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[5] Chakra System

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1 [5] Chakra System on Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:35 pm

In the spirit of openness and creativity, we don't want to burden our members with lots of math to calculate how much chakra they have left. Some sites do that, calling them "pools' at which you draw from. Here we decided to do something different, instead of having as a pool, chakra is an attribute, just like any other. What is unique about it, is that it is a numerical attribute, and it does not "diminish". Rather, what happens is consumption is more finite than a "pool".

We work a bit on the honor system here, resulting in chakra be used to figure out speed or power of a technique, rather than just something to draw from. What our big concern with here, is role playing, and making sure members understand the various aspects of that, the biggest one is being fatigued or exhausted. Here are the base figures for chakra, what ever rank starts with, this can be added/decreased according to ones choices for their character.

  • E rank - 50
  • D Rank - 100
  • C Rank - 150
  • B Rank - 200
  • A Rank - 300
  • S Rank - 350

Increasing One's Chakra

You can always work to increase your chakra attribute, this is done by spending experience points in the shop, 150 EXP for 10 Chakra. However, to have over 1000 chakra you need a Special Characteristic, same if you want over 2500, no getting around that.


Chakra consumption system allows players to realize how much chakra they are burning through, same with their opponents, all the while making sure players are on the honor system.

  • Low: This is the lowest chakra consumption. These are D and C Rank techniques

  • Mid: Although not the easiest, these techniques are still light in terms of chakra consumption. Slightly more complex, the execution of these types of techniques is still simple enough for them to be repeated more than once without consequence on the use. C and B Rank Techniques

  • High: These are the more serious techniques. These jutsu have high chakra consumption levels because they tend to deliver destructive results, and are stronger than most. Of the harder jutsu to execute and master, the usage of these types of techniques is quite complex and as such, should be used sparingly. These are B and A rank techniques, using 3 consecutively means that you no longer gain any discounts from your respective skills.

  • Massive: As its name implies, these techniques are ridiculous in consumption, and as such, are usually one-shots that tend to not be repeated more than once a thread. Because they require so much energy, they also possess ridiculous power. Although these techniques tend to range in rank depending on circumstance, because of their taxing consumption these techniques usually wind up being forbidden or special for that very reason. [b]These are S rank moves, using 2 in a row causes the chakra cost to double, and so on and so forth (so 3 would mean this jutsu costs two times as much, using 4 in a row means the 4th is 3 times as much)

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2 Re: [5] Chakra System on Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:36 pm

Chakra and Jutsu Potency

Simply put, everyone should have different chakra's after spending a little time with their character. This is great, we encourage that. This is to show the uniqueness and fundamental abilities. On top of that, we also have a rather unique system for handling jutsu's and techniques. Mainly the potency and speed of those jutsu's that require chakra.

Lets start off with the two main terms, potency or power behind the technique/jutsu, and speed, the speed at which it moves. Each rank of a technique has a certain number of points allotted to it, this determines its potency and speed.

  • E Rank - 1 Point
  • D - 3 Points
  • C - 5 Points
  • B - 6 Points
  • A - 8 Points
  • S - 10 Points
You can split up those points however you want, and yes of course techniques can go beyond S rank in speed or potency, it is simply a metric used to help players understand their own limitations.

An example of this

Fire Ball
Rank: B
Speed: 4
Potency: 2

The final part is what each numerical value does

  • 1 = Moves at E rank speeds/does minuscule damage
  • 2 = Moves at D rank speeds/does minor damage
  • 3 = Moves at C rank speeds/does moderate damage
  • 4 = Moves at B rank speeds/does major damage
  • 5 = Moves at A rank speeds/does massive damage
  • 6 = Moves at S rank speeds/does Fatal damage

The Final part of this is consumption cost, which we have a handy guide to help people understand it.

  • Low - Minor and Minuscule damage have low chakra consumption.
  • Mid - Anything with a damage rating of Moderate to Major falls in this category. Staff digression.
  • High - Anything with a damage rating of massive or fatal, automatically results in a High Chakra Consumption.
  • Massive - These are simply too difficult to pin down, jutsu's of this are always usually A rank or higher, and it is really up to staff to help guide a player into understanding the massive are for very serious powerful moves. Not so much potency or speed wise, but scope wise.
Fatigue and Exhaustion

Fatigue and exhaustion are relatively easy concepts to understand, the more you do, more energy you expend, the more cumbersome it is to continue.

  • 50% - Relatively simple, just figure out roughly how much chakra you have consumed so far. Speed and Strength are reduced by 1 rank
  • 25% - At this stage you are feeling lightheaded and having a hard time focusing, speed and strength are reduced by 2 ranks.
  • 10%
  • 0%


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