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Masaki Uchiha

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1Finished Masaki Uchiha on Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:26 pm

Masaki Kenshi

Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Name : Uchiha Maskai
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Height : 5'11
Weight : 210 lbs [Athletic]
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color and Style :Sleek black, long and matted
Element(s) : Lightning, Fire
Village : Kusagakure
Clan : Uchiha
Rank : Kage
Nindo : Live life like its your last and when the last comes? Kick its ass.

Looks :

Masaki has a lean yet very muscular tone for someone of his age, which to others makes him look younger than he actually is. Standing at 5'11 he weighs roughly 210 lbs which compared to his older brother is small. Masaki has mid-length, spiky and black hair which covers the right portion of his face specifically to cover his right eye. His hair is tied into a low-ponytail and each strand of hair flicks out. The right side of his face is covered with markings that he had obtained alongside his brother as a pact between the two and continues lower down on his body. The eyes of the young kage are brown with the exception of his right eye which is stained red due to a genetic defect within his fathers side of the family. At times the red eye shines through the hair that covers that particular portion of his face.

His attire consists of black legwarmers, pale-lilac samurai pants and woven robes. Another layer of a dark purple robe is worn over and tied around his waist. The purple layer of clothing has orange as its inverted colour. He wears a chest-plate guard and presumably something of the similar sort for his arms, which is finished off by a thick, plated shoulder-guard. He has a strap attached to his torso which he hangs his sword on the back of.

Personality :
Masaki's training had taught him how to keep is cool in any event. Showing him that the world is meant to flow to its own beat he stays on track with his own flow. So in battle he can see some parts of the flow of an enemy. His grandpa told him to let his all his senses go in to the wind and have is body still as water. Then when he is at his calmest he reacts faster than lightning. Being able do this helps him in spilt second events. When he is all done with what he wanted to do he loves to sleep anywhere he can. As his Grandfather told him “This world would be more peaceful if people would learn to enjoy a good nap.” With that he has been able to sleep thought all most anything but a cry for help. If he is not careful he can fall asleep in bad spot that could prove to be hard to get out of.

Even in his position he has learned that honesty is the best policy. Whatever he has to say about a person or event he will be right up front and does not pull any punches. He would tell men or women far older than himself that if they had a story or info wrong and soon correct them.

As a lighter note on his more pleasant side he has been known to do many things to cheer people up. He will say thing at random that only make sense to him and then will laugh at them for no reason. Usually he does this to get a laughing fit out of those that really need it or to simply lighten the mood. It happens when he is bored at of his mind. His granddad does the same thing with him from time to time. They can spend hours talking about random things that they remember that they thought was funny.

Parents :
Mae Uchiha, Mother, Alive
Kenta Uchiha, Father, Alive
Siblings :
Renko Uchiha, Brother, Alive
Senka Uchiha, Sister, Alive
Mentors and Idols :
Izuru Uchiha, Uncle and teacher
History :

Masaki was born in March on the 21st day of a warm morning in Kusagakure. When he was born, his future was already foretold as one who would lead his clan into a new age...or so they had thought. His Father and Mother were happy and excited for the new member of their great clan. At a young age, he was already becoming a good ninja, but as a future leader he was already going down the wrong slope. At the age of 3 he was already in a group of troublesome kids, those of which the current leader of his clan would not tolerate. His father pleaded with the leader to let the boys be and he would fix it.

  Days in the Academy and onward:
Maskai started in the Academy along with most of his friends at the age of six, having a good time and training. He was in the top three of his class, not only due to his memory work but because of the extra studying he did with his mother. At the age of eight he graduated at the top of his class along with his friends, forming Kusagakure's Team 5. The days after seemed bright for him as his days as a delinquent was over and his team flourished. The mission success rate of Team 5 was not as good as the other teams, but they were quickly working on becoming better. Over the course of three years the team had gotten to a 80% success rate. At the age of eleven he underwent the Chuunin exams, and passed but had to fight one of his own friends in the process. Although he obtained the rank he lost a valuable friend.

  The fall of the Successor:
  Now the rank of Chuunin and well on the way to becoming a significant figure in his families own hierarchy he proceeded to go on more dangerous missions which his team. After he turned thirteen however everything went down. During a mission to kill a couple of deserters whom had stolen not only valuable data from the village but also took scrolls in which held some of the villages most destructive jutsu, two of his friends were mortally wounded right in front of him. It was at this moment that Masaki's latent powers had manifested into a more concentrated form. At the site of the fight, he was found with not only the bodies of his enemies but also carrying three of his teammates back to safety, saving all three of them from the threat.

Kenshi spent the next couple of years studying, not for academics no he was studying new ways to use his bloodline to protect the ones he had loved so that he wouldn’t run the risk of losing anyone despite it being apart of his own life. Kenshi had continued to train inside of the Shrine inside of Kusagakure that his family had owned with his uncle to hone his body and natural instincts while studying various technique’s that his clan had.Masaki at this time had just turned eighteen while being one of the few members of his squad and among his friends to continue the path of a ninja, allowing him to use most of his time to study and train some of the younger ninja of the village.

As a Sensei he began to take in genin and teach them how to not only protect themselves, but also the many villagers that also lived in the village. During this phase of his life, he took on many missions ranking from A to S. He became more and more recognizable in the village as a respectable ninja. From being a quiet ninja to a full ninja, Masaki had rather enjoyed his indifferent life. After turning fifteen, Masaki was recommended to become a part of the elite ranks of the ANBU in which at first he would be a little timid over although over time he had grown into the decision and worked his butt off to make his people proud.

His time as an ANBU was rather brief as during this time he mainly went on missions of the utmost importance, but also assisted the Kusakage when needed. Because of this unique opportunity he learned the tools and tricks in how the person had ran the village. He took an interest in these tasks though because of his own position he could not actively express his interest in it, but the Kage had taken notice of the males habits. As age and time finally caught up with the Kage, he elected a few candidates to take his place and one of them had been Masaki himself. After months of delegation Masaki was chosen as the new Kusagkage and now serves his people as best as he can.

Role Play Sample :

Hideyoshi looked down to Aka and smiled for a moment," Yes...although coming to terms with yourself is hard, it is a necessary step to becoming better," he would sit on the ground and watch as Aka went to go face herself. He sat there and pondered on what he truly looked like, the scar over his eye and heart...only one disappeared and he could feel it, but the other was slowly going away. It was something that needed to be erased through time and with the people he had around him this would not be hard at all. As he watched Aka combat her inner self, he could not help but be concerned for her, she had a life worse than his and yet she was so innocent and carried it.

As he watched more he felt as if he was learning about her from a first hand source, but in the end she had succeeded in conquering herself and soon returned to the shore as he hugged her for a moment not really saying much but letting her know someone was there for her. As he sat his hat on his head and put his jacket back on he would look at the falls which would split open to show a pathway," There is our next destination..we have to go in complete the final test Aka...this is going to be a fun ride," he was actually looking forward to fighting the Nine-tails.

As he continued to walk through the hallway he would slowly come to a lion head with its mouth open. It was odd but he felt as if something was drawing him in. Once he walked over to it he would reach in and feel a lever and tugged on it," Agh it got my arm," he flailed frantically. He was joking as he pulled out his arm and the wall began to slide open to show an empty room. It was 100 meters all around, the room being a complete square shaped room he would walk in a sigh," Well Aka... here is our final stop. Before we begin is there anything you want to say before we start," he smiled to her and waited for her response. Once he heard it he would sit somewhere near the middle of the and take off only his jackets and shirt as he took in a deep breath and tapped his seal," Alright bird brain here i come," as he was dragged into his mind and appeared in front of the cage.

Uzu was staring right at him as he finally stopped at the cage," So the time has finally come for my first host to fight me...i have been waiting to be free for a long time. I see you have quelled the Maelstrom in here, good job but you still have to deal with the God of Fire and the King of flames," Hideyoshi only chuckled as he touched the seal and pulled it off," well then let us get ready then," jumping back as the large bird flew from the cage and began to fly around. On the outside a large surge of energy would flare from his body signifying the fight had begun.

Hideyoshi took of his internal cuffs and soon clapped his hands together," Alright lets go," jumping into the air and performing three hand seals. Despite not being able to use Wood release on the surface, he could use it in the place it was sealed. Although he could only tap into so much. Once he had hit Uzu, the real fight had begun as he performed three more hand seals and produced a large quantity of water, turning it into a large water beast that would soon fight the nine tails.

From the outside, the red chakra could be seen fluctuating around Hideyoshi, the fight so far going. Uzu almost managed to dodge the first attack, but soon sent a large bale of fire at Hideyoshi sending him flying back. Hitting the entrance of the cave he would cough and stand up," That all you got, for a big talker you sure suck at fighting,' smiling as he stood up and used his last mokuton technique to pull Uzu to the ground. Now the battle of tug of war began as he tried to separate the two chakra. At first hideyoshi was winning until Uzu started to seriously fight back.

This battle went on for hours and slowly Hideyoshi was losing due to Uzu injecting his own malice into the mix. Uzu cackled," Is this all from the great Sorkage, after all the training you are still weak. It is only a matter of time before i fully take you over, and i think i will Kill your beloved child and woman first, then your brother and finally any strands of your pathetic blood line that is left," Hideyoshi was on his knees and was about to give up but then he remembered everything he went through and for him to die and end it here was not an option. Standing tall he would grab the threads that encompassed him and Uzu and smiled," Your words hurt so much Uzu and your malice is terrifying, but i have one thing that will overcome all of your malice and hate, for my family and friends and even this world," he paused as he formed the hand seals for the most powerful jutsu. A sea of trees would envelope them both," Sacred Senju Art: Nativity of a World of Trees," the final seal being completed Uzu would be completely immobilized as Hideyoshi finally finished the fight. Due to this all of abilities that were granted as a senju save for two were eradicated from his body as he fell back onto the ground in the real world.

Panting heavily he would smile and look at Aka," I finally...did it. I am the first to conquer the Nine-tails and i finally shut that bird up," laughing softly he could hear Uzu mumbling," I cannot believe i lost to you...but you have gotten stronger," the bird simply sat quiet.

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2Finished Re: Masaki Uchiha on Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:51 am


I don't see anything too badly wrong with this, and it's properly filled out, but that being said, it was a version of an old app, so I can't give you more than 2 points. That being said, approved, there are no bonuses for 2 points.

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