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That Time To Relax [Resting/Private]

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1 That Time To Relax [Resting/Private] on Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:16 am

Adam Yohan

Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
When the sun started shining through the window blinds in the hospital, adam was wide awake in his bed. He didn't have bandages on or anything of the sort, he just needed rest from that training session he had with rain. The nurse came in to check up on adam everynow and then, and refilled his cup of water, but mostly left him alone with his thoughts. The young medic was in deep thought as he sat up in his bed, looking at his palm as he clenched it into a fist. The thoughts that swamped around in his mind was the normal ones really, preparations for the chuunin exam, and research of the unknown. He turned his head towards the window as he squinted from the sunlight, it wasn't long till he leaves the hospital, that would be a while still. He gave out a heavy sigh as he heard the activities around the hospital, he really wanted to do something at least, since forgetting his notebook he could of made a new theory for a jutsu. His ideas for new medical jutsu would help him in battle situations, he would have to see rain after he's fully healed, since he could learn poison jutsus to add to his arsenal. It was really quiet as adam caught a little nap, no one came to check him, it was just him and his thoughts. The nap he thought he had happen to be a long one as the evening was looming over the hospital, adam slowly woke up as he felt back to normal, his chakra being replenished. As he sat up slowly he still was in his normal attire, he reached over to the cup of water and drank it down before dressing his bed. He then left the room wanting to catch up on business.

[Exit - Full Chakra Recovery]



Combat Skill:

Ijutsu - Mastery 
Mastery - At this level, Ijutsu up to Rank B  only use one fourth of the typical amount of chakra. Ijutsu of higher ranks, up to S-Rank, cost half the chakra amount required. Ones possessing this level are pretty much geniuses. 
Ninjutsu - Basic  
Basic -  At this level, the shinobi has become moderately familiar with hand signs and can tell when a person is using any elements that the user already possesses. If the user already knows the technique being used against him/her, he/she can tell possibly before the hand signs are even completed if the set of hand signs is long and complex [5 Hand seals+].
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