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Local Missions for Rogues

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1 Local Missions for Rogues on Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:47 pm

Instead of being given out by a village leader or any central source these missions are given out by the people themselves. These aren't as dry cut as this is what you have to do, do it, done. They can often have unexpected outcomes. Although in the title it is says these are for rogues, anyone can take them. Since it isn't through any official channels you can pocket all the money yourself. Sharing is for children and people that can't protect themselves. When redeeming rouge missions please give a short summery of what you did in the mission. Failure to follow this will result in a 20% loss of rewards. Again short, doesn't have to be a long summery.

Mission Alias:
Missing Children
Maigo villagers

Rank: B-Rank
-Global/Local: Local/Land of Swamps
Word Count: 700 Words each participant
Ryo Reward: 150 Ryo Reward
-Gold Reward: 20 Gold
Description: Maigo a small village out in demon lands if you could call it a village at all. It rests next to a swamp and the air is fowl and thick. The buildings number no more than what you could count on one hand. One could question how they are still standing as rotted molding wood makes up their structure. If you're a rather capable looking person the few villagers who occupy the area would swarm you begging you for your help if you happen to pass by. Otherwise they may try and warn you away depending on age and gender, else they may ask you to find them some help. They haven't the money to pay for any of the hidden villages to assist or even the supplies to make the journey to ask. Every night a thick swampy mist envelops the area making it difficult to see past extended limbs. Nothing is seen nor is there a sound made yet somehow even under close watch one per night a child goes missing.

Should you investigate (do something creative) you may find the children being held by a small demon an impish creature. The children however are not trapped and seem to be enjoying themselves. If given the chance and not killed right away the imp would attempt to explain he had saved these children from poverty and was giving them a life of nourishment. A quick talk with the children would reveal they felt abused by their parents and that the luxuries there were enjoying now were so much better. If one were to investigate further they may find what the children described as abuse was just normal chores. One can't deny the village is in awfully bad shape though.
-Important Notes:
1. If you kill the villagers and move on you'll find 20 gold they were saving and planning on selling to pay to save the children.
2. The imp will ask you to do the right thing and leave the children with him in return he'll give you 150 ryo.
3. If you kill the imp you'll find 75 ryo on him while the other 75 you won't be able to find. When you bring the children back to the village the villagers will give you their 20 gold as thanks. They won't even let you know they had the gold until the children are returned though.

Mission Alias:
Hermit on the Mountain
The Hermit

Rank: A-Rank
-Global/Local: Local/Land of Mountains
Word Count: 800
Ryo Reward: 300
-Gold Reward: 50
Description: We don't know why it is but for some strange ass reason gangs of bandits are attracted to this unusually wealthy mountain man. They don't attack him and typically don't even know he is there, they just set up base on and around his mountain. Every time he'll visit the local villages looking for someone to recruit to rid his mountain of the pests. They are not a small group of rogues and bandits and have more than one base.
-Important Notes:
Upon complete the old hermit will only offer a reward of 300 ryo. If you try to ask him for more he'll complain you didn't take out the nuisances that were away on expeditions and will return to continue to bug him. Upon completion of this he'll award you with 50 gold.

Mission Alias:
Assassinate the Kitty

Rank: C-Rank
-Global/Local: Local/Land of Hot Water
Word Count: 500
Ryo Reward: 100
-Gold Reward:
Description: Posted in an unusual area for assassination requests but still official Sheila has requested the assassination of Kitty. She describes the target as typically wearing light brown fur and resides within Cold Spring Village. Upon arriving you'll find only one cat in the village and it has the brown fur that was described. When you try to collect the reward after killing it you'll find that Kitty is an actual person who wears brown fur clothing like coats and scarfs. However by the time you locate her she's already been assassinated. If you want to collect the reward you're going to have to assassinate the assassin and claim you killed Kitty yourself.
-Important Notes:

Mission Alias:
Village Elder

Rank: B-Rank
-Global/Local: Local/Land of Whirlpools
Word Count: 700
Ryo Reward: 150
-Gold Reward: 20
Description: A village elder is reaching out to nearby villages and trying to get the word out he is paying money to for someone to get rid of a rouge ninja who is an unwelcome visitor that isn't leaving. If you have a reputation he'll likely have fled before you even reach the village. Even if you don't have a reputation he is a coward and will flee the moment he knows you're gunning for him. He'll flee to a cave hidden behind a water fall however by the time you arrive it will have completely collapsed. The village elder will probably need proof he is dead so you're going to have to figure something out.
-Important Notes:
If you somehow manage to kill the rouge before he escapes you will only receive half reward as the elder will explain they didn't want him dead just driven away. Their village has religious customs against murder in their village and your actions have just caused them a year of bad luck.


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