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[2] Character Templates

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1 [2] Character Templates on Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:19 am

Character Templates

Starting Templates

When starting out on our site, it is important to note the different templates one can choose prior to character creation. Each template starts with a different starting package. We will explain the starting packages on each templates page, but suffice it to say, each one is unique and offer's a variety of role play styles.


Shinobi (忍) otherwise referred to as ninja (忍者) in the English translation of Naruto, are the primary focus and the main military power in the series. A female ninja is known as a kunoichi (くノ一).

  • +1 Degree in your primary attribute


Samurai (侍) are a military power similar to shinobi, though not nearly as widespread. Samurai without a home are called rogue samurai (浪人, rōnin).

  • +1 Degree in either Strength or Durability


The ninja monks (忍僧, Ninsō) are a group of shinobi serving in a ninja temple. As with normal monks, there are several levels a ninja monk can have, such as monk-in-training (修業僧, shugyōsō) and elder monk (老僧侶, rōsōryo).

  • +1 Degree in either Intelligence or Perception


Civilians are the every day people of the world. Ramen shop owners, blacksmiths, farmers, bridge builders. Some of the world look down upon them, others hold them aloft due to their fragility.
Someone who starts as a civilian is what we would call the "challenge" rating. Civilians always start out with 2 Special Characteristics.

  • -1 Degree to your primary Virtue and Vice


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