties and implementation through techniques. Though fully capable of normal wind techniques, the clan prefers to rely on their seals with implementation of jutsu. Because of how the seal acts, it substitutes the necessity of handseals but only for wind-based techniques. This does not include combination techniques where any other element is required. 

When the Shinku is activated, the seal draws in the air to cause rapid decompression for a vacuum. In most cases, a "focus" or an object is required as the center for a vacuum. However a designated area of "field" may be chosen as well. The same can be said for the Shinsei, though the reverse process requires airflow to come directly from the Shinsei seal.

Description: Through the use of the Shinku and Shinsei seals on the clansmen's palm, the Kazeki can either compress or decompress the space around objects and areas for various effects. Brief physical contact is required on objects used as a medium for the ability, though their hands themselves are the most basic use of the seal. Most famously, the Kazeki use the Shinkujin- the vacuum blade, which is their swords imbued with vacuumed space to create powerfully sharp edges. The strengths and weaknesses of this clan vary, but both the strengths and weaknesses of the clan revolve around fire. Physical contact as well, for brief contact with an object is required to enable a vacuumed field around the object, whether it be a person or sword.


||Name||: Vacuum Blade
||Classification||: Ninjutsu/Bukijutsu or Nintaijutsu
||Rank||: C Rank
||Cost||: 20
||Upkeep||: N/A
||Nature||: Wind
||Class||: Offense
||Range||: 1M
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Speed||:(Subject to user's speed)
||Power||: 300
||Description||: The Kazeki clansmen uses the Shinku seal upon an object they touch to cause a vacuum field to surround the object. This can either be used on an object or the hand of the user itself to create sharp invisible winds. The effect makes the imbued object to be as sharp as a sword. Using this technique on an already sharp weapon adds the power of the technique to the weapon's overall power.

||Name||: Vacuum Field
||Classification||: Ninjutsu
||Rank||: C Rank
||Cost||: 20
||Upkeep||: 5posts
||Nature||: Wind
||Class||: Offense
||Range||: 50M(25M Radius)
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Power||: 100
||Description||: The Kazeki clansmen uses the Shinku seal draw in the air to rapidly decompress the environment in a fixed area. Due to the low power output of this technique, it creates an imperfect vacuum in which breathing is still possible but difficult. In addition, Fire & water techniques have their power reduced by the equal amount of the power of this technique(100).

||Name||: Vacuum Pocket Strike
||Classification||: Ninjutsu
||Rank||: C Rank
||Cost||: 20
||Upkeep||: N/A
||Nature||: Wind
||Class||: Offense
||Range||: 50M(25M Radius)
||Hand Seals||: N/A
||Speed||: 100
||Power||: 150
||Description||: The Kazeki clansmen uses the Shinku seal within a very confined spot for maximum effect. Any area within 50M of the user that has been struck previously, becomes the trigger for this technique. Whether the user has successfully struck an opponent or not, the mere act of swinging the vacuum blade "charges" the area their vacuum blade struck. When triggered, this technique activates the attack where the vacuum blade has previously been swung. The area struck turns into a condensed vacuum blade and deals the damage of this technique to that area. This technique can be done multiple times in one instance, but each chakra cost is separate.

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2Finished Re: Kazeki Clan on Sun May 28, 2017 4:41 am

Yui Nara


The Special Characteristics have to be created as different tiers. I also see you have abilities within the actual bloodline, these need to be registered as Special Characteristics.

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3Finished Re: Kazeki Clan on Wed May 31, 2017 2:27 am

I included the characteristics & the bloodline as tiers in the Special Characteristics. Please tell me f it is incorrect.

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4Finished Re: Kazeki Clan on Wed May 31, 2017 3:19 am

Yui Nara


Hello~ If you look at the Special Characteristics on this link here

>>> Special Characteristics <<<

Maybe it will help you make them. Just a few general rules, They must be all in tiers of 3. They can't give you Combat Aspects Points or Stat Points. Canon Clans however can give you Stat Points. You will get +2 NP for making a canon clan. Hope this helps, if not I can do a step by step and suggested Tier break up for you.

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5Finished Re: Kazeki Clan on Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:49 am

Thank you for your assistance! Would you delete this clan for me? After a couple days of studying things and thinking over some ideas, I've decided this clan is not something I desire.

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