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[B] Thread Count, Traveling and Village Finding

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Due the nature of role-play and how Experience is gained on on the forum, characters will be limited to three (3) In-Character RP threads.

These threads may occur anywhere on the forum, and can include such threads as gaining a mission, strolling through the village for the sake of leisure, non-combative RP, or fighting to the death. This topic count does include clones, so please be mindful.

As long as IC roleplay is being carried out, your character is occupied. There are exceptions, however!

Whether moving about with a partner or simply trekking the lands on one's own, traveling has been made easier. We have a travel board, for which you can post your travels. Travel posts are consider part of the 3 topics you are allowed to be in, and as always there is a 24 hour wait period between traveling from one country to the next.

However, you should be mindful of the fact that the traveling has occurred -- we're simply not making you write it out. So, traveling from Mizu no Kuni to Kaze no Kuni would take a handful of days, and should be conveyed as such in your new thread (or at least acknowledged by you, the writer, oocly, despite the fact we can give off the impression of being instantaneous via just posting up threads).

Finally, the most important part of traveling, joining topic's already in progress. For starters please see out combat rules. Secondly, when traveling, and coming to a land, lets be honest mainly to get in on the action (capture a bijuu, fight someone, get a secret, steal, kill that guy who oocly has been dissin you). We want everyone to remember that you cannot know everything, so finding that person, that fight will take some effort. We ask that you be respectful of that, as always, no joining a thread and attacking someone, or interrupting someone else.

First thing's first: all shinobi of their home village automatically know their home location.

All it takes in order to record village locations is a map and something to draw on it with - without these items, discovered areas won't be available for future visits unless further searching is provided with each new visit.

In order to manually search for a location, the player will be required to do a bit of hunting. There's no posting limit, but so long as the roleplay is legit (i.e your character used common sense and did a bit of searching to find their mark), you'll be clear should you be questioned about how you found said location.

However, searching for something hidden takes time and energy, a mission's worth of searching per the rank of the hideout or location you are trying to find.


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