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[D] Adventure Point Purchases

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1 [D] Adventure Point Purchases on Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:12 am

Adventure points are the currency of Participation Points, strictly put, your adventure points are calculated based on the Participation Points you have earned. I know it seems complex, but remember Participation Points never decrease, Adventure Points can. Most of what you can buy with Adventure Points make your character stronger, more impressive, but they can also be used to increase your attributes, chakra, maybe even buy some additional specialties.


When upgrading your Virtues/Vices, the order that you begin to upgrade your aptitudes determines how much they cost (outside of your primary and secondary). With that in mind, your Virtues/Vices should be listed in the appropriate order - that's how the staff will know how much to subtract from your account when upgrading them.

Additionally, the initial investment cost applies no matter which Tier you begin at - so if you choose to have funds granted to you in exchange for putting some Virtues/Vices to Tier 0, if you choose to invest in them again, you’ll be paying more in the long run. In addition, the cost to invest in the Virtues/Vices increases by 25% (rounded) as you go down the list.


  • Fortitude: 30 + 5 per additional investment
  • Confidence: 40 + 7 per additional investment

  • 1st: 55 + 10 per additional investment
  • 2nd: 75 + 12 per additional investment
  • 3rd: 100 + 15 per additional investment
  • 4th: 130 + 19 per additional investment
  • 5th: 165 + 24 per additional investment
  • Legendary: 250 + 38 per additional investment
  • Ineptitude: Highest Degree Cost (EX: Highest Degree is Ninjutsu, at Degree 5, to invest in your ineptitude, you will pay 165 + 24 to increase you ineptitude)
  • Bonus tier: Cost of the last tier investment + 5 per number of times invested
If you don't have a Fortitude and Confidence selected, the first Virtues/Vices cost starts at the 1st Degree mark, and the 8th and 9th would cost 300 + 48 per investment and 355 + 60 per investment, respectively.

Vices differ in that they have set costs for each specific tier.

The Vices upgrade costs are as follows:

  • Fortitude: 40 AP
  • Confidence: 50 AP
  • 1st Degree: 60 AP
  • 2nd Degree: 70 AP
  • 3rd Degree: 90 AP
  • 4th Degree: 120 AP
  • 5th Degree: 160 AP
  • 6th Degree: 210 AP
  • Ineptitude: Highest Degree Cost (EX: Highest Degree is Speed, at Degree 6, to invest in your ineptitude, you will pay 210 to increase you ineptitude)
  • Bonus tier: 180 Funds + 5 per number of times invested


  • Learn your first element - 50 AP
  • Learn your second element - 80 AP
  • Learn your third element - 175 AP
  • Learn your fourth element - 350 AP
  • Learn your fifth element - 500 AP


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