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[1] Combat Rules

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1 [1] Combat Rules on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:00 pm

Combat Rules

Combat is one of the most important aspects of the site, in fact one might say it is the backbone of it. You are ninja god damnit, you are going to fight something, sometime, or someone at some point. Communication is key however, both with staff and with each other, we encourage all members to speak to each other about prior to go to staff. I said encourage, but this not a rule, nor a club to beat people on the head with, so please don't make an issue because someone decided "NOT" to communicate with you about it.

  • Posting Order and Consistency - It is important with any thread that a posting order be maintained, and it be consistent through out. Please be mindful and only post when it is your turn.

  • Post Reads - The is another important aspect, and it is a shame to even have to bring this up. Some among the world like to be sneaky, using under handed and downright shameful posting manipulations. Posting should be above 10 font, in English, reading left to right, and top to bottom. Reversing your post, using mirror backwards posting techniques, or hiding words is not allowed. Finally, your post must have start and end point going from top to bottom. Attempting to write your post and then say "everything happened in reverse" is not allowed.

  • Sequential Actions - If you are posting sequential actions in your post, or any actions really at all, they must follow a logical time line, what you did first, to what you did last. No trying to obscenely confuse others, by having your 5th action followed by your 3rd, then 1st, then 4th, then second.

  • 1,000 Hands - Often times it is tempting to do as many things as possible in a post, rapid fire jutsu's, spam moves and abilities, do huge high flying sword combo's. If it boils down to doing something so fast and so many things that it becomes a literal wall of actions, staff will intervene, use references from the anime, to correctly time out what is taking place.

  • Health or "damage" - There is no real "health bar" on the site, however there is no one who is so "above" everyone else in rank or stats that a good sword to the face won't do some serious damage. A D rank can come in and cut your head off as easily as a S rank could, some moves may hinder that, but "tanking" a sword to the back of the head is nigh impossible.

  • Meta Knowledge - Using knowledge that your character does not possess. We try and build our stories from the ground up, and some people will have more experience than others due to length of time. But when starting out, your character does not possess knowledge of things, techniques, people they have never met, nor heard about. No amount of "back story" injection will compensate for that.

    Furthermore, "instinctively" knowing something is going on without the proper skill, such as being in a thread, and then after that thread has started a bijuu invades another village, your character randomly deciding it would be a great time to visit, does not compute at all. Unless you want to spend some luck to find out.

  • Auto Hitting/God Modding - Just don't do it, if you need a definition go look it up. Don't control other people's characters, period, EVEN if they give you permission. Obvious exceptions apply, but those are pretty rare and can be discussed with staff individually.

  • Vague Manipulation - Vague Manipulation is allowed, so long as it does not fall under controlling another character or their actions. This includes making a character do something, for example, a player walks on ice, you cannot vague manipulate that to say they slipped and fell. A ninja holds a kunai, cannot say that they are holding it the wrong way and cut up their hand. One can use it to say how things happen in relation to a character, such as Naruto lefts the shuriken fly from his hand, one could say "from his left hand", but one couldn't say, "from his left hand to his face, killing him" or "from his left hand the shuriken dropped to the ground with no force behind it".

  • Editing - Editing post is allowed up until someone posts after that, any time after that and the post is automatically void, even for misspellings. You may also only edit up to 48 hours after you post. Finally, you may not edit in attacks or hit claims into your post, period, regardless of who agreed or disagreed.

  • Place Holder Posts or "anti editing posts" - You can post a place holder, however it does not stop someone from editing, you can quote if you like as well, until the next person makes their post, editing is allowed. If it is not your turn to post, do not put place holders.

  • "Timely Deaths" - These are deaths that do not occur outright, so don't act as if they do. Drowning, burning, being poisoned, bleeding out, unless clearly stating happens in under 4 posts, takes 4 post to kill someone. There is some wiggle room on most, but never drowning, it always takes 4 posts to happen.

  • Interruption - You can interrupt a person's post, provided you were already present in the topic. You cannot interrupt a person's post if you just joined the thread, period. You can also interrupt a person's posts provided you are fully capable of doing so. However, the same as before applies, you cannot join a thread and interrupt what has already been posted, no exceptions. Exiting a topic can be interrupted for up to 48 hours after they exit, provided no one interfere. If someone does interfere with your interruption, that person exiting successful exits. An example would be, Person A is exiting, Person B tries to stop them, Person C interrupts person B, or hinders their efforts. Person A successfully exits.

  • Claiming a hit - This is perhaps the most controversial part of fighting, most people think you should always ask to successfully attack another person. Here is not the case, if you fail to post within 48 hours, a hit can be claimed. A hit can also be claimed if a person failed to respond to an attack, however you most notify staff of this hit claim. Staff will allow the hit, provided it wasn't fatal. If it was a fatal hit (accordingly to the power rating) staff will PM the member and said they have gotten hit, and have an additional 24 hours to respond with severe damage "life threatening" damage, if they fail the hit is successful and the person is killed.

    You cannot claim a hit when it is not your turn, so if Person A fails to respond to an attack, and you are Person C, you cannot jump ahead and claim the hit before Person B posts.

    Finally, the damage dealt is as should be described and never exaggerated, if it is, the attack will turn to minuscule damage because you should know better. If it was a simple strike, or a basic weapon used, staff has the right to interject and take a look, we don't want that Kunai you threw at your opponents arm to suddenly be at their head.

  • Staff Judgement - If staff are called into a thread to review, they are to review fairly and judiciously, within the rules of the site. In governing those rules, staff will look at the entire picture, not just the post in question or the action, but the character, the players involved, the situation and the entire thread or previous threads if necessary. What we do not want to have happen is have 1 or 2 individuals always having to call in staff due to questionable practices, such things create a pattern of behavior we strive not to have. When staff is called, always expect the worse, because staff will take everything into consideration. A fresh young chicken magically knowing where the solar plexus is with no training, is a no go. Coming into a fight, and seeing every post being kill shot after kill shot after kill shot, is not what we want. We want a story, and this goes back to your character as a person, if you are out to slay as many people as possible, may I suggest Call of Duty or some game like it. If staff sees the same problems from the same members over and over again, there will be a serious discussion about that players commitment to bringing the story to life.


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