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[4] Slot System

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1 [4] Slot System on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:15 pm

Simply put, the slot system is the official definition for the overall limitations that your character must abide by. Since the beginning of the site, we have inadvertently created this system through a series of restrictions and specialties (Nin\Gen Primary, Tai/Buki Primary, etc etc). However, Administration felt it would be beneficial to have a thread solely dedicated to explaining what we mean - reading between the lines, so to speak.

As stated in the Trait System thread, a your character is able to learn all of the abilities associated with their primary tree (Nin\Gen, Tai, buki etc etc). The shinobi can then choose one non-specialized style of their secondary preference, and learn techniques of equal to their rank. Finally they can pick a tertiary choice and lean techniques equal to -2 their rank.

Furthermore, as stated in the Skill System thread, each non-specialized style decreases the abilities associated with that tree. The secondary preference, 1 less ability (users choice), tertiary choice has 2 less abilities (user choice). This allows for maximum customization, will still having some sense of realism in the system.

From this, the slot system stems. Essentially, every character has four slots that they are allowed to distribute to specific arts. Essentially, every unique tree (elements, clans, specialties, traits) effectively occupy a "slot." The only "arts" that do not take up a user's slot are Kinjutsu and special techniques.

The slot system will look like the following in the character application, this is to ensure that everyone understands how to it operates, and what is expected of them. Before that, we would like to run through the 5 slots a character has available to them.

  1. Elements - The first slots is what elements you are proficient at, or rather what elements do you have. This includes advance elements.
  2. Attributes - What are your Fortitude, Confidence and Ineptitude
  3. Specialties - What are your primary, secondary and tertiary specialties
  4. Clan - What is your clan, or what is your KKG, if you do not have a clan, take a look at the clanless section, here you can find more information for what this slot can do for you.
  5. Traits - Where you will list all of your traits


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